Post game wrap up

My feet hurt.

Dipping Dots are quite odd. Does anyone know if they are soy based? I was trying to rationalize eating a lot of them on the assumption that they are and therefore healthy for a woman my age.

I won a Hooters foam beer cozy in a hula hoop contest outside of Hooters. I used to be extremely good at hula hoop but this time it got stuck going around and around up under my arms rather than my waist. And no, this doesn’t mean I’ve grown any more in the breast department yet. Next lifetime. Still, I kept it going long enough to win the beer can holder. Bet you didn’t know I had that in me, did you?

At the pre-game fancy hospitality reception they had many long tables of food and drink. I had 2 mashed potato martinis with jumbo sauteed shrimp on top, 3 very delicate and delicious spring rolls, some asparagus spears, a dark chocolate mocha mousse thing served in a shot glass and a vodka and tonic. And then, because they were there looking pretty, I took 4 "team martinis" back to the table too. Some Ohio red thing with white sugar edge, a white UCLA martini with a blue sugar edge, an orange drink and so forth. I took one sip of two and they were so nasty I gave up on those team drinks altogether.

We had great seats, near Tim Robbins, Patrick Ewing and right next to the CBS set with Greg Gumble and that shiny head handsome black guy. They powdered his head before every sequence. I got on the phone with my sister-in-law and read the dialog to her off the cue monitor before Gumble said it. Oh, and we were near Bill Russell and Tommy Amaker was there and Rich walked right up to him and shook his hand, said what a fan he was and that he knew he’d be great in his next coaching position and Tommy Amaker was very gracious and said he appreciated that very much.

They won’t let you take cameras in. It says that on the back of the tickets. Lots of people had cameras but they were small pocket size ones; I was afraid I’d have to leave my Canon checked somewhere. No thanks.

Let’s see. What else? Oh. Georgetown lost, which, if you care you know already. I thought that was too bad because I was cheering for them over Ohio, but frankly, they didn’t play a very inspired game. I’ve never been that big a fan of Ohio, coming from Ann Arbor and all and the fact that Ohio’s mascot is a giant buckeye head in tight pants added to my wish that Georgetown win; now I have to watch Buckeye Head dance around Monday night, too. And then of course, the Gators won and that’s great for two reasons:

1) We live part time in Florida now and so there’s that plus our favorite Florida neighbor lives and breathes the Gators so I’m very happy for him. I’ll give him my seat cushion and some other Gator stuff.

2) The UCLA dance team. Substitute poles for those little pom-poms they keep rubbing all over their bodies and you get the picture. Shameless hussies.

The Gator girls don’t look quite so lurid, mainly because they keep doing this weird arm flapping thing that is supposed to imitate an alligator snapping. It’s not very sexy but it gets the crowd going.

Even before Georgetown lost, ticket scalpers were hanging out near the bathrooms closest to that section, trying to buy up tickets for Monday’s game from disappointed fans. If we were asked once, we were asked a hundred times if we had tickets to sell. I couldn’t sell mine because we are sitting next to the nice NCAA people who gave them to us and they would notice if some John Doe showed up. My guess is most of these potential buyers are planning to turn around and sell them to someone else. I wouldn’t sell mine for any amount anyway- I’m enjoying this Final Four trip.

You might not know this, but I LOVE live college basketball. I could watch it all night. Even though my feet hurt I could have watched another whole game. Rich is busy figuring out what motivates fans; really, he just needs to catch up on the blog.

23 responses to “Post game wrap up

  1. OOF. . . there is a god, but she evidently went on vacation when you consider those results. . . Da!

    When I was a kid, I used to stay up late listening to college basketball on my little radio. I’d forget I wasn’t supposed to be up that late and go busting into the living room to re-enact the last 30 thrilling seconds of our win. Which, if you know anything about the Cal Bears in the 80’s you know winning often came down to those last moments.

    And, no comment about you being outside of HOOTERS. Pffft.

  2. Do your children know that you were hula-hooping outside of Hooters? My guess is that Abby would think it was funny and Dan would be appalled.

    Come wish me a bon voyage. I leave today at 6pm.

  3. You are a good sport, indeed, Vicki. There were owls at the tournament?

  4. I never did get the hang of the hula hoop. Maybe it came along a little bit after me.

    I looked for you at the game, but I didn’t find you. (Not really) But I’ll look for you tomorrow night since I know you have those VIP seats. I suppose Patrick Ewing won’t be there. Do you think I could have his seat?

    I’m glad you’re enjoying all this. You’re a lucky lady.

  5. Dipping Dots are God’s gift to hotflashing women, didn’t you know?!

    I hate to admit it, but I loathe basketball. I just can’t stand the squeaky noises the shoes make on the floor. (Yes I know that’s silly. I can’t help it. It just never ends… the squeak, squeak, squeaking! Aiiiieeeee!) If I thought I’d be seeing you on TV though, I might have watched with the sound turned down! 🙂 Maybe I can tape it.

    I don’t suppose I can hold out hope that you will someday be reporting from the F1 race at Indy (or the one in Canada)? Pssst, I hear they’ll let you take a camera! In the meantime I’ll be dreaming of your up close and personal shots of Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.

  6. Here’s one for Rich: Do fans of non-finalists start looking forward to baseball, or do they hang in just because it’s such a big game? Put me down for both ends of that.

    That’s lovely to know, Vickster. I thought for awhile that there was not a sports bone in your body. Which is all wrong, I see, if you can hula hoop for your supper.

  7. Sounds like fun!
    Way to go on the hula hoop hooters.

  8. What motivates people? Are you kidding? Mom and Dad can drink, you can take the kids, you can buy fun crap, you get to yell and stomp your feet, and you get to watch College Basketball. It is fun for the whole family with BEER. It’s better than Chuck E Cheese.

    Now, please be a dear and tell us about Tim Robbins, and I will tell YOU about my new kitten.

  9. Jen-actually the NCAA doesn’t sell beer at games-it’s completely alcohol free. They serve at the hospitality/invitation things for sponsors but not the games.

  10. I am glad to know that you love college B-ball! So do I, which is great since Mr. kenju played for GU. We were also sorry that they lost. We had to listen to the game on car radio, since we were on our way back to DC from West Orange, NJ (via Atlantic City). Tommy Amaker was a favorite of mine when he played here in NC. I was not a big fan of Ewing, but some of the others were big in my book – Bill Russell. You are lucky to be invited to the NCAA, esp. as a big shot wife….LOL

    If you can hula hoop that well, Hooters might try to hire you! We may not believe that you haven’t grown there….LOL

  11. It sounds like quite a festival to me–and a wonderful experience. I would love the hoopla and people watching!

  12. Sounds like a BLAST, Vicki! Rubbing elbows with famous sportscasters, sampling great food. Wow. I’m even more impressed that you can hula hoop! I haven’t been able to keep a hula hoop going for, ummmm, a “long time”. LOL!

  13. I AM impressed that you got Bill Russell’s autograph! I can certainly arrange for you to get mr. kenju’s…..LOL

    We didn’t see many celebrities at our event last week, except Louie Carnesecca (mr. kenju’s high school coach) and Jim Larranega, who is at present a coach somewhere – I can’t remember where. I also met Tom Westman, the NYC fireman who won Survivor a couple of years back. I’ll blog about that in a day or two.

  14. So you were hula hooping outside a Hooters for a beer cozy and you accuse the UCLA cheerleaders of being shameless hussies? I dunno ’bout that. (I can’t get my wife to go near a Hooters)

    Yeah, who cares about those Buckeyes. It’s opening day for the Tigers today. That’s the story.

    In a couple weeks, we’re going to head out to the Windy City for a weekend, I guess. Probably check out a museum there.

  15. Big Dave-Why not check out the zoo? hint,hint. Let me know if you want a tour.

  16. mmm- Dippin Dots! One of my must have favorite state fair foods. I’ll pretend their soy this year and have 2 cups 😉

    Have fun tonight!

  17. Nyssa’s high school basketball coach took the team to the Southeast Conference Womens Tournament one year. Mississippi State Women were there and one of the games was in the middle of the afternoon and there was no one in the stands to cheer and of course the cheerleaders go to the guys games not the girls. So Nyssa and her buds went down as close as they could to the bench and lined up along the railing and in their best cheerleader voices (yes, she was a JV cheerleader) they let loose with “Who let the dogs out? Whoot! Whoot! Whoot! Whoot!” She said the team stopped their warm up for a few minutes and applauded them. It was an exciting tournament. Mississippi State wasn’t expected to do much but ended up in the championship game against Tennessee. They lost but it was a good run. Yes, live basketball is much better than watching on TV.

  18. No, Dippin’ Dots are not soy. And they are good for you only if you warm them by the fire for 40 minutes. Otherwise they freeze your esophagus on the way down. This is true!!

  19. Hi Vicki !!!
    I was back in the hospital this weekend . I now have a staph infection in my neck.
    Guess I caught this at the hospital . I am taking 2,000 milligrams of keflex a day .
    Pls reassure me about the other. I am kind of freaking out . This has been the worst week.
    I love your blog . I should have told you that long ago.
    Btw, my real name is Betsy. Pls e-mail me back . Bee

  20. My kids love Dippin’ Dots. They’re the ice cream of the future you know. The Dots. Not my kids.

    How flippin’ cool for you! That sounds like an awesome game and just tons of fun! I would give…well, not an appendage, but something really cool to get to do that one of these days. I like LIVE sports about a thousand times better than sports on TV.

  21. Vicki, thanks for the visit. I didn’t really post about mr. kenju and the hall of fame, I just mentioned it. What did you want to know?

    His team was undefeated that year (1957-58) and they inducted the whole team.

  22. My in-laws are big college basketball fans, so I’ve learned to join in.

    You just gave me a reason to be happy that the gators won, in addition to the fact that my niece goes to school there.

  23. I don’t think Dippin Dots are soy. I remember having them at Dollywood years ago, when they were first available.

    Jenny just told me that the folks standing outside UT stadiums holding signs that say I NEED TICKETS are actually scalpers. Apparently it is illegal to scalp so instead of saying they have tickets they say they want tickets and are ignored by the legal system. What a racket! I’ll bet you could get top dollar scalping and hulahooping at the same time.

    UT Lady Vols are the only college basketball I follow and it is a party in town today!

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