Friday Ark

It’s Friday’s Ark. I get to fly ahead because, you know, someone has to unlock the door. Rich earns bonus points when he loads up the car and drives 28 hours nonstop with two hot and cranky felines piled in his lap. Confined to carriers, they yowl, shed and pee the whole way. Left to their own devices they vie for the driver’s lap or find a comfortable place to hunker down. The only time they complain is when Rich stops for food or gas or a nap.


Sophie and McCloud had their final dose of Capstar and Advantage on Wednesday; no sense bringing fleas aboard. That plus a few boxes by the front door were enough to clue in the smart cat. For two days, she "went into the woodwork" as my grandmother used to say of cats. Cloudy seemed oblivious. Tell me you don’t  think that sofa has too much of a Florida flavor.


Then McCloud moved first to the porch and watched as the car was packed and then he settled himself on a suitcase. Cloudclos


In the end, even Sophie seemed resigned to Friday’s passage. See you back in the windy city.Arksop


14 responses to “Friday Ark

  1. When we moved from California to Washington, my brother and SIL drove our car for us and brought our cat. They did some research about cats and car travel and found a very interesting item. Seems that cats will calm down very quickly if you put a little icepack on them. It worked like a charm on Bonsai. After a few minutes with the icepack, he would curl up under the driver seat and sleep the rest of the journey.

    I hope all goes well on this trip for Rich and the kitty crew.

  2. Too much of a Florida flavor?
    You’re kidding right?

  3. L+O+V+E the sofa…And how perfect that Sophie is on the ark rug on a Friday post. Happy travels to you and the spouse and the felines.

  4. Happy travels!

    Love the close-up of McCloud. He has noble eyes.

  5. McCloud is my kind of tubby guy…. a girl could get lost in his eyes! I called Rhett to come quickly… but he doesn’t do anything quickly… he will have to come later to see Sophie literally on the Ark…. Have a good trip kitties!

    When I traveled 16 hours from Mississippi to Virginia with six cats and all their accessories, it was nothing less than a story worthy of a separate post.. so I will see if I told that story and if not, put it on my list. Had I had a roving reporter with video camera, I am certain you would be looking at the winner of the $200,000 “Funniest Home Videos” prize.

  6. I’ve been thinking about Arks a lot these past few days. Cruise ships have been in port, and their passengers tend to travel in twos. All over town are these couples wandering about and knowing that they came from the magnificent ships in the harbor makes me think of Noah.

    Your cats are lovely! Here’s to a safe “voyage” for them and Rich. And a happy flight for you.

    See you in Chicago. 😉

  7. That Rich is a real gamer. You lucky to have him. But you knew that.

  8. No, no….I love flamingoes, papyrus and palms! I hope Rich has a big lap, if the cats are going to ride on it all the way to the Windy City! I hope you have a safe trip back, Vicki. Let us know how it went.

  9. Bye, Vicki. I owe you.

  10. That couch makes me relaxed, even just looking at it. It reminds me of warmth, beaches, and palm trees. Very nice. Is the windy city windy this time of year? I have always wanted to visit. Maybe some day.

  11. That couch makes me relaxed, even just looking at it. It reminds me of warmth, beaches, and palm trees. Very nice. Is the windy city windy this time of year? I have always wanted to visit. Maybe some day.

  12. McCloud certainly know how to get comfortable.

  13. While there *is* such a think as too much Florida flavor, that classy, elegant, beautiful print does not suffer from it. Gorgeous!

    I don’t envy a drive with cats. The only times I’ve done it have been painful!

    Can’t wait to here how you are settling in at Chicago! Fly safe!

  14. What a magnificent cat you have!!

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