Mail call

Just checking in.

Sorry about falling off the map like that (again). I sort of ran out of words for a while and then I decided I needed to build another garden in order to get centered here in Chicago. Pictures forthcoming. Insurance issues are still pending but the adjuster has been here to inspect the buckled floors. Another trip to Northwestern Medical Center is on the calendar, but as Inspector Clouseau might say, "It’s only a bimp, ma cherie." Seriously, without putting too fine a point on it, I suspect this is just a variation on normally fibrous tissue and my new physician merely needs to establish an intimate relationship with me, by way of ‘tests’, before she can be comfortable with that notion.

Today, I am in high spirits having heard from The Snarl. The news is all wonderful and exciting and she sends pictures. She went to Africa armed with her first camera and no experience in photography. Wouldn’t you agree she has quite the eye? The subject matter looks endlessly rich, too. She says it is an amazing experience to be witness to a complete ecology, top to bottom and vice versa. As  part of that ecology she is temporarily off her vegetarian diet and eating kudu, crocodile and ostrich…Roller



25 responses to “Mail call

  1. Oh my, oh my! Those photos are amazing and yes, she has quite the eye. Two in fact! 😉 (what kind of bird is that? The Universe does like bold gestures!)

    And “whew” on the lump business. But, I’ll understand when I keep at my ways just the same, right?

    Blessings. And kudos on the garden. No better way to establish roots. OH LORD THE BAD PUNS.

  2. Wow. I feel like I’m there with her. What a smile she has! And definitely, quite an eye.

  3. Ah ha! It’s a Roller. Gives new meaning to going out with Rollers in your hair! 😀

  4. Wow, that child is so accomplished and adventurous. Good for her. You take care of yourself and let us know what the tests show. My fingers are crossed just in case that helps.

  5. Wow, that child is so accomplished and adventurous. Good for her. You take care of yourself and let us know what the tests show. My fingers are crossed just in case that helps.

  6. Great pix, especially the lilac roller. Like mother, like daughter. 🙂

    You left Ann Arbor about the time I arrived. Sorry I missed you, as I’m enjoying your blog.

  7. When you finish the Chicago garden, come to Raleigh. Haven’t you always wanted to plant a garden in NC? Here’s your chance!

    Snarl is a wonderful photographer, just like her mom. That poor, skinny lion. I can count her ribs. I don’t think I’d want to share her meal either.The rainbow is fabulous!
    Hope your bimp is just that and nothing more.

  8. Gorgeous shots, particularly of the rainbow intersecting the waterfall. Wow!

    Glad you’re back!

  9. How odd! A picture of the Snarl in which she is not wearing scuba gear. So, how does she like this thing we call “land”?

    Amazing pictures.

  10. Stunning pics of Africa. Your daughter has quite an eye, particularly sensitive to astonishing beauty and capturing it exquisitely.

    We must be long-lost sisters in the fibrous tissue club: Lumps R Us. Good Luck.

  11. She’s not snarling these days, ma cherie, and is her mother’s daughter in many ways, I suspect.

    Somewhere over the rainbow rollers fly…

  12. Oh, I’m so glad to see you back…have been checking every day. The photos are wonderful. Abby looks great! Florida misses you, and so do I.

  13. She’s pretty, the photos are pretty, and I’m hoping your MD has pretty news for you soon. (Just think of it: Lions eating water buffalo but not the Snarl. Good on them.)

  14. Those photos make me want to go to Africa…sort of. (if only I could be guaranteed my creature comforts) The rainbow shot is like a postcard. I’m happy that you are sounding better!

  15. Lucky dog you. We haven’t heard from our son in Russia since last week and it worries us some (read my latest blog to see why). Last we heard he was demanding money back from a Moscow street vendor who he felt had overcharged him.

    Uh, isn’t that a little close to be taking pictures of hungry lions feeding?

  16. So glad you heard from the Snarl. I know that eases your worries. Love all the photos. The Victoria Falls one is super.
    Just got back from St. Pete and saw an article about the “Manatee Whisperer” in the northeast Journal. Made me really chuckle. It was a nice photo of her…Drove by the bungalow and all was well. Am home now and enjoying reading your blog.

  17. Hello, I am blog hopping and found your delightful site. Those pictures are amazing, the subject matter is wonderful, and the shot selection is grand.

  18. What fabulous photographs! Wow! Just like her mother!

    Glad you think it’s just a bimp. Naturally, we worry. Can’t have you falling off the log on us.

    Glad you are gardening. I am beginning to wish I were a bit more three-dimensional than reading and writing. I have made a few really bad sketches, which I enjoy and which make me laugh. Sometime soon, I’ll break out the paints.

  19. Your precious daughter has quite a natural talent for photography! The rainbow is wonderful indeed.

    Hope the tests come out ok. I’ll be sending positive vibes your way.

  20. I am back. 14 hour drive there, 14 hour drive back… within 200 miles of Chicago …. I did wave, didn’t you see me wave? The final 50th wedding anniversary for nine more years… then the baby sister has hers. None of the big brothers anticipate being able to be at hers… the oldest two doubt they will still be here or think that if they are they will not know what is going on… cousins, cats, craziness and hummingbirds….

    The pictures from Africa are gorgeous…. what is that glorious bird and the waterfall takes my breath away and of course Abby is her beautiful self….so is the elephant.

    I am regrouping, my behind is still buzzing from the road hum…. and my four days with no computer whatsoever…. withdrawal symptoms were very painful!

  21. Great shots! I’m glad Abby is safe and having a blast.

    Hope your med news is all good!

  22. those are great pictures! I can’t believe how close she is to the elephants in their natural habitat. Ask her if she can snag a baby one for me and bring it back 🙂 i mean with weight requirements and all by the airlines, i’m sure it wouldn’t be possible but worth a shot!

  23. Love the self-portrait with elephant, but I wondered as well about the proximity to lioness & meal. Tell me she has a 1/2 mile telephoto lens on that camera. The falls and Rainbow? That is capturing a dream. Wow.

  24. Those pictures? WOW!

  25. Those photos are amazing! She must have inherited her eye from you!

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