Heavenly Litter Box, here they come!

Don’t ask me why someone would choose to get on a plane and fly accross the country or pile in a hot car and drive for hours to come to Chicago this weekend. The Air Show in two weeks will be louder, but this weekend promises to smash more of humanity into Chi-town and onto Navy Pier specifically, than any other.

I get these hopeful little e-mails that read:

“The Illinois-Grand Corridor Transportation Management Association
offers daily free trolley service between Navy Pier and State Street
along Grand Avenue and Illinois Street. Current Trolley are Mondays
through Thursdays 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Fridays and Saturdays 10 a.m. to
11 p.m.; Sundays 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. Trolleys typically run every 20 minutes.”

So- we can take the trolley, right?!?

I write back: Good luck with that trolley thing. Be sure and take your camera. BlogHer has approximately 1000 delegates coming- there are an additional 8000 in town for conventions alone this weekend, not to mention Venetian Nights (when every boat on the Great Lakes strings lights and hangs at the end of the pier), the biggest tourist weekend of the year, Grant Park Music Festival, fireworks, etc. The pier will always have at least 5000 people on it at any one time, the trolley holds about 60 people and runs every 20 minutes from the pier, hmmmm- yes! That will work! A big part of the problem is the 850 nerds at the Lionel Train Convention; they just live to ride that trolley. Also- hold your breath- 23,000 Food Technologists ( are those like lunch room ladies? or representatives from the newly formed Chinese FDA…) start their annual conference at McCormick Place Sunday morning so they are pouring into town on Friday and Saturday.

I know this stuff because I go down to the corner of my street and talk to cabbies to find out what’s happening. But these BlogHer folk are undeterred and that’s a great thing for me. I get to meet some wonderful women I only know in cyberspace and hey! I didn’t register so I can stay home in the air conditioned comfort of my home if I want! And if I change my mind, I have passes to the roof top cocktail parties both nights. Now, if I can just figure out how to get in for Elizabeth Edwards and Amy Sedaris…if yes, I will be going in a cab.

Mamacita! I AM SO EXCITED! Jane is funny, smart, sings and dances, writes the best editorials about teaching ever- AND! (wait for it…) She is intimately acquainted with the trials and tribulations of cat boxes so I’m thinking she won’t mind the bright pink one in the corner of the kitchen. (No! There is not a closet or space to tuck it away in this brickhouse. It’s there or the middle of the living room rug as an animated conversation piece.)

! That dark and quirky and hysterically funny young thing from Seattle-yes! And if we can’t get in to see Amy Sedaris we will be doing our own crafty projects here at the brickhouse. Michelle sent me an Amy Sedaris/Conan O’Brien video clip where she demonstrates all the different cat toys you can make with tampons and little glued on beady eyes. There’s some bonus footage on how to make eye burritos to take down puffiness. I figure there will be some puffy eyes around here this weekend.

Momma K! Petroville’s loveliest and liveliest is coming to BlogHer. Kim sent me wine when my mother died, after they ran out on the commuter plane I was taking back and forth from Lost Loon Lodge. That’s a good friend. She does those wonderful Perfect Post things each month with Lucinda (and she’s so on top of her game, I noticed she had a post up about that last night even as she’s en route to this blogging orgy. So stick with the program and find your nominee for PP.) I hope she doesn’t look at my toes because I know she just had a pedicure, being the queen of beautiful feet, and I can’t polish mine pending anesthesia next week. I’m too cheap to do it for 4 days. She and Suburban Turmoil’s Lindsay are at the W Hotel where we will join them for a warmup party tonight.

So, my agenda for the next few days:

Meet and play and dine and talk and sing and dance with new friends.

Be so inspired by Momma K’s fine physical form that I start some kind of cardio exercise beyond chasing young children out of the turtle pond at the zoo.

Get my computer cleaned up and a new look here on my blog, with Michelle’s help.

Hear Elizabeth Edwards and Amy Sedaris.

Be released from hyphen- and bad grammar purgatory by Mamacita Jane (She’s bringing her magic teacher wand).

Make four gross of kitty toys that use up every last feminine hygiene product in this house because after next Thursday: ta-da! never again! I’m thinking of sending most of them to Wende for her Thrifty Goodness store and a few to Mary to make her laugh a bit next Wednesday (please go over and wish her good luck).

I just now remembered when we were writing a mommies blog about our babies in high school and planning an empty nest therapy group…life marches on, yes?
I’ll update and maybe let my guests leave comment cards in a suggestion box here during BlogHer, if they don’t fall off the pier. S’cuse me, I need to go tidy up. It’s not the W with Heavenly Beds but I will clean the litter box and put out some crafty flowers- company’s coming!

(okay, I feel badly that this is such a, well, chick post. If I were Hoss or Dave or FC I’d be thinking, “I’m not touching that with a comment.” So you won’t feel slighted, there’s this one for you.)


16 responses to “Heavenly Litter Box, here they come!

  1. Well, I must say that I’m relieved we got caught in Chicago freeway traffic last Friday and Sunday to go a friend’s party in the northwestern suburbs instead of this week. Hours of stopping and crawling. I’d hate to see what it will be during all these festivities. And we were just driving in from Erie, PA innocently passing through on the freeway. HINT: People, find a restroom before you get near the area! Plan to be sitting in your car on the road for quite some time. Plan on flared tempers and people flipping people off. It really was a nightmare!

    I hope you have fun! And you have a good backup plan, ha.

  2. How wonderful to be able to participate in Blogher. I am envious. Please post a lot about it!

  3. If I wanted a bandolier full of tampons, I would have told you. Or maybe I just have no comment.

  4. I’m sure a good time will be had by all. The trolleys weren’t too bad last week.

  5. Hoss, you just never know when that might come in handy!!

    Vicki, I already told Mamacita how jealous I am that you get to meet her, and that she gets to meet you! Now I’m jealous that you get to hear Amy Sedaris (who is from Raleigh) and Elizabeth Edwards (who is also from Raleigh)!! Maybe that means they’ll have BlogHer here when our new civic center is finished!

    I am not, hoever, jealous of all that traffic (both people and vehicle). CAn you take pics of the lights on the water and post them?

  6. Oh, my, those crowds sound very un-Margaret. I love people, but am not a fan of crowds. Weird, eh? May I just come to Chicago some time to visit for a mini BlogHer? I absolutely adore that last photo–SO macho!!

  7. Okay now, I specifically had my toenails done today just BECAUSE I will be under anesthesia next week. I don’t want the nurses to criticize my ugly feet when I am unconscious.

  8. SOunds terrific, Vicki! Have a great time meeting blogging friends.

  9. Oh, have FUN FUN FUN! So sorry not to make it. But have fun with those cocktail tickets!

  10. You can do it,V! That is lots fewer people than on a typical football weekend and your group isn’t moving all at once. Miss you. Hope that you are well.

  11. I don’t know which to say first:

    I, too, am insanely jealous about blogher; not to mention Amy Sedaris;

    You wouldn’t the first person I know with a litter box in the kitchen;


    1,000 bloghers? Wait until next May when you have 3,000 medical librarians in town …

  12. I thought about BlogHer this year, and then I looked at plane fares to Chicago, and at my work schedule. *Sigh* Hope you’re having a great time!

  13. Whew! Thanks to Hoss for explaining what was on the bandolier … I thought they were Preparation H suppositories.

    Have fun with your gal pals!

    Your cabbies speak English?

  14. Do you remember when I said that after the big “H” I didn’t have any of those nasty power surges…. even without the egg factories? Well, I take it all back. Someone turn on the air conditioner!

  15. Sounds like it’s going to be quite a gathering. I can’t wait to hear how it all turns out. It should be inspiring in every way.

  16. Anesthesia next week? Best wishes.

    Lucky you having the best of both worlds with BlogHer.

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