Duck! It’s an Air Potato!

My friend, Marilyn, added a comment to the post below identifying correctly the mystery vine. It’s Dioscorea bulbifera or "Air Potato", an invasive species from Africa that can grow 60-70 feet in short order- with no sign of flowers. Fearabulba is right-It only grows potato like tubers that drop down and wonk people while they meditate. I guess we know which plant is not going to be left unattended for the next number of months.

This news comes in the nick of time- and to think, I just put Miracle Gro on it yesterday. The only thing I’m wondering about is why it’s growing over the amphitheater at The Sunken Gardens where I have my yoga class. Thanks for the heads up, Marilyn.

A more positive bit of information comes from Michelle. Those pin point white dots are Green Lace Wing eggs, not a fungus. Eggs on the tips of microscopic silky threads! This prevents the larvae from cannibalizing one another as they hatch. Lace Wings are beneficial in the garden, dining voraciously on pest insects, like aphids. Who eat my milkweed. Which feeds my monarchs. And so it goes.

5 responses to “Duck! It’s an Air Potato!

  1. Never heard of an air potato before, but it appears to be aptly named!

  2. Wow. An Air Potato. Whodathunk?

    Cool on the Lacewings. They are seriously cool critters! Love them beneficial insects!

  3. Up here in North FL we have organized air potato pulling days around Gainesville. Gangs of volunteers attack these noxious vines in local parks.

    We used to have great battles with their potatoes when we were kids. I suppose we may be the cause of their spread.

  4. Isn’t that what I guessed? The spotted viney potato eye am, right? Otherwise known as Mr. Spud. Remember, I got it first….

  5. Do you get the kudzu down in south Florida?

    I was wondering if you want a fig tree… We have one that has been rooting for a couple of years. It is taking up space that could be used for PUMPKINS in our flower bed. Now I just have to figure out a way to get it to you and where.

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