Not Cats or Dogs…

The rest of you might have snow and ice but I’m afraid it was raining feathers here today. And the forecast is for feathers again tomorrow. And the next day and the day after that…Mrs. Hannibal has started her long sit. This year, with Hannibal’s efforts to rebuild after hurricane season the nest is high in the tree, directly over my freshly mulched garden bed. Yum.Rainfea

6 responses to “Not Cats or Dogs…

  1. Do you hear “patooie” sounds when they spit the feathers out?

  2. OK is this “lining the nest” feathers or “meals on the fly” feathers? You better watch for falling bits… that hard hat should be on order now!

  3. I hope Mrs. H’s nest isn’t by your outside eating area. That could put a crip on any festivities. Your pictures are awesome, I have to admit I am a bit green with jealousy.

  4. Just another form of fertilizer, no?

  5. Hmmmm. Are those Mourning Dove feathers. Waaahhhh.

  6. A nice dose of keratin for the soil.

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