The Food Chain- A not so scientific explanation

A. A is for Aphids who are infesting my milkweed plant.Aphidcat

B. B is for Beautiful Monarch caterpillar who needs milkweed as a host plant.Munch

C. C is for Chrysalis. I want to keep the milkweed for, among others, this ‘soon-to-be-a-Monarch’ Cocoon I have been Carefully guarding, day by day, hour by hour. Spraying the aphids with pesticides doesn’t seem like such a good plan.


D. D is for Disgusting! I go buy 1500 refrigerated Lady Bugs, who appear to be Dead until they warm up one Degree. Then they all come to life. Abby Discovers this when she pulls the package out from behind the beer and inquires, "What’s thi…DAAAAGGHH!"Coldbug

E. E is for an Environmentally sound plan. I liberate about a hundred Lady Bugs directly onto the milkweed plants.

F. F is for Frantic activity. Within two minutes about a hundred small lizards appear to eat the Lady Bugs.Lizbug

G. G is for GROSS! Within three minutes Sophie begins pouncing and chewing on said lizards.

H. H is for Hannibal, who decides to dive, shrieking Cak! Cak! Cak!, in an attempt to either drive Sophie from his perceived territory or possibly, carry her into his nest to feed his Hatchlings.

I. I is for Inside and Indoors. Where Sophie has been hiding under the bed all morning.Sophin


14 responses to “The Food Chain- A not so scientific explanation

  1. I never cease to be amazed at your creativity in your posts. Really clever. I hope the ladybugs can do their jobs before being completely devoured by the lizards. The photo of the cocoon is amazing.

  2. That was hilarious. I don’t know what my favorite part was: Abby’s discovery of the ladybugs (and reaction) or poor Sophie hiding from Hannibal.

  3. J is for just an amazing post. I’ve been wondering about your Monarch so thank you for the update! Love Hannibal wanting to give his babies a big gray kitty for breakfast. Poor Sophie! 🙂

    I’ve done the live ladybug thing too . . . they all flew away in about a day when I did it. Personally, I think your lizard hunters make a much better story! 🙂

  4. Survival of the fittest is alive and well in your little corner of FL! I wonder how you can block the lizards from getting the ladybugs?

  5. Ladybird, Ladybird
    Fly away home.
    Your house is a shambles, your children all gone.

    A lizard ate them.

    (Well, it doesn’t rhyme but still . . .)

  6. J is for Juice, which is what that beer is in your picture.

    Supremely fine post, Ms. Roosevelt.

  7. Some great adventures here, Vicki. They make for funny blog fodder. Were you able to have a laugh afterwards? P.S. Beer helps.

  8. If you are in need of wild action,
    Observe Vicki’s (food) chain reaction.

    Tough luck;
    Aphids suck.

  9. I was going to suggest ladybugs but you beat me to it. Now, what else do lizards eat.. or couldn’t Hannibal grab a couple or five or six lizards to feed his crew.

    Poor Sophie… Mr. Rhett is beside himself… he is hyperventilating. I think he might challenge that Hannibal to a duel. How dare he scare Mr. Rhett’s lovely Sophie!

    Well, I have something in a flowerbed that is coming up. I know it isn’t a weed but it seems to be more numerous than the three Easter lilies we planted last year and there were some other bulbs there but they didn’t come up at all last year. Now I count about seven plants… I guess we will just have to wait and see.

    Today I did spring cleaning on the sunroom.. that means cleaning and washing eight (yes, I hang my head in shame) litter boxes, washing carpet and bedding, replacing fiber fill in large sleep bed. Now, I feel I will never move again. Then I went to get a whole slew of prescriptions changed over for my mom and to the library to pay $5 fine for a late book because Nyssa forgot her password for the library site and couldn’t renew on line. (She will have to appear with her picture id at the library to change her password) What was it again that Abby left in the fridge last year… fruit flies? Or was that me.

    I think I’ll go take a nap.

  10. Shoot, I could have sent you a million ladybugs! For free!
    Hope your aphid-eaters work!

  11. Hmm…Well done! I’m anxiously awaiting J-Z. As for ladybugs–we seem to have some sort of infestation of them in our house. We can’t figure out the source, but every day we find another one which the boy then liberates outdoors.

    Aphids and milkweed go hand in hand. Evidently, this is also true of Lupine, as aphids attacked and decimated the Lupines I planted last year. I have yet to decide on a replacement for them.

  12. What about soapy water for the aphids? Does that not work down there in the jungle?

  13. How about Diatomaceous earth?

  14. A fine depiction of the food-chain in action. You definitely know your abc’s!

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