Now, where did I put those ruby slippers?

I need to get going and find some- maybe keds with red glitter glue? Parking is already restricted on the street today so it’s going to get congested around here, especially when The Wizard Mayor Daley shows up along with the Lincoln Park High School Band.
This is exciting!

(But, first! we interrupt this post for A VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE. You can call it a commercial of sorts but whatever you call it, please consider it carefully…)

My morning routine: I brush my teeth and gaze dubiously at my reflection…

I put on my 30spf sunscreen…Sunscreen

And today, I swabbed my cheeks!Swabkit1


You have heard me mention that I have a young friend back in Ann Arbor who has acute myelocytic leukemia. She is the very definition of hope and inspiration.
No marrow match has been found for Louise so she will be getting a cord blood transplant (yes! those used belly button cords can save lives! Expecting parents, heads up!) Here is her most recent journal entry and you can get a real feel for her amazing attitude. It seems as though the absolute least I can do, the bare minimum, is sign up to be a potential donor. And if I can post pictures Rich took in the early morning glare of the bathroom light- well, what can you do?


May 17, 2007 at 08:54 PM EDT

Well Everyone!

Tommorow is a big day! I have surgery, go back into the hospital,
and there is also a major BONE MARROW DRIVE! At 2pm I am due in surgery
to get a second central line, similar to the Broviac line I already
have. This one is known as a triple-lumen (3 entry points) Neostar.
This will give them a grand total of 5 entry points! They like to have
lots of options in case I need fluids, meds, chemo, blood products, and
whatever else all at once! It prevents the docs and nurses from having
to try and juggle I.V.’s and over-coordinate. So I’m a little nervous
for surgery, but it’s really not too major. They just tuck it under my
skin and pop it in the vein and I’m good! (well, that’s kinda how it
happens anyways) After the surgery I will be moved back up to 7 Mott
and we will be set for round two. I will begin chemotherapy on
Saturday. My ‘protocol’ (or regimen) is Fludarabine for 3 days, Total
Body Irradiation for 4 days, Cytoxan for 2 days, one day of rest, and
then the 29th of May is Transplant Day! Day zero all over again! So
that give you a little idea of things to come.
Meanwhile I have been focusing a lot of my attention on….THE BONE MARROW DRIVE!!!!

WHEN: Friday May 18th, 2007 1:30pm to 6pm

WHERE: Greenhills School 850 Greenhills Drive Ann Arbor, MI 48105

HOW: No needles, no pain! Just a health questionnaire and a Q-tip rubbing your cheek!

It couldn’t be easier!!! It’s FREE, PAINLESS, SAVES LIVES, and you get COOKIES. Now honestly, what could be better?!
We have been in the newspaper, on the radio, on The Rock (my
cousins painted it last night! see photos), on the Huron High School
sign, EVERYWHERE!!! So we know you know about the drive. So no ifs,
ands, or buts!!! Don’t think you will be denied and don’t think we’ve
got enough people! Because we don’t! We will notice your absence! If
you’re not from this area PLEASE go to and order
yourself a kit online. It’s normally $52, but until May 21st it’s free.
So get to it and don’t wait another minute! I’ll be there early, from
12:30 to 1:30 to help set-up and kick things off. But after that I
gotta go to the hospital! So come see me, too!

Here are some new photos:

Check me out on the Discovery Health Channel Cancer Collage under the profile name WeezLouise:

PLEASE, let me know if you have a problem with the links, I’ll try to help.

Anyways, that’s about it, I’ll post some more info and let you know
how surgery went tommorow, granted my internet works well. It’s a
little bit of a gamble sometimes in the hospital. Have a pleasant
evening and a great Friday tommorow! (I know you will because you’re
coming to the drive)
Love, Louise
While you are online, ordering your FREE marrow donor kit, I’ll be off now, looking for those ruby slippers and back later with a full report of the day’s activities. Have a great day- I KNOW you will, because you’re going to be all full of warm feelings about your plan to maybe save a life as beautiful as Louise!

(Love you, Weez! Be well!)


14 responses to “Now, where did I put those ruby slippers?

  1. Thanks Vicki! You are one beautiful swabber and we need as many as we can get! 🙂

  2. Here’s looking at you, kid. You don’t even need to click your heels to make things happen. Enjoy your day in Oz. Prayers for beautiful Louise!

  3. My my, all Ms. Dorothy is missing is her dog! 😀 (and how cute are you brushing your teeth??) Do watch out for flying Monkey’s today. I hear they’re filming in your neighborhood. 😀

    Blessings and prayers for Louise.

  4. Louise is such an inspiration. I have been keeping up with her progress on her carepages site.

    Have fun with Dorothy and Toto and the Mayor. Looking forward to pictures…

  5. Wow. This woman has courage…as do you. 🙂 It was good to see your face on here. I miss you 🙂

  6. I was disappointed to see that I am over the age guidelines, Vicki. I was looking forward to joinging that. I hope that someone soon will be just the person Louise needs for her marrow donation! Love the pics, BTW. Just don’t let Oprah see ya’. She is on record as saying she cannot stand the thought of seeing anyone brush their teeth…..LOL

  7. Free is a pretty good price. I’m probably too old, but I’ll give it a chance. You look lovely in the bathroom, Vicki — and everywhere else.

  8. No soap. Damn. I am only 16 years too old. Good luck to you young people.

  9. Damn, you look good. Louise is beautiful, too.

  10. You could borrow the ruby slippers in the Smithsonian!

    Prayers for Louise….. I am out as a donor for marrow and blood as I volunteered to be a first responder and was re-vaccinated with the smallpox vaccine. That was quite the experience… so much more safety protocol now than when we had it as children. Louise probably hasn’t had that vaccine and exposure with a suppressed immune system could be deadly.

    Will you have pictures of the statue?

  11. You look way better in the morning in the bathroom than I do. What a lovely smile! I will hope for the best for Louise–who shares her name with my mother and me. (middle)

  12. You’re tagged….

  13. You look beautiful looking in the mirror. It’s an interesting image, seeing you see yourself. Louise has amazing vitality and and stunningly lovely eyes. Hoping for all the best for her. Please keep us updated on her progress.

  14. I’m in and my kit is ordered…. along with a mass mailing sent. Hope they all get the kit and pass the word. Pronto! 🙂

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