Hmm, let me think…

Roxanne, that photographer/pathologist/cat woman extraordinaire, gave me this award:Thinkingbloggerpf81_2

I’m honored, but WHAT WAS SHE THINKING??? Anyway, it comes hand in hand with the opportunity to tag five other "Thinking Blogger" people and this, I do with great pleasure. Note that many of the great thinkers in my immediate circle have already been poked- that’s because, well, great minds think alike.

Remember learning about those Venn diagrams, where the overlapping circles demonstrate things in common in some areas and not in others? (I’m amazed that I do). The blogs I read are sort of like that. Some of my favorites have to do with my interests in nature, birds, the environment and so forth. I’ve included a couple of those. Some of my favorites are ‘people like me’ only they are wittier and write better. I could go on and on but I already have today so without further ado, here are my five tags:

Pure Florida (my Florida nature idol. Cooks, too!)

Laura’s Somewhere in NJ
(she is a gifted writer, a lover of nature and she has the mid-week bunny fix, which is a must!)

The divine if somewhat scattered Miz S at Vast Verandah. (That one is self-evident as to why it falls on my list. She’s probably already been listed twice while she was cavorting about Italy and I just missed it.)

Edgy Mama (Edgy, hot, feisty, a fine writer and a mama! Her post today is titled Petricide. You’ll laugh.)

GrrlScientist (the only thing I can say here is put on your thinking caps and hang on. For those of you who were inhaling snoozing during science, this is your chance for a Mulligan. Someday, I’ll get brave and post a comment over there.)

Wende at Evidently.Org. (I’m a sucker for a former theology student who doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up- and in the mean time she’s over-the-top smartly creative.)

And because I’m certain one of these blogs already got hit, probably Miz S, I’m selecting an alternate must read:

NewDharmaBums with Robin Andrea and Roger
(no matter how far they live
from the rest of us, no matter how close they live to the earth- they
are never far from their political fire. And next year is an election
year, ya know.)

Now the bad news: You all are supposed to put up your bragging rights button (just drag and drop) and go out and pick your fab five. Then link back to this post where the meme started. I can already predict who on my list won’t follow the rules. Aren’t you surprised I did?

8 responses to “Hmm, let me think…

  1. Great minds…….and all that. You would be on my list too, except I had to limit it to five (and I chose seven anyway)!!

  2. Arrrghhh, thank you …I guess, no, wait, I THINK. this thing is spreading faster than a chain letter at an Amway convention.

  3. Thanks for letting me know I’ve been so awarded. My blog reading has been lagging lately! Luckily, I might just have time to do some homework this week. Since I no longer have a fish to care for.

  4. The divine if somewhat scattered Miz S is honored. She will start working on this as soon as she can. But not tonight because the divine if somewhat needy Mizter S is expecting her full attention tonight.

  5. Maybe all of your five will answer your call to meme, and Roger and I will be spared this thinking thing. We spend too much time thinking, now we have to think about it too. I don’t think I can think that much.

  6. You have exceeded my expectations! Brava… my brother says it’s Brava!!! Not Bravo. And rose petals should accompany that as well. But mine are not yet blooming. Now I have several sites to check out…perhaps adding some new vigor to my life.

    The brother’s visit is going well. The cats are sufficiently curious about the strange sounds that come from the bathroom during shower time….all those voice exercise thingys.

    Scarlett is doing well. I have taken her dreaded collar off so she can eat in more comfort and I do believe she is starting to gain a little weight and is feeling better. Stitches out on Friday. New cat food perhaps then as well…. a brand new diet to cover both struvite stones and calcium oxalate stones. As it is expensive food and we have seven mouths to feed, there will be changes. These dudes and dudettes are going to have to learn to eat on schedule. Food will be put down and eating will commence…. this will last for 20 minutes and food will be taken up. No more nibbling. Let me see how many hands really believe this… right, I thought you might think that.

    Now I am going to go up and re-read the post above this as there was something about birth control and rabbits ovulating after matriculation…. no, that isn’t the word… and you really wouldn’t believe what went through my mind.

    A final word….ok, words….. get thee to a gynecologist girl!

  7. Wait, wait, wait… so if I don’t do it, then Robin Andrea and Roger have to? OMG… Ha! Um, sorry Robin Andrea but it’s all on you!

    Um, here I was all loving you and thinking you’re wonderful and thinking I’d name something after you. Ahem. I still think those things, but. . . yeah, it’s so not happening. Because, other than you and Miz S. and Babette, I don’t read anything but Vogue magazine. And only for the pictures. I gave up really thinking after Seminary. And I’m a wee bit bothered that I’ve forced you to think. OMG what was I thinking? See… I wasn’t! 😀

    This is my sheepish and long-winded way of saying, “Thanks! I’m honored, I think.” And just so you know, I still don’t what I want to be when I grow up, but I’m pretty sure “OBEDIENT” isn’t on the list!

  8. Thanks Vicki – I’ll think on it a bit.

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