We’re all in our places, redux.

Not quite so bright and shiny. Is anyone else up at 3 am worrying that the tiny lively and unharmed toad the cat brought in this evening- the toad who would be absolutely perfect for teaching the homeless shelter children about animal camouflage next Monday- is dying of loneliness in a shoebox in the bathroom? He keeps calling out  "ribbet!ribbet!"

No. I didn’t think so.

Update: So now, 28.00 later, Mr. Toad is settling into his new digs. I’ll release him on Monday evening and until then he’s living under a pile of dirt and leaves in a lovely aquarium in air conditioned comfort. I went out in the noonday sun to buy him crickets and any doubts I had about adjustment problems affecting his appetite have been dispelled. He ate all of them in the first 10 minutes. I guess I need to go get more.

17 responses to “We’re all in our places, redux.

  1. Tell the cat to go out and find a mate for the toad…..LOL

    I was up at 3 am, shutting down the computer because of a raging thunderstorm.

  2. I was up at 3 AM but had the monitor shut off. No toads or those tiny green tree frogs with the round Star Trek sucker feet…. loud little buggers! But I could hear Clover singing her aria in the sunroom, at the other end of the house… because my window is open to hear the soothing sounds of the rain.

    I’ve read that toads taste bad to dogs and cats. I have not verified that personally.

  3. I’m sure if you’d given it a goodnight kiss, it would have calmed right down. Or turned into a prince, and then think of your show and tell! Either way, win win. 😀

  4. I was up at 3:00 am, but didn’t go to the computer. Wish I had. It would have been better than being awake worrying about my sister’s health. I could have been worrying about a lonely toad in a shoebox in your bathroom.

  5. Thank you again for your help last night!

    What are you feeding Mr. Toad?

  6. His camouflage is wonderful.

  7. Nice update, Vicki. He’s a handsome toad, and I bet he loves the room service.

  8. You are my kind of gal, Vicki! I fret over the smallest living things, too. Those children will love you for this.

  9. He’s beautiful! Glad the cat didn’t maim him. We had a tiny tree frog once that could eat 10 small crickets in about three days. So I imagine this guy can chow!

  10. Lordy, I’m glad for the update or I’d been up at 3AM worrying about your toad. I was out buying freeze-dried mealy worms for my back yard ducks today. It’s cold and windy out there tonight. I will not worry. I will not worry . . .

  11. You are the very definition of tenderheartedness, Vicki.

    I shall hold frog pose (Bhekasana) as I release some of this “Baby is coming – I need to be with my daughter!” tension from my hips. Prayers for my Julia, please.

  12. I want to know what kind it is.

  13. And where does one go to buy crickets or grasshoppers at noon?

  14. “ribbit! ribbit!” It’s a boy!!

  15. I almost posted about a toad named Annah today. Serendipity …almost.

  16. Are these crickets alive? Just barely alive? Gee, some frogs have it so easy….

  17. Vicki, I would be up at 3 am worrying about a toad.
    Seems that you are treating him right, if he is snatching up crickets. He feels comfortable enough to eat. But a girlfriend wouldn’t hurt, right?

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