Smile. Be happy.

“If only the sea could sleep, I
would make its bed beside me.”


I’m getting there. Such enthusiasm this time! Good Planets
photos will be up by noon, although, at this rate, I may need to divide
the post in two, Saturday and Sunday, just so you can load the page. Beautiful images all around!

5 responses to “Smile. Be happy.

  1. Glad to hear the Earth has been abundant in its beauty this time around. Thanks for the adorable teaser!

  2. I see that other people besides me might be having a hard time getting to sleep. I do a lot of web bill paying, balancing my check book when I can’t sleep and of course checking my favorite blog for wonderful fun entries. Love the quote about the sea and sleeping.

  3. Oh, that face is wonderful.

  4. Here I am again… I do so love this lovable sleepy seal….smiling… not caring if she (or he) is a bit on the chubby size. Now I will move on and read some more…. seems as if I recall a comment about a pending e-mail?

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