Lest you think…

…I’m preoccupied with nothing more than raptor sex (see below for lurid details), there are other things that catch my interest. There’s bug sex, for example. Bugs
Actually, my very dear friend Linda is visiting and we’ve been going to yoga (that required a trip to Target to get another mat, and then a yoga bag for me and then some yoga props that were on sale and then some appropriate yoga clothing) and we’ve been porch knitting up a storm. Sophie has interfered with progress on my sweater so I’ve moved on to a very nice small evening bag out of Noro Daria Multi: I need something to carry wadded up kleenex and Tic Tacs in when I go to the opera back in Chicago. We’re contemplating starting a yarn shop here in St. Petersburg. There are only a couple of craft stores without much imagination around here and we’re thinking that this area close to downtown is growing in such a fashion that there are certainly a fair number of hip women of our ilk looking for quality fibers. Besides, even if we lose money, we’ll get a monumental wool stash.

Abby adores Linda, too- she’s called her "Best Mother" since Linda arranged a trip for her to NYC to see Cats when she was six years old. Abby had a fourth row seat on the aisle and that was a spot where the feline actors crouched before leaping onto the stage, so Abby got to reach out and touch the delicious costumes. One "cat" turned, growled and took a gentle swipe at Abby and that remains a great memory.

Abby has been visiting for dinners this week and one night she showed us her current favorite YouTube video: Flea Market Montgomery. Apparently Sammy Stevens has become such a cult hero that he was on the Ellen Degeneres show.
Tonight in the car, when Linda and I were again talking about the yarn business potential, Abby started with, "Sweaters! Afghans! Socks! We got it! Oh, yeah! It’s just like, it’s just like…"  I’d smack her if she wasn’t so cute.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your favorite love bugs!Sophiesweater

21 responses to “Lest you think…

  1. There must be something going around Vicki! You have pictures of bug sex, the Dharma Bums have pictures of eagle sex, and I posted pics of pseudo toad sex!

    A nice yarn shop is a brilliant idea! The chain stores need some competition. I just recently found a nice little yarn place that will special order fabrics and embroidery charts and special over-dyed threads for me. Those big places can’t be bothered with customer service.

  2. I can only imagine why you have sex on the brain. 😀

    As for your yarn idea. LOVE IT! I think it would be wonderful for you and think of all that yummy yarn for wholesale. 😀

  3. Ooh, yarn! I just bought some the other day at Walmart MY ONLY OPTION FOR YARN HERE and started crocheting a scarf. The idea of teaching myself to knit is too daunting. I picked up a book and flipped through it and panicked.

    Are you ever coming back to this neck of the woods, dearie? And when might that be?

  4. who knew coming here I would see bug porn! When I come to visit I’m going to have you teach me how to knit. I always give my mother the guilt trip that she never taught me. …and here she was making us blankies and sweaters. And all I could do was cross-stitch 😦

  5. Oh! And I’m loving that commercial. Thank Abby for the link. I’m now off to email all my friends about this. 😀

  6. Such gorgeous reds in these photos. Sophie reminds me of a less fluffy version of Miss Lyra in that photo — both the position and the penchant for napping on a sweater (finished or not).

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Rich.

  7. As long as Sophie is comfortable, that’s the important thing.

  8. Raptor nookie and bug nookie…and you say you haven’t seen your husband in how long??? Happy Valentines Day! 😉

  9. Spring is in the air and the birds, bees, and bugs know it. Yes, we’re watching everyone rev up for the celebration of eggs! Love the post below with Hannibal’s generous offerings.

    Yarn shop sounds like a grand idea. So does yoga.

  10. Can you knit me a maize ‘n blue crying towel? In case you haven’t heard, our Wolverines lost last night to our cross-state rivals. Boo! (And Boo Hoo).

    Hea, wanted to tell you that I mentioned you in my blog today, quoted you even. Forget about a yarn shop. I suggested a more useful role for you in cyberspace. Check it out.

  11. When you knit porches, is it the decking or the railing that you find most difficult?

  12. Beautiful animals, and it’s nice to have a visit from a close friend. You sound content with your yoga, your Abby, and that SUNNY weather.

  13. Florida Cracker made me laugh. That’s got to be a guy thing to ask that kind of question! Oh, brother…

  14. Those are really good looking bugs.
    Sometimes the best part of a new endeavor is shopping for the outfit. Sounds like fun to me!

  15. Vicki, I love bug porn. Laura in NJ hosted a toad porn photo last night. I have frog porn I’ll share soon. That guy in the video is a riot and it’s an excellent ad! You are always having fun and I admire that. Continue exploring your yard endeavors. I think you are sitting on a potential gold mine and you’ll have fun while building it. Sorry I’m late with posts – I’m trying to keep up. For some unknown reason I can’t post from my “at work” computer. Sucks.

  16. I could send you a picture to post… it is a bit perverted for my blog, although I have posted my share of beetle’s behaving badly… it would fit right in with the birds and bugs… think waterfowl… black muscovy forcing himself on white duck…. third duck, white, perhaps her brother or suitor intervenes and for a moment…. (gulp, a threesome going on)…..the entire episode reminded me of the statue in Florence….”The Rape of the Sabine Women”. It was a bit disturbing actually, all that biting and quacking and wing flapping… he almost drowned her. OK, new subject….

    I couldn’t believe your description of Abby going to Cats. There were either two or three rows right next to the steps up to the stage and then an curved aisle/walkway around the front and then the main part of the seating. If the fourth row was the first row of this second area of seating then Nyssa and Abby occupied the same chair and did the same thing… she too tried to pet the cat. Hers meowed but didn’t swat back.

    About the yarn shop… have you stopped to think WHY there are no wool yarn shops in the area? It is Florida… it is hot… if it freezes it is a big new story. Perhaps short sleeved cotton sweaters or cotton cardigan but heavy sweaters? If they are natives… they have probably never owned a heavy sweater or coat. When Nyssa visited her friends in upstate New York (covered with 12 feet of snow currently) she had to buy a heavy down jacket and that wasn’t until her freshman year in high school. Those who are snowbirds come south for the winter….and in the summer they don’t need the heavy sweaters up north. See, I’m just saying that perhaps you should make it a more general craft shop, expand the horizon, add scrapbooking and painting and cake decorating and other supplies. I’m just not sure Florida is meant for a shop dedicated totally to yarn.

    As I try to write this, Mr. Rhett is sitting here trying to play with the mouse… Yes, he is confused. He doesn’t seem to know what to do to the real mice but wants the computer mouse. He actually wants me to scroll back up so he can get a glimpse of his lady… Oh, dear… he’s drooling…. Rhett! That’s disgusting!

    Have a wonderful time with your dear friend… I hope you both have a wonderful day!

    I have been trying to post a comment ALL day! What is wrong with typepad?

  17. Thanks for the yoga love! We should try partner yoga!

  18. Are those the infamous Florida love-bugs that hurl themselves onto the grills of all moving vehicles in a mass frenzy?

  19. If I can get my camera to work well at night, this spring I could post a whole flock of frog p*rn photos. Every year, they congregate beside the pool and make nice far into the night.

  20. Sex or no sex seems to be a theme in the blogisphere.

  21. That’s a beautiful photo!!!

    Wait till spring comes. then you’ll see the lizards going at it left and right. Everywhere you look! I didnt’ have to teach the kids about the birds and bees when they were young… just sent them outside. 😉
    I had pics of iquana porn on my blog last fall. boy, they were really busy. lol

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