“I really wonder what gives us the right to wreck this poor planet of ours.”

So said Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., may he rest in peace.

Welcome to Good Planets, where I do little more than post your beautiful photographs. These images offer us some of the very best views of planet Earth and some of the very best reasons to be mindful of our stewardship to her. Most of the photos sent in reflected the season: Spring is on her way. Actually, she made her entrance and then seemed to forget her lines in some parts of the country. A warm thank you to everyone who submitted a photo and if I somehow missed you, please send me a reminder (or a late entry), and I’ll get that up, asap.

Bev, at Burning Silo, sent this photo taken at the Lincoln and Mary Ellsworth Grove in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, where even the ferns are larger than (some) life.Unknown
Marilyn gets around. She has a son here in Florida so she came to visit earlier this season but back home, where she lives in Pennsylvania, well, Spring did forget her lines. She sends me a photo of an ice covered weeping willow taken near Gettysburg. And the sun will set here later, but first- a lovely sunrise on an early morning walk at Ocean Point, Maine.Best_sunrise

Although this was always a welcome harbinger of Spring in the Michigan woods, I’d never seen variations other than white and red. Karen, of Rurality sent this photo of a green version of Trillium cuneatum.Gpgrtril3_2

Ann, aka Bunnygirl’s, first picture reminded me of a romantic summer day I spent at a rock quarry in New England; this quarry is being reclaimed by nature on Mt. Ascutney in Vermont. She also passed along a picture of this delightfully rustic outdoor art gallery on Monhegan Island, Maine.Old_quarry_mt_ascutney

Yankee T sent one photo and then followed with another and together, they speak to the ephemeral nature of Spring. The first shows the majestic Japanese Magnolia he passes daily on his way to work in early March. Then there is the same set of trees, three weeks later, when the magnolia is green, and the bare tree in front of it is transformed into a white dogwood in full bloom.Magnolia_on_cooper_iv

Susannah at Wanderinweeta spends days exploring the natural world of the Canadian Northwest. She passed along these two river photos; the western end of the Fraser River, from the Burnaby shore: a working river, wide, deep and strong. And then a glimpse of the Kettle River, in the interior, rushing and noisy.Smforeshore

The Pacific Northwest is flush with fine photographers with an eye tuned to Mother Nature. Skylarker sent these two photos and I found myself wanting to be in a hot air balloon over these Skagit Valley tulips. The balloon rides are a part of the annual Tulip Festival when fields are overflowing with springtime blooms. The second one was taken on Easter Sunday evening: a pastel sunset across Puget Sound from Whidbey Island, Washington.Skagitvalleytulips

Another blogger from the NW submitted a first time photo for Good Planets: Old Horsetail Snake. Hoo Boy! He titles his own artistic efforts “Green Leaf with Flower.” Wonderful! And I bet he doesn’t use a geezer self stabilizing lens, either.Picture_025

Kenju is a lucky bird who spends her days working wonders with flowers. She offers this perfect picture of new life.Easter_and_birds_nest_003

Roxanne of Melange daily provides us with extraordinary photographs of the natural world, interspersed with feline tummies. (She does use a self stabilizing lens.) She sent these airborne- and almost airborne- beauties.Img_09831_1252007_21255_am_1425x116

Finally, name that tune! Perhaps “Tis a gift to be simple” from Appalachian Spring? Robin Andrea of NewDharmaBums writes, “for me it quintessentially depicts spring, a song sparrow with her head thrown back singing her heart out.”Songsparrow

28 responses to ““I really wonder what gives us the right to wreck this poor planet of ours.”

  1. Wow… I thought of you today when I was out w/o my camera!! I walked into a feed store and they had all their baby chicks, turkeys, and ducks in store. Oh my. They make the sweetest sound. I nearly brought home a duck. LOVE the photos.

  2. The photos are lovely. Of course, as someone who has lived my whole life in the Pac NW, I am partial to those photos. LaConner’s tulips are amazing! And way to go, Hoss.

  3. Lovely! I was going to point out my favorites, but I love them all! Robin sure did capture that jaunty songbird. How many different browns to you think there are in that frame? And do you see the twinkle in its eye? Mmm mmm good.

  4. so lovely! robin’s singing sparrow stole my heart!

  5. Great job, Vicki! Beautiful photos, beautifully presented.

    I love that sparrow. And the sleeping blue chicks. And the gulls. And… Make that the whole shebang.

  6. Damn, now I wish I had submitted something so I could be one of the cool kids.

    The sparrow is my favorite.

    And I still haven’t done the homework that you assigned me the other day. Sigh.

  7. yankee transferred

    Great presentation. Thanks

  8. Bravo! Great show, Vicki! Thanks to everyone for sharing such beautiful views.

  9. What a beautiful collection of photos depicting spring on earth. Such a stunning planet. Nothing makes me more homesick for California than Jedidah Smith Redwoods State Park. One of my favorite places on earth.

    Thanks everyone for your kind words about that little sparrow.

  10. YAY! [Clapping hands wildly] What a gorgeous grouping of photos. Sing it, Sparrow!

  11. Those were some beautiful pictures! Had I visited here more often, I could’ve sent you a pic of those swans who stare in at me, wondering what’s for dinner. They are always a sign that spring cometh around here.

  12. Beauitful!

    I think my favorite is that tiny person walking among the giant redwoods and ferns.

  13. Beautiful. Sometimes one forgets how beautiful spring can be.


  14. I love them all, the baby birds are great!! they look like Robins, can Kenju tell us what the parents look like?

    thank you for hosting Vicki!


  15. You’re a good picture poster, Florida Queen. About that sparrow: I have seen these birds several times and always thought they went by the name of Fox Sparrow. So can you straighten me out? Song or Fox? (Pretty, either way.)

  16. Well done all and thank you Ms. Administrator!

  17. Dawn, thanks for the question; the momma bird showed herself to me today. She appears to be a wren, but she might be a sparrow, since she resembles the last photo above. I will post 2 new pics of them tomorrow, so come and see.

    Vicki, all these are magnificent pictures. The older I get, the more awe-struck I am by the beauty of our Earth.

  18. Thanks for your great editorials and superb postings of everyone’s photos. I especially like the seagulls, and the hot air balloon over the tulips, so stunning. We are gearing up for a doozy of a Nor’easter here soon so will hope for the best in the Passing-us-by department.

  19. I’ve been out and about today before the storm gets here. They keep saying it is on its way but so far nothing. My favorite is the little song sparrow and the hot air balloon over the tulips. Gorgeous. Oh, tell Hoss that flower looks like a camellia.

  20. Wowsers! Some really nice ones there. Nice job hosting!

  21. Thanks for the beautiful photos-The field with the hot air balloon reminds me of the Wizard Of OZ.

  22. Beyond lovely! Sorry I missed this edition but I”ll have something to submit next time . . . promise! 🙂 Great job all. That Song Sparrow photo — wow!

  23. Beautifully, beautifully done. Your introduction – perfect. ” . . .she made her entrance and then seemed to forget her lines … ”

  24. Wonderful ‘Good Planets’ gallery. I love robin’s singing sparrow photo. He looks like an opera star!

  25. All well and good, but I’d rather look at baby pictures just now. ;~)

  26. Simply gorgeous! How lucky you are that friends will share so generously!

  27. I must get myself a digital camera some day so I can do this too.

    Hea, I was looking for you in Chicago this past weekend when my family was visiting there. Somebody said you were still down south, though. Not a bad idea since it’s still cold there on Lake Michigan. Pretty windy too. I think in fact some of the locals call Chicago the “Windy City.” So I learned something too there.

  28. I wish I weren’t late to the party! What a great idea. Next time I want to play too. Great photos all around.

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