Weekend plans

(This post was written a few days ago and post dated. I am in Chicago-brrrr-this weekend but the second part of the post I wrote yesterday, will, in fact, appear here tomorrow or Monday. Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!)

 In my ongoing effort to make myself indispensable to the seals and hissing cockroaches I scheduled a trip back to the Windy City for a zoo day this coming Monday. That’s a big deal, given the weather continuum and St. Petersburg versus Chicago. Who knew the Naked Moles celebrated Presidents Day, for pete’s sake? Actually they don’t and the zoo is open 365 days per year; they just won’t have Naked Mole educators on President’s Day, standing by to explain, "No, those aren’t the babies. Those are the grownups. No, they never grow fur. That’s why they’re called naked. Would you rather have fur or be naked? No,there are no babies right now."

A recent docent notes/vet report read, "All Naked Mole offspring presumed consumed" but that’s not for sharing with the public. However, between some of the ditzy questions people ask and the oddities of animal behavior, I can see where being an animal educator could bring out the wise ass in me. Sshhh. Anyway, Monday is a docent day off. But, rather than waste a ticket, I’m flying back and then I’ll fly back again to get in another zoo day and test out on the small mammal and reptile division of the zoo the first week in March, just before Bud comes here for his visit.

Illinois celebrates both Lincoln’s birthday AND President’s Day, right in a row. That seems a bit much to me; just more days without mail, not that they need a holiday for that in Chicago. It also begs the question, why just Presidents? I mean, Walmart and Needless MarkUp Days Jesus and turkey, yes, but presidents? And since we’re a global village, why aren’t we doing Canaan Sodindo Banana? (What kind of mother would name her son Canaan Banana? She obviously didn’t anticipate that he would become a president.) We could have furniture sales to celebrate Banana just as easily.

I think in February we should have a long weekend devoted to Elizabeth Zimmerman and another to George Frederic Handel. On one we could have knitting marathons and the other listen to great music. Anyway, I’ll fly back, check on the house, dine with my favorite neighbors, go to a play and on Monday, I’ll be the lone docent wandering the zoo. Maybe I’ll take that day to celebrate the birth of Copernicus with the Sichuan Takins.Takin_1
How will you be enjoying the long weekend?

"Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crises" (E. Zimmerman, 1910-1999)

15 responses to “Weekend plans

  1. Is that a Sichuan Takin? Thought to be the source of the magical “golden fleece” sought by Jason and the Argonauts? Looks like he/she loves the snow. But the zoo is closed?

    I vaguely remember having school holidays for both Lincoln’s birthday and Washington’s birthday here in Virginia. (12th and 22nd) Now the kids just get President’s day.

    Be careful, it is really cold there.

  2. I’m staying here in Florida where it is relatively warm. However, I haven’t stepped outside today. My weekend is pretty much always the same. A movie with friends on Saturday night, church on Sunday.

    I can hardly wait to come to Chicago, go to the zoo, and ask all sorts of questions. I’m working on my list right now.

  3. Actually, we have this long weekend with everything closed to honor my birth. (At least that’s what I told my 1st grade students one year…. and they believed me!) Ooops. **I did correct the story. 🙂 It’s cold here in Michigan, but there’s a wonderful light snow. Mom’s making homemade vegetable soup and this afternoon we’ll have CAKE. I think that’s a pretty good way to spend the weekend. Cheers to the Naked Moles!!

  4. We’re taking a “stranded marine mammal” training at the local Marine Sciences Center. That way, when seals or sea lions, whales or otters need assistance, we’ll be on the call list. Don’t know what we’ll learn to do exactly, but it should be interesting. Enjoy your Chicago weekend.

  5. There is almost too much to Handel here today. I was thinking of Haydn, but I must comment.

    Opera snobs
    attending Xerxe
    are oft surprised;
    It’s a comedy.
    The Emperor’s Largo’s
    A love song to a tree!

    I cannot deprive
    As much as I strive
    To withhold one fine fact
    Which makes music profs thrive:
    Bach, Scarlatti, and Handel
    Were all born in 1685!

    A docent of recent,
    taught on Moles.
    How indecent!

    Yes, you have no banana, Canaan.

    That goat-antelope is cute, but he’s probably takin.

    May you stay warm and knit without tears!

  6. Knit two, purl one
    Now I’m on a roll.
    I’m almost done
    With the work I’ve begun
    Coats, for these poor moles.

  7. There was an old man from Nantucket.

  8. Have you had Vito and Nicks pizza up there in Chicago?

  9. Knitting marthon sounds grand.

    Are we knitting coats for those poor Naked Moles?

  10. Mole rats eat their babies? I learned something new! I saw some once in the Pacific Science Center; they look like they might be cannibalistic. As for punctuation, and correct grammar and such–that is not what blogging is all about. Your friends love you for who you are. Personally, I am horrible with commas, and they stress me out!

  11. I’m sending that dude who assured me that roosters and hens don’t actually have to be *together* for an egg to fertilize to one of your tours. There is so much I did not know!

  12. I’m sending that dude who assured me that roosters and hens don’t actually have to be *together* for an egg to fertilize to one of your tours. There is so much I did not know!

  13. I’m loving Gail’s poetry! Delightful — particularly the coats for the moles — poor nekked things!

    As for me, I’m delighted that our school district celebrates both Lincoln’s birthday and President’s Day. I’m for as many silly holidays as possible! So, a National Day of Knitting sounds divine to me. Bring it on. In fact, I need to knit my poor dog a coat — she’s not nekked but she does think we keep the heat down too low in our house! 🙂

    But, I’m not, sadly, feeling poetic about it.

  14. Today in Chicago…. definitely a day for the hot tea at the Russian Tea Cafe… someday you will believe me and try it!

  15. Are you frozen in time? Stay warm.

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