Rabbit, Rabbit yourself

Well, swell. In a month when I did nothing but weep and whine and gnash my teeth about female parts gone south, Hoss says I wrote the perfect post on trash compactors. By and large, it’s been like the off season when the only thing playing at the movies are those horror flicks with teenagers engaged in some mild adolescent pranks, unwittingly unleashing the Hounds of Hell, who come at them through cell phones and televisions. (Actually, that was the only one of that genre I ever saw but the trailers suggest they’re all alike, ala my recent entries. That bad.)

And, in fact, it was only a bad post month over here. Every one else was on their toes, posting great observations of human behavior, wit, nature and photography, as usual. Lucinda (one of the mothers of The Perfect Post Awards, along with Momma K*), for example, did a stellar post that got everybody hopping up and down about challenges, real or imagined, of being a SAHM. Raehan and Mary, when they post, are always at the top of their game. My favorite tree huggers (bird watchers, beetle and dragonfly aficionados) continued the trek into summer with stunning observations and photographs. Roxanne always delivers. Gene, aka Hoss, never fails to make me laugh- and you don’t hear him complaining about aches and pains and wheezes.

Over here, all last month, it was whine whine whine. So now I’m really embarrassed and I’m considering that it’s entirely possible Hoss was out to get me in giving me this award. And that reminds me that I’m behind on about 3 memes but I’m definitely going to mend my ways, starting this afternoon. A meme will be up, a new baby at the zoo and, after two years, I’ve gotten out my manual in hopes that it will provide some tips for shooting fireworks photos because no one else will have those up this week, no. Right at the moment I need to race over to the zoo and test out on the hardest house of all: Small Mammals and Reptiles. But first, you’ll be relieved to know that I just now deep-sixed the post where I complain endlessly about going to the dermatologist and being attacked by "hornets in a can" with the subsequent festering spots all over my face and hands.

Around here we got a new attitude, I tell you. Hoss, for reasons that totally mystify me, says you’ll have good luck if you say "rabbit,rabbit" on the first of the month. So thanks a lot, Hoss and "rabbit,rabbit" to you. The gardens at Oz Park are full of baby bunnies right now, here in the heart of the city and I do always feel fortunate to see them.         

June 2007 Perfect Post Awards

* Speaking of Momma K, this is the month when I get to meet some of the most perfect posters in cyberspace. Chicago is hosting BlogHer- you all knew that- and towards the end of this month Navy Pier will be swarming with women I want to meet. Not so badly that I’ll actually venture onto the pier (well, I might venture out onto the pier but between that much estrogen talent and the Ferris wheel, it’s going to be a scary place for a few days…) but I do plan to hole up with some of the greats at a party or two. Mamacita, Momma K, Grace, Jen…the list is long and I’m excited. Anyone want to sign up for a private tour of the zoo?

19 responses to “Rabbit, Rabbit yourself

  1. What fun to meet up with people at BlogHer and put face to words.

    I read you because you whine and do all the emotions all of us do. You are smart and funny and living your life. Like we all should remember to do.

    Rock on.

  2. Don’t ever apologize about anything you post. It’s all good.

    “Hornets in a can” – that’s an excellent way to describe it!

    I’m SO jealous. You get to see Mamacita and Lord knows who else!! Tell us all about it, please.

  3. No getting embarrassed there little Vicki. You are a wonderful blogger and you’ve had a great month as usual.

    But if you all start talking about meeting up at BlogHer I think I’ll have to have a little cry.


  4. You were whining? No way. You were blogging just the way I like it– smart, personal, connected, observant, funny and heartfelt. I hope you’re not planning to change any of that.

    Do they really have the small mammals and reptiles in the same house?

  5. Congratulations on the perfect post. I’ve missed a few; I’ll go back and find it now.

    Enjoy BlogHer. Part of me wishes I could go but the more sensible part knows I’d be the elderly one hiding behind the potted palm. I did finally sign up with them though. Baby steps.

  6. I hate rabbit jokes almost as much as I love you!

    There are some great French movies out just now, both very non-horrorlike: Paris J’taime and Angel-A. Blogging is taken très sérieusement in France, you know, but they probably don’t have a BlogElle.

    Congratulations! You are perfecto!

  7. I am beyond my skull excited to meet you in real skin. In truth, I’m scared pooless to be surrounded by all that great talent and wit. Please put me down for a zoo trip. Maybe I’ll be smarter than the rhino…

    And congrats on the award 🙂

  8. Congratulations! 😀

    And I heard a shady rumor you might be heading toward the Northwest this summer, too??

  9. Wow! A private zoo tour. I would think lots of people would want to take advantage of that.

    And the Perfect Post was indeed merited, Ms. Whiner. Ol’ Hoss never makes a mistake.

  10. Adorable picture. I’ll have to go find a rabbit, rabbit of my own to blog. And I hope you’ll blog BlogHer; if I can’t be there at least I can live vicariously.

  11. I’m behind with posting my own rabbit pics, but I see you found an adorable one of your own.

    Congrats on the award, Vicki!

  12. You have had many perfect posts, which sometimes need to be about whining. After all, we are allowed to have whatever joyous or cranky emotions we have, right? Blogging is all about sharing our lives in every sort of way. And some day I WILL make it to BlogHer.

  13. And further more …

    You don’t whine. Whining is “poor me.” What you do is take the day from hell and see the absurdity of it all. We all have days like that, and when you make me laugh, you give better insight into how to beat back my own hellish dragons.

  14. It (the perfect post entry) made me laugh… I could picture your wonderful man just compacting and crunching and crashing away! Things that make me laugh are great these days!

    Why does this bunny look as if he is applauding? Oh, yes… he is a bunny at your place……and a really adorable one at that!

  15. Does it count if “rabbit rabbit” comes in between a few curse words? Lately I have yelled “#&$%@* rabbits, #&$%@* rabbits!” a time or two, as I stood looking at where my beans used to be.

  16. Need more whining, please!
    It helps me wake up.

  17. I think you’re fascinating.
    Not whiney … winey sometimes, but not whiney.
    Have fun with the other talented girl bloggers!

  18. I am honored to be mentioned in the same breath as the lovely Raehan.

    Wish I was coming to Chicago.

  19. I’m going to totally be crying while you all are doing Blogher tour of the zoo. Because I’ll be doing Blogathon ’07 and lacking sleep and celebrating my niece and nephew graduating high school (one of them getting a GED at 22, I might add). So yes, there will definitely be some tears shed here, that weekend. 😦

    Hell YES I want a personal tour of the zoo!

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