Bop is no love-child of jazz & it is not white hair that engenders wisdom.

Somebody is on tour. Yes, playing at a venue near you. Well, not you, FC, but everyone else. The band is now so well known that people come up to me and ask about tickets, not that I ever get any. I’m still working on getting comped when they play here in Chicago on July 13-15th at the Pitchfork Music Festival, along side Sonic Youth, Iron and Wine, Klaxon and lest we forget, Cat Power and Yoko Ono. Do we think Yoko is aging gracefully? She’s 74 years old. Anyone who can stand in those shoes and not worry about a broken hip? More power to her, I guess.Yokoono_2

FC had recipes up yesterday and since I needed the motivation to get in motion I walked over to Geppferth’s and bought sausage and made his wonderful pilau. I confess to adding some chicken that I had on hand so it was both sausage AND chicken pilau, but otherwise, I don’t recommend messing with a good thing. Most folks will have to find a pepper to substitute for those cracker datil peppers he uses; I added an ancho chile and one serrano pepper, minus seeds, and the heat level was just right. It made a lot (I realized he’s still feeding starter people) so I took some to the neighbor with a knee replacement and some to our good neighbors (as opposed to the demon water pipe neighbors) and everybody pronounced it wonderful fare. This and a Stella Artois. Yup.
Robin Andrea has inspired me. Well, actually, being cheap has inspired me, along with some other musings about growing old gracefully. I had hoped to look like Katherine Hepburn by now. I thought that maybe, as estrogen levels wained, my voice would get all husky and sultry, my legs would grow 5 inches and that would redistribute my weight in a fashion that allowed for long elegant man pants and classy shirts. That hasn’t happened.

In lieu of that, I’m going gray. Actually, white. And not going- gone. It’s a thing in my family. You get to keep a thick, soft, luscious head of hair forever but you’re stone cold white before you’re thirty. At least my eyes aren’t red like those cicadas. I turned white at 28 and back when I had the children there was no way I
was going to be a thirty or thirty-six year old new mum with white hair. My brother threw in the towel years ago and only reneged briefly, at the behest of his new young wife, and he looked so bizarre we all had to stifle it for about 6 months. Then it must have dawned on him, too, that he looked like a Monty Python commercial for Grecian Formula and he let it go. He’s always looked fantastic- simultaneously boyish and distinquished. Whoever is doing my professor sister’s hair (congratulations on tenure, Bets!) does a classy color job so she always looks good, too.

And then there’s my hair. I wear it so short that the maintenance every five weeks was killing me, time and money-wise and it grows so fast I always have roots showing anyway. Rich, in idle conversation the other evening, mentioned that the women at work were talking about getting their hair colored and did I know that some women SPEND TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS A MONTH GETTING THEIR HAIR CUT AND COLORED?!? He sounded amazed. Clearly, Rich doesn’t look closely at our bank statements. The other problem is that you can’t go back and forth between the Florida sun and the Midwest gray with impunity when you dye your hair. Each time I come back to Chicago, friends say, "Oh. you’re blond." Not, "Wow! What fabulous blond hair you have!" Just, "Oh.You’re blond." And then their eyes drift down to my naturally dark brown eyebrows.

So, I quit. I had to find a new hair person the other day and that’s even more traumatic than finding a new internist but I drove up to Evanston armed with my hair color formula and handed it to her while she pawed through to my roots. And then, thank the Lord for sending me an angel, she said, "Why are you coloring this? It’s a beautiful white, soft and thick, no yellowish or gray and you’ll look like dynamite with a great spikey short cut and your natural color." Personally, I had secretly had this thought many times (well, not "you’ll look like dynamite…") but not being as self assured as Katherine Hepburn, I always shelved the notion and wrote the check. I asked timidly if that wouldn’t age me and she spouted, "You’re nuts." Cheeky for a new hair person.

She gave me a GREAT haircut, which is hard to find when your head is one big cowlick. It’s all soft and uneven without looking cockamamie and she got it to go in a perfect pretty spiral at the crown without any PRODUCT. I cannot not count the number of times I’ve had to shriek,"No PRODUCT!" at gay hairdressers (nothtatthere’sanythingwrongwithbeingagayhairdresser). PRODUCT is a euphemism for expensive snot and snot is being polite because it’s actually more like something else and we do not apply that to our head, at least once we’re up and showered for the day, let alone pay for it, no we don’t.

I came home and washed it and it’s still a great haircut, which is even more of a miracle. With money saved I got a manicure, a pedicure (at a quality place rather than the Asian Foot Fungus Palace) and those few wild hairs in my eyebrows cleaned up. All for half of what I was paying to cover up the white. At this point, it’s mostly grown out. Within six weeks I will be officially and naturally white haired. Then, I’ll get the fibroid zapped and look like this woman. Vaguely. I found this picture on one of Babette’s links for, you guessed it, yoga clothes. I like the look. Here I come, yoga and white hair.

Before I got off on me, I was speaking of Robin Andrea. I loved her self-portrait photo the other day. Simply stunning. And her natural beauty is an inspiration. Goes to show we CAN mature with grace and tummies full of good food, flowers in bloom, birds in flight and satellites blinking in the summer sky. Ain’t life a marvel?

19 responses to “Bop is no love-child of jazz & it is not white hair that engenders wisdom.

  1. Wow, there’s a lot here!

    Very cool about the tour and you’re right, it’s probably not opening near me!
    I’m glad you and a small portion of the greater Chicago metropolitan area enjoyed the pilau. It never occurred to me to mention it makes a huge pot. I love eating it for a few days after the main event.
    I agree, Robin was stunning in that photo. If you’re smart and cute, who needs hair dye?
    You had me cracking up reading about your hair adventure.
    We’ll all be waiting for a photo of the results of course.

  2. I KNEW that was Dan’s band! I couldn’t make it out that night but John (the tabla player and drummer extraordinaire) went to see them play at the summer festival.

    He said they sounded great.

    So yay for Dan and Ingrid! 🙂

  3. Gee, Vicki, I appreciate your concern. But I think you’d look good bald.

  4. Hey, they were in Ann Arbor twice this month and I didn’t even notice!

    You’re lucky to have hair that turns pure white. My mom is here visiting and we just had a long talk about how the women in our family never go completely gray. Once, I thought that was great – that was before I realized that not going completely gray and not going gray are two different things.

    So, I wanna see the pics, too.

  5. I’ve been white haired — well mostly white — for the last 5 years and I just love it! I know you will too.

  6. I’m blushing, but that’s okay, a red face goes great with my gray hair! Thanks for that, Vicki.

    When my sister and mom were visiting last month, I was a little self-conscious about being so gray. My sister, who is only 18 months younger than I am dyes her hair religiously. So, she looks quite a bit younger than I do. For a moment I did consider dying my hair just to see what I might look like with my good old brown hair again. But then I thought, nyah. Why bother? My hair started to gray when I was in my late 20s. I was a 30 something re-entry college student going for my BA, when someone asked me if I was in grad school. I thought, wow, I must look really smart. Hah! It didn’t even occur to me that I just looked older.

    Gray is cool. You’re going to love it.

  7. Back when everyone knew what their palette was, someone said to me,”Once a redhead, always a redhead.” So I’ve made that my motto. I don’t think my freckles would look good with white hair, besides my mother never did have nice white hair, not even nice gray hair. So, I guess, as long as I have a hair on my head it will be auburn…besides Ella’s hair is going to be auburn (I think) and I want to be able to say, “See, she got it from me.”

    Your posts are a delight, Vicki. I can never think of that much to say.

  8. I am so envious of your thick, full, white hair. My mother went gray in her early twenties, as it is on her side of the family. I take after my father’s side which grays very late in life. I color my hair and now do the highlights thing because my gray is not white or pretty. It is dull and looks lifeless. So I shell out the cash and thank the stars I found a wonderful young woman who cuts my hair like a whiz, makes excellent suggestions to me on how the length and style of my hair, and is good company while the process takes place.

    I’ve been many colors, natural and not. Born with red hair, later brunette, then once in college began the grand experiment. Auburn, dark brown, red, now going blonde. Light is best now with my fair skin and dark ages me. So, there you go.

    Yoko? Good heavens. That photo is something alright.

  9. Nowhere near me on tour! They played the Aspen Jazz Fest? Very cool. I used to go to that when I lived in the area.

    I think the Annie Lennox look will definitely become you, V!

  10. Are you copying me?? That is fine, of course….LOL. I cannot explain it, but ever since I let my natural gray grow out, I feel FREE! And I also use the extra money for mani and pedicures, which are ever so much more fun than sitting in the colorist’s chair for 45 minutes!! Good for you for making that decision, and for finding a hair-stylist who supported that! Please put a new pic on the blog, won’t you?

  11. But, Ms. Clairol is my BFF. Unless she gets sent to prison for 23 days. Still. 😉

  12. Some of my girlfriends have their roots done every six weeks – what a chore! I’ll bet you’ll look fabulous.

  13. My mother-in-law has had white hair every since I’ve known hair and is absolutely gorgeous.
    I’m sure you are, too, with you new natural look.

    As for hair product, I discovered it late in life and don’t use it often, but really it is a miracle for me. My hair is coarse and unruly and for the first time I can wear my hair down when I want to and not look like a wild woman.

    So next time you are in the Bay Area you’re going to call me ahead of time, right? If not, you’re not my best friend anymore. ; )


  14. I have told you about my friend Deb in Mississippi before. She is just now 50 and has her doctorate in Psychology and is a therapist…. and she went totally white right after college. It grinds on her that her husband still looks like a kid, but her hair is such a gorgeous white that mine will never become…. I have decided that you must be twins separated at birth!

    Today I bought rugs…. for the house… temporary stop gap ones until my brother can exercise his longing to buy real and expensive ones. I, however, am not proud. Nyssa and I dug through bins and flipped back rugs and measured and pondered and had them pulling out the 10 x 13 and 9 x 12 room sized ones for four hours. But, I have a rug for all the hardwood floors…. they aren’t too bad and I stayed within my budget. Fourteen rugs for just over $1000. I think I guarded his money well. Five days to closing… I think.

    I have tomatoes, cucumbers, lilies, hosta, four o’clocks almost four feet tall and the pumpkins to transplant…so much to do!

    Good luck on those tickets… how about The Flying Dutchman at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, 2010!

  15. My hair has gone an awful non-color, threaded with gray. Not silver. Gray. I intend to go to my grave with my hair colored. It’s bad enough that my X and my Y are trying to fall out of my Z.

    I just went to Robin Andrea’s site for the first time ever. I think I have a crush on her.

  16. I admire women who go with whatever color Mother Nature is bestowing on them at the time. (Not that Miz S doesn’t look HAWT, of course.) We had a good chuckle one year at a family gathering when a male, who had been silver for many years, showed up with an unreal color of brown on his head. (This was in response to someone referring to his wife as his daughter.) Problem was, his mustache was still silver. Subtle? Not!

  17. Whew! I’m back from the library and off of my ischial tuberosities in time to catch this post.

    Oh, I think the white hair will be loverly! You bear an uncanny resemblance to that model!

    I enjoyed finding Dan in a knit cap and a MICHIGAN shirt on his tour schedule. Nothing beats good sax.

    Robin is beautiful, indeed. Methinks she would love yoga.

  18. Hey, I am sure that your hair is stunning, but all I can think of is what was the first line of your novel? Tell all.

  19. I used to read your blog then somehow lost the bookmark and WOW am I glad to find you again. You write like a best friend, all chummy over coffee in a favorite mug at a cozy table. Always a great visit.

    All the women in my family color their hair except for me. I just hate to admit I’m so vain that I’d let the natural graying process concern me. I confessed to them that I refuse to color my hair because I’m NOT vain, and I’m darned PROUD of my non-vanity. Pride trumps vanity. There you have it.

    They laughed at me, can you imagine?

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