Speaking of Advertising

Huh. Imagine that. Or this. There’s sort of an African theme emerging in my life and I have no idea why. I haven’t had a good walkabout in a couple years; the last one was, um, Costa Rica. Maybe it’s time to go exploring. Or, it could be that I am supposed to be just like Chance the Gardener and watch. (Name the book/film: "Getting there is half the fun; being there is all of it.")

Two questions:
-At what point is a young musician successful enough to get his own health insurance? (That’s a trick question because it has to do with not only the mindset of young adults but also the fact that artists and musicians can’t earn a living wage in this country and then there’s the whole health care/political thing…)
-Why haven’t you bought this CD? (That’s not a trick question.)


12 responses to “Speaking of Advertising

  1. So how much do they make off a CD on Amazon.com? Do you have a store at your house? I will buy one when I come back from breakfast.

  2. I had to google it and now I realize there’s a Peter Sellers movie i never watched. Netflix!!

  3. I loved that Peter Sellers movie.. my favorite of his. Sometimes I feel like Chance… walking around in a bit of a fog, disconnected from the world in general.

    I will save up my pennies and see if Nyssa might like this album for her birthday…

    Stephen was a member of an acting guild while he was in Phantom and they offered a health insurance group plan through them. Perhaps there is such a thing for musicians as well. When Stephen went to Europe he let that go and now wishes he hadn’t.

  4. I anxiously await the answer to the first question – I have a sinking feeling that its one I’ll be asking myself one day. (insert appropriate smiley grimace oh what the hey I love him no matter what the heck he does face here).

    As for the cd – I have no excuse but wonder if they can be purchased direct w/o amazon so the band get more $$$$ also.

  5. I don’t order online, so I will go to Borders tomorrow and look for it. I will probably love their music; it sounds right up my alley.

    I knew it was “Being There” with Peter Sellers before I read it here. And I don’t know about the health insurance. I know so many people who cannot afford it.

  6. I don’t know anyone who can’t afford insurance…but I know plenty of people who spend their money on other things instead of insurance…we all make choices…Blue Cross in Michigan for an individual is not very expensive.($180 a month)

  7. If you work for 12/hr at a temp agency x 30 hours/wk= 360/wk before taxes
    40-60 hours/week practicing, composing= 0
    3 shows/week at 50.00 each= 150/wk before taxes
    After paying for studio recording time, NO income from CD sales: most of America is pirating music.

    1800./mo take home pay.

    rent/utilities in NYC= 850.00
    food/groceries in NYC= 80/wk or 320/mo
    transportation in NYC= 25./wk or 100/mo
    cell phone= 70./mo
    train to Chicago or Detroit for recording 1x mo= 183/mo
    reeds, instrument repair/maintenance, mouth pieces= 60./mo
    internet service=30/mo
    clothing, books, renters insurance (must have because of instruments), misc = 40./week or 160/mo

    Heaven only knows where the other 27.00 month goes. (I’m being sarcastic here)
    This is the budget he sent us recently when he was asking for a loan to help make travel arrangements for an upcoming tour.
    He has no car or car insurance. He doesn’t dine out or drink unless the venue offers that free to the musicians.

    I think the only choice for him is whether he continues to be a musician or not. He has a degree from the Univ. of Michigan (in music) so in theory he could go back to school to complete his masters or for a teaching degree or he could substitute teach or look for a 9-5 job at a higher rate of pay doing something altogether different-but all of those would rule out his pursuing a career as a professional musician. So that’s his choice. Do we want all of the young artists and musicians in America to turn away from their choice and talent?

    Second problem: basic BCBS, even Young Adult Blue which is less than 180/month, doesn’t cover preventive health care or prescriptions.

  8. How wonderful that insurance isn’t a problem for you Lou. Please bear in mind that it ISN’T a choice for many; many people with families don’t have the funds to pay for insurance after covering the mortgage/rent and groceries. Please be gentle and not so quick to judge.

  9. I know very few people who can afford decent medical insurance without the help of an employer. Mine for four people is still almost $400 per month OUT OF POCKET EACH MONTH. (the district picks up $600 per month) I can afford it, but it’s not taking any food off my table or clothes off my back. I believe in pursuing dreams, and we have our whole life to work at a job, versus reaching for the stars, like your son is doing. That’s just my own 2 cents worth, Vicki.

  10. No one can afford health insurance. Not even large multi-million dollar corporations can afford it for their employees. That’s why health care sucks. YOU are a wealth of information, Vicki. Thanks for being you.

  11. Being There has one of the most poetic endings to a movie ever.

  12. Hmmmmmm….very tough. I went through that for 3 years when I lived in NYC before I got married and my mother worried herself silly. If your a struggling actor or musician, it seems to just be a part of the struggle you accept. You’re young and don’t believe anything can really happen to you anyway with your larger than life Leo ego and visions of grandeur…oh, wait – I think I’m just talking about me here.

    And for your last question? I’m off to click and buy right now.

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