My, What BIG Eyes You Have…


I found this fellow sitting on my laptop when I went back to my porch chair after a short break. You would think for all the world those are eyes but really they are false eyes atop his disproportionately large head- designed to look like a snake to scare off potential bird predators? I’m not sure, but Sophie was suitably impressed. She watched him for a long time before deciding she would resume hunting the tiny anoles around here. At least with those, she knows what she’s up against. We may have a whole new breed of these little lizards around here; a stub tailed variety.

Bev at Burning Silo, Ontario Wanderer and Wayne at Niches are a few of my regular reads who are taking part in the first annual BloggerBioBlitz. I have a feeling one of them will be able to identify this guy. A swallowtail of some sort? I know some caterpillars have been munching away on my passion flower vine and those are often the swallowtails.

While I go solicit an identification, you can just assume that he is looking for photo entries for Good Planets. The theme is water, you have some great competition this month and the deadline is, well, now. But send them over anytime today and I’ll get them up tomorrow. Send to with Good Planets in the subject line.


14 responses to “My, What BIG Eyes You Have…

  1. That one is a Spicebush Swallowtail (Papilio troilus). Their main foodplant is sassafras and spicebush. Unfortunately, we don’t have them way up here in the Frozen North. (-:

  2. Those “eyes” are incredible. Looks like someone drew them on…nature is so fascinating. Great photography. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s Good Planets entries.

  3. This little guy has me once more marveling at the amazing creatures that we share this planet with.

  4. What a beauty. It looks just like a child’s stuffed toy. So perfect. Those false eyes are magnificent.

  5. Spicy and sassy snake, Sweetie!

  6. The Bev got here first! I wonder if she knows Susan, too?

    Nice cat pic!

  7. Gotta say, from far away (first pic) it looks like a cute little fella. Up close? A little creepy.

  8. I’ve seen his cousin, I think. He’s pretty in a weird sort of way!

  9. Looks to me he doesn’t HAVE any eyes.

    Listen, for the fungus, put on Vicks Vap-O-Rub, twice a day for a week. It will kill the fungus, guaranteed. I know this sounds like an old wive’s tale, but I got it from a chiropidust and have used it on my own nail fungus (which I don’t have anymore). Good luck.

  10. I would be very scared if I found that anywhere near me. I don’t like surprises.

  11. Great photo.
    Looking forward to Good Planet. I promoted this edition on my blog at

  12. He/she is beautiful but like the others, I would be pretty freaked out to find it on my laptop.

    But I love seeing it on yours.

  13. The most interesting creatures always know where to find you! ;^)

  14. I thought it was your little bro or sister toys…. Wonderfull…

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