Can you hear me, Major Tom?

I could easily supply you with the Top Ten "The Dog Ate My Homework" excuses but you all know me anyway. There’s always an excuse. This one, after the ones about watching the manatee with Bud and my brother, cooking etoufee for the masses, frolicking at Ft. DeSoto and watching the cocoon evolve, is really a good one:

The power cord for my MacBook Pro is frayed at the connection end and in order to charge my computer I have to pinch the cord tight to the laptop with one hand and type with the other, all the while suffering minor shock. I tried bandaids but that was a temporary fix; now it requires my own personal electrolytes to keep running.  I’m waiting for the new power cord to arrive by DHL. In the meantime, I HAVE, in fact, been by to visit. For most of you, all I have to do is type in the first 2 letters of your blog name and the computer jumps to your site. Under the circumstances, that’s a good thing. (You thought I was kidding. This is what  Little Miss Sunshine looks like at 56. )Budandv




27 responses to “Can you hear me, Major Tom?

  1. I’ve missed you… but, I totally get your excuse. My power cord to my Mac presently has a piece of plastic straw taped around it with packing tape to keep it stable. I’ve had the problem you describe, tho–and what a pain!

    You and Bud look so sun blissed it’s darling. You in your hat and he in his silk shirt–priceless! It really looks warm where you are. 😀 As for that caterpillar, amazing!

    Now, I must go eat dinner because suddenly I’m ravenous!

  2. My gosh, can I come by for dinner? (next time I’m in Florida that is!) The night we arrived, it was about 7 our time, but 10 on the East coast. So, all the restaurants were closed! We ended up having almonds, packaged apples and some chips for dinner–from a Race Track place in a not very familiar(or comfortable) part of town. It was quite an adventure, like your computer woes. Very shocking indeed!

  3. I’m sorry about your cord, Vicki and I hope it comes soonest. You and Bud look wonderful; that sun agrees with you, I can tell. Has he gotten enamoured of the silk shirts, yet? The shrimp look scrumptious!

  4. Hope you’re enjoying yourselves – looks that way!

  5. You all look so good! The food does too.

  6. Little Miss Sunshine looks like she’s a ray of it… While you are loving life, we’ll wait for your fantastic posts.

  7. That looks yummy and you look like you are enjoying yourself. You have a electric personality.

  8. Yes we miss you but the houseguest alone is reason enough not to blog! Add in some etoufee and my goodness you are totally excused. But cap it off with watching a cocoon evolve and you have yourself one busy week! 🙂

    Thanks for the great pictures!

  9. What did Bud think of the movies you were going to watch together? Or have you been having too much fun to do that.

    I guess we will excuse you from being electrocuted….if you’re real nice and give us some of that yummy New Orleans looking stew there.

  10. By the way, you have my kitchen counter and my bathroom tile.

    Good taste.

  11. Look at that! It is the Ides of March! I wonder if all the senior medical students are getting their internship match reports about now… hmmm… those were NOT the days.

    Bud looks smashing in that silk shirt.. has he become fully enamored with them yet?

    And if I don’t get to bed I will have to raid the fridge for that left over turkey leg… oh, no… we ate that yesterday… sigh.

  12. Earth below us
    drifting, falling
    floating, weightless
    coming home.
    ~Peter Schilling

    It’s Einstein’s birthday and Pi Day. Only fitting that you look smart AND beautiful in your spectacles.


  13. Tell Bud to wear a hat. That’s too much sun for his Minnesota head.

  14. I like your shirt too Vicki. Bud looks dashing and you both look as if you could burst into happy song.

    Dinner…I want that.

  15. You and Bud look so good! That Florida sunshine definitely agrees with you.

    The power cord to my mac has black duct tape at the frayed edge. It seems to work pretty well. All of our mac power cords fray at the power end. Interesting design flaw. We’ve already had to buy a new one new power code too. Mmmm.

  16. Din-din looks yum!

    Did I tell you that we’ve started a Flickr group called “Ate in Asheville” where folks can post shots of all the yummy food they’ve made or eaten out? It’s really fun and you’d like it:

  17. Hey, I’ve got that shirt, … Bud’s not yours.
    Supper looks great!
    So does the larvae!

  18. You’re lookin’ good, babe. (That IS you, right, second picture down?)

  19. So, now I know who to look for the next time we eat at 4th Street Shrimp Store. I will scan the room for you. Make sure you wear the hat and glasses.

    Also wanted to add,as I saw your post about the brown “seed” things on FC’s blog. They are the “blooms” of the oak trees and a nasty, unpublicized fact about life in Florida in late February and all of March. When it is oak pollen season, we all suffer, some more than others. The yellow stuff you see all over your car and sidwalk, imagine how your lungs feel about it. For those of us who are severely allergic like me, it means missing some of the best season hiding inside the house. Here are some things my allergist says you can do to mimimize its effects: Keep your windows closed in your house and car and run the AC, change your AC filters, don’t go outside early in the AM or in the evenings because the damp air holds the pollen and makes it easier to breathe in, shower after being outdoors to get the pollen off your hair and skin, use a sinus wash and buy some over the counter allergy and cold medicine. And if you are like me, go around looking like a surgeon with your sterile mask, take allergy shots all year long in preparation for this wonderful season, take lots of prescription drugs and sit by your window longing for the outdoors! Stupidly, twenty years ago, we lined our long driveway with oak trees. I can’t bear to cut them down as they are now huge and beautiful. The joys of living in Florida. I would probably be allergic to something else if I lived in another state.

    Enjoy your visit with Bud and have fun. Then, use the sinus wash! :0)

  20. Love the hat! You should wear it to Grand Marais!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I love it when a woman wears a hat! Always elegant, unless it is of the baseball variety. Can’t wait to see the butterfly!
    Soon, I’m sure.

    The dinner looks fabulous, makes me feel guilty for the leftovers I served tonight. Oh well, tomorrow will be a fabulous family recipe for chicken paprikosh!

  22. You’re cocooning, oui?

  23. Did you get your cord yet? I’m eager to hear about your open house.

  24. About that cord, when is Apple going to fix that annoying little problem? Had to buy Kel that replacement already too. And I’m just waiting to develop that problem myself. Do you use the extension part? She found she was able to wait the weeks and weeks for her replacement cord when she used the extension on her original cord. It made it much more functional. Smooches babe. You look fab. Want to visit! Are there many Juniper spores in Florida?

  25. Stella Artois. Ah, the joys of Belgian lager. We enjoyed some Artois from the tap at Conor O’ Neil’s last week. See, bet you miss that, don’t you? No Irish pubs around Chicago, are there.

  26. I have a cat here that is eating himself into oblivion with frustration that a certain Sophie is more interested in what he calls “slimy reptiles with questionable manners” than she is in him. He can’t help it, he’s smitten.

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