Up to no good

(Nothing much today. I’m hard at work on a treatise disputing the neurological relationship between visual snow and tinnitus. Okay, I confess, I’m bracing myself for the mall. There are certain life events for which I don’t have appropriate clothing here in Florida, so this is going to take a whole day in which I will be screwing up my courage to brave the gates of Hell enter the world of shopping again. Plus I have to tie many multi-colored streamers to the basic black, non-descript, low-end mini SUV we drive down here so I can find it again in the parking lot. I will be dropping by to say hello- those who can’t blog, comment- and then later in the week it will be time for FINAL FOUR. Yes, it’s a "spouse sports perk." I will be coming to you live from Atlanta, where I’ll be more interested in a behind the scenes tour of the Georgia Aquarium than the commissioners pre-game dinners, but hey! Get your questions and photo requests ready- I’ll be happy to oblige. Ol’ Hoss- I was so looking forward to getting you something Ducky and wearing my sweatshirt. It’s what scientists call, "too bad.")


This whole pet food scare would have me worried except that Sophie and McCloud never get anything but high quality dry food. McCloud, not unlike his mistress, is always searching out some fine delicacy that is on a plate right around the corner; as a result we could both use to lose a few. (It’s sad, though, when your cat is so fat you each need to lose the same five pounds.)

Sophie is not driven by food. It is the fuel that allows her to explore, climb, groom, jump on top of tall appliances and bookshelves and generally go about her business. She does not ingratiate herself around mealtimes and, given the opportunity to get out and about as she has this winter in Florida, she maintains a trim and healthy figure.

Except for the lizards. Back in Michigan, she had a fondness for spotted salamanders at Wit’s End and it’s been my understanding that none of these small creatures taste good. In fact, they are supposed to taste noxious, as a means of defense. Sophie loves them. The worst thing is it turns her into a feline hunting machine and it’s appalling the way she can milk one small lizard for several hours of fun and entertainment. Stalk, pounce, carry around, poke, perform a tailectomy, wait, chase, hide, poke,poke,poke. You get the idea.Sop1_2

This morning she was at it again- I could see a lot of gray commotion in the middle of one of my newly planted bushes. I spoke sternly to her and this is her response. Sassy little thing, isn’t she?


After a while she brought the dead limp thing up onto my chair here on the porch, as though to say, "There. I’m done with it. You can have it." and she went to relax in the shade.Sop2

21 responses to “Up to no good

  1. Love her look . . . almost like a teenager! Ruby was exploring the hillside at my inlaws and found one of the many, many lizards there. It hid under a rosemary bush. She couldn’t get it but she kept trying. All she managed to do was come back smelling delicious but she had a good time. Doubt the lizard thought it was fun though but then these lizards are used to boys chasing them (my son and his two older cousins and their various friends).

  2. Sophie is beautiful. I love her aristocratic looking fur coat!

    I lost interest in the Final Four yesterday, with the demise of UNC at the hands of Georgetown. I have one very happy husband and 3 very unhappy children. The only good thing about it is that we were invited to a friend’s house to watch the game on their new HDTV, which is now burning a deep desire in my solar plexus to have one just like it. I usually avoid coveting stuff, but that TV was phenomenal!

    To answer your question: I got the magazines free by trading in some frequent flyer miles. Since you are using your miles often, I guess you won’t get to exchange them.

  3. You’re going to the Final Four? Well, of course. Go, Florida! That would be neat to have the champs in football and basketball to be from the same school.

    Are you going to be back so that we can have shrimp? I’m leaving on the 13th for Daytona Beach and Sweet Adelines contest. Then I’m driving north to Virginia for a couple of weeks. I’m going to meet Judy for lunch in Raleigh.

  4. I know it’s not a good thing to do, but I always take away the live toy that our cat is playing with. My philosophy is this: if our cat would eat the mouse or vole, then I would let him kill it. But he never eats them, so I don’t let him play with it until it’s dead. He has just as much fun with a string, but the downside is that I have to be pulling the string around the house for the right affect! Your Sophie is quite a beauty.

  5. Your Sophie is beautiful! I’m loving her “response” photo.

    As for your sly little comment to Hoss… that was JUST CRUEL. You do know that we’ve had weeks and weeks of nonstop rain? Right? And we needed something to hold onto. Heh. 😀

    I personally could care less because I don’t look good in Oregon colors. Ha! But I’m surrounded by scores of alums and fans in this town, and I know better than to shout GO BRUINS! A fear I obviously do not share with this blog.

    And you started it! 😀

  6. Are the Oregon colors green and gold? If so they are the same as William and Mary… but no one will ever see W&M in any final four… unless it is an academic tournament.

    Mr. Rhett is now purring contentedly on my lap. He has seen his precious Sophie. She looks none worse for the wear after her ordeal with Hannibal. Rhett thinks that should have made her more humane in her dealings with the lizards, but he hasn’t ever caught one so who knows what he would actually do with it.

    The pet food problem is apparently much worse than they report. What I couldn’t figure out was how they decided on the exact products to recall. Why the pouches and small cans but not large ones. And why some types of Hearty Cuts and Gravy by Ol Roy and not others… they all had gravy. Max has eaten a few bites of Ol Roy beef and gravy, and stew and gravy since forever. None of the serial numbers matched what was on the list, but I read one account of a dog who died after eating one that wasn’t on the list. So, for the time being and until they really know for sure what is going on.. I switched him to Pedigree.

    My brother flew back to Vienna from Tokyo yesterday and missed the earthquake, thankfully. He has a concert on April 1st and then he is coming to the states. I think he is going to Florida first to work with his teacher or NY… anyway, he will be here on the 10th or 11th.

    Who did make it to the final four? Where are they playing the women’s final four? I think the college women’s game is much more exciting!

  7. I am disappointed that no WA teams got very far(or even into) the tournament. After that, I just wanted it all to go away. I didn’t see a single lizard while in FL–what a disappointment! I like lizards, except those big toothy ones. (HA) I wouldn’t like to see Sophie in action, but all cats have those hunting genes. Ours enjoys defeathering birds and leaving nude dead bodies in our back yard. Nasty.

  8. Sort of reminds me of Robin Andrea’s bobcat pics.


    I’ve switched to Pedigree also and don’t intend to buy Iams again. Maybe I’m being foolish in that, and who’s to say a similar problem might not occur with other brands, but I won’t support a company that could let this happen.

  9. The pet food thing is so scary. I hope there are no more casualties.

    Sophie Cat is gorgeous and lethal.

    You poor thing. Off to the mall? It’s a sad, sad thing.

  10. Sympathies about the whole shopping thing. Is Sophie a Russian Blue? She looks like my Sprite, though Sprite’s age is finally starting to show, poor old dear.

    Have fun in Atlanta.

  11. Vicki,
    I am so sorry I have not yet begun to blog, I will though. Right now my mom is recovering from surgery and I take care of an autistic nephew age 14 . It is all I have time for.
    I promise I will be witty when the time comes. I love your blog !

  12. Bee-Quickly! Find a copy of the 1936 film ‘Tell Your Children’ (Reefer Madness) “This cautionary tale features a trio of dealers, who manage to entice the locals…the lives of all who are involved with this menace are inevitably shattered. One becomes so addicted that a judge orders him to be committed for life to a mental hospital!”

    Consider carefuly whether you want to listen to local dealers, Miz S, Vicki and Babette…Babette, esp. because she wants to be the boss of people.

    In the meantime, I delight in your comments over on that Vast Verandah and it sounds to me as though your time is filled with the right things. One of the Snarl’s good friends is a high functioning autistic young man who has done so remarkably well because he had the kind of care you give your nephew. I wish your family well- and you can come buzzing over here in my garden anytime. We need all the bees we can get.

  13. Oooh! She does look like she’s PMSing or something! My dogs only eat dry food too. Thankfully!

  14. Sophie’s story sweet. She was offering you a gift but had to play it to death first. LOL!

  15. I came over here and sent hugs before I read your comment to Bee…

    Babette, bossy?! You must be joking! Babette, addicted to blogging and trying to bring others over to the dark side?! Why, I’ve quit 5 or 6 times!

    I shall engender equanimity by holding a few yoga inversions (before I check a single b**g!)

  16. Did you find your car at the mall?

  17. Shopping?? AARRGGHH! I myself am missing a shopping gene.

    When the Bee starts blogging, I hope she’ll do enough for both of us. I guess I could call myself SWCRTB (She Who Comments Rather Than Blogs).

  18. Ha! Just saw Babette’s comment. I do hope everyone knows that my comment was written in the vernacular of Miz S’s pint-sized charges…

  19. Heidi~
    There would be less confusion, or perhaps more, if you would simply start your own blog. Just do as I say or I won’t share my Twinkies! ;~)

  20. You guys are funny.

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