Birds of a Feather; back to the roost

Sshhh. Rich took the red-eye home, walked immediately to the shower to wash off "airplane ack" (smooth move, honey) and now I think I’ll take me a little early morning nap. Seeing as how, I’ve been up an hour and forty-five minutes already today. (Re yesterday’s #11 – my imagination is still good; life is better.)

Okay, here’s a wood stork (If that’s a fertility symbol, Bonnie, we’re all in trouble)Woodstork

A pileated woodpeckerPileated

An ospreyOsprey2

A mystery duck, just because, don’t you think these unretouched colors are so impossibly beautiful? (I know what this is. Do you?)Muscovy

Some vultures taking in the purifying nature of the sun.Vultures

And "that yellow head thingy" (a yellow crowned night heron) for Roxanne.Ync_heron

C’mon over and we’ll go birding together! (all photos taken 2/6/07 at Lettuce Lake Park)

13 responses to “Birds of a Feather; back to the roost

  1. Wonderful group of photos! Love the shot of the wood stork, and those vultures basking in the sunlight!

  2. You’ve got such great birds there, Vicki. We’ve got our winter crew, but starting to hear the songs of new arrivals everyday. In a month or so, the migration will be in full swing. I can’t wait. Your pics remind me of what I’ve been missing. The osprey return. Glad Rich is home.

  3. Wonderful photos. You and Roxanne make me want to take the plunge for a bigger camera. Glad Rich is back home with you.

  4. Love the “yellow headed thingy”, the herons move so gracefully. I haven’t seen one like this around here but then I haven’t been down to the marsh habitat or the reserve there.

    Glad your hubby got home and that “real life” is better than imagination…. just in time for Valentines.

    Sometime this weekend I may post another “bird” pic from my afternoon at Trashmore..

    As to the little mystery bird… how big is it… Trashmore had some small little grebes that were all black with white beaks… I’ll have to look at my pictures to see if there was any white on their wings. They are less than half the size of the muscovy.

  5. Last time I went shrimping a night heron stood on the dock all night right next to me snatching tidbits out of the net.

  6. That last guy is sooooooo chic; black and white is all the rage this season!

  7. Again, my jaw is hanging. I want to come to Florida!!!! Where the egrets and herons love the paparazzi! You definitely have the KNACK. Whoo hoo! Great job, Vicki. Keep them coming!

  8. This post is for the birds.

  9. Your dabbler might be a Florida duck. No, really.

    They’re a mallard subspecies that’s being bred out of existence by feral mallard mixing.

    Nice shots. I’ve seen the signs for that park, but never been there.

  10. Most amazing images. I think I can feel the way you see them. You wear your heart on your lens, V.


  11. Beautiful photos, Vicky! Must have been a nice afternoon out there at the park. I love it when I can get away from everything here and just go out and shoot.

  12. Great pictures. Any idea as to what the Opsprey is eating – looks like a rather large fish.

  13. I love that Wood Stork. I hope it is a fertility symbol! That might be fun. 😀

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