I haven’t got a brain… only straw.

(Dorothy): How can you talk if you haven’t got a brain?

(Scarecrow): I don’t know… But some people without
brains do an awful lot of talking… don’t they?
(Dorothy): Yes, I guess you’re right.
Laid low by flu-like symptoms, lumps that need an ultrasound diagnosis and possibly terminal contact with insurance agents, I’m taking a couple days off to regroup.

But before I go, Dorothy and Toto did arrive at Oz Park with a great deal of celebration, excitement and fanfare.

The Lincoln Park High School Marching Band was in full dress uniform and the police commander from our precinct came to direct parade traffic. Most of the citizens of Oz were there, including many, many munchkins.

They cleared out Dorothy’s playlot and came to sit and watch, hold balloons, cheer and clap, eat cake. There were good witches (benefactors), many Toto wannabes, and various politicians and representatives from the city.Good_witch_2

Most of all, artist John Kearney, 82, was there, with his son and crew, to unveil this beautiful statue, complete with ruby slippers. Like the Tin Man, Scare Crow and Cowardly Lion before her, Dorothy was constructed in the artist’s studio in Provincetown, MA and then moved here for the installation last Friday. Kearney told all the children that a pat on Toto’s back would bring them good luck.Artist

I think I’ll stop by on my way to the zoo today. Although I’d rather stay hidden under the covers- it’s one of those infamous Blue Mondays Kurt Vonnegut wrote of- I have my final walk through the aviary before I test out on birds. And I can tell you this: there are more varieties of birds than bears or seals. Back in a few. Have a great get up and go sort of day.Dorothy

21 responses to “I haven’t got a brain… only straw.

  1. Oh boy, I love your Oz Park! It’s so cool.

    And there was cake, too? Well, more’s the better.

    Good luck with the bird test. I’m sure you’ll be just fine.

    Feel better.

  2. So glad to see Dorothy, but I’m so sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling up to par…I do hope that it is something that comes to pass and not to stay.

    Take care of yourself.

  3. I hope your are feeling better soon, vicki. I don’t like words like flu and lumps. Did you pat Toto on the back for good luck?

  4. Catching up…
    Sorry you are feeling under the weather. Probably PostFloridaLetDown syndrome.

    What a great statue! I love that movie… well, maybe not the flying monkeys… or the scary trees.

  5. This is disconcerting! Beautiful OZ aside, your opening lines worry me ever so much. Please keep us posted, m’kay?

  6. Hope you’re better soon, V! Lots of fluids, right?

    Oz is enchanting.

  7. Lumps? Begone! I insist!

    The park is great and I like the new statuary very much. I know you will test well on the birds, so I’m not worried about that. Hurry back and feel better soon.

  8. “Lumps” is such an unpleasant word.

    I am assuming that all is well, but you will have to proceed with the unpleasantness until that can be confirmed.

    In the meantime: xoxoxoxoxox

  9. And if a pat on the back doesn’t do you lucky, you can always put up a picture of a rabbit, etc. Some of us do that even if we suspect it doesn’t work.

    You are so lucky. As I recall, you live only a few blocks away from Oz park. Now then, who’s next? They got Toto there yet?

  10. Oh, get well and be better soon. I hope that it all goes away! The statue is gorgeous.

  11. Oh my, indeed, Heidi. Uh, Vicki, you get the most interesting readers. 😀

  12. Did that person think that anyone was going to read down through all of that?

  13. Oh shit, did I miss a bizarro comment? Or was it just spam?

  14. We have been down here too. The girl finally got here from college… just for two days. Cars are in shop. Dogs have ear infections, facial nerve paralysis and now having trouble eating due to ear. Houses have to be looked at as the monster man is flying in on the 4th to view the selection. The perfect house has been found, it is just too expensive. Doctors appointments and other appointments bring us in three different directions with only two vehicles. And on Friday, in the wee hours, we embark on another marathon driving event in your direction…. this time to Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Stressed is just “desserts” spelled backwards! Yeah, right. Now, hear tales of flu and lumps? Oh no! Take care and be well!

  15. What kind of dogs are those (wearing the Hail Dorothy banner) something-something water dogs? those something de-Flanders dogs? I know I’ve seen them before. I want to go to Oz park right now.

    Ix-nay on flu and lumps.

  16. Did you say lumps? What sort of lumps?

    Hugs hugs hugs,


  17. Our Vicki has beauty and brains and we miss her when she’s trying to pass birds.

    Be well!


  18. Sorry you are feeling poorly. Hope you’re feeling better soon. (Just click your heels and chant: There’s nothing better than perfect health…there’s nothing better than perfect health…)

    Loved the pics!!

  19. An Oz Park sounds like fun. Hope you’re feeling better soon and that the lumps prove to be nothing.

  20. Vicki, I hope you are feeling better and the lumps don’t get you down in the dumps and you are back to the blog again.

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