Thursday’s child has far to go


While I wasn’t here, here are thirteen little life things that happened to me:

1. I made a new friend and his name is Bud (Spence) and he owns Florida Native Orchids. He was so much like my stepfather/favorite Bud that I said, "Say! You remind me of my FAVORITE Bud, except he lives in the outermost corners of the Keweenaw Peninsula where he has 9 feet of standing snow and the temperatures are far below zero. And Bud Spence asked, "is that near Michigan, near that Harbor place?" and I said, "yes! It’s Copper Harbor on Lake Superior" and Bud Spence said, "Why, come with me! You might know my next door neighbor, Lucy, who is from Copper Harbor and she runs a gift shop there but lives here in the winter and I think she might be Swedish." And I said, "Ya, sure! Lucy from Copper Harbor, but nah, she is Finnish" and Bud Spence said, "Yes! That’s right! And those people from up there are good people!" So I will take Bud over to meet Bud and say hello to Lucy when he comes the beginning of March.

2. I think it might be nice to see my husband again someday.

3. Daniel called because he is having panic attacks in the NYC subway and what could I say, because I would too, and so I spent quite a bit of time worrying about my first born.

4. Abigail came over with papers to sign swearing we had a gazillion dollars on hold in the bank to fly her out of Botswana, "just in case" and I went ahead and signed them.

5. I went to see The Last King of Scotland and because I pay so little attention to what’s what at the movies I thought it was a movie about Scotland, by, say, Merchant-Ivory Productions and it was quite curious to me that it starred Forest Whitaker because I didn’t think there were any black kings in Scotland but what did I know? and then it turned out it was about Idi Amin and the horror of Uganda during his presidency of terror.

6. Before I was out of the theater I was trying to figure out how I could sneak into Abby’s dormitory and steal her passport plus those papers back. I spent quite a bit of time worried about my second born.

7. I got really really ticked off trying to find receipts and statements and 1099s for our taxes because I had the news running in the background and heard Congressional testimony that 8.8 BILLION dollars in CASH that the American government sent over to Iraq to pay the salaries of non-existent civil servants was missing. Gone. Disappeared.
    Every year, as I send stuff off and think, aarrggggg, if we ever get audited on that 200.00 worth of used furniture I gave to Purple Heart, I’ll just have to sit there in some IRS office looking ignorant and pleading stupid because I lost the receipt…This is why my mother decided to Hell with them.

8. I went to the Salvador Dali Museum and saw a picture that sent shivers up my spine. I didn’t think I would like the museum because I didn’t know much beyond ‘pop art Dali’ and when I got there they had magnificent and huge and dramatic paintings but the one that filled me with wonder was a simple monochromatic sanguine called "Christ in Perspective" which was a sketch for the painting, "Christ of St. John of the Cross."  (This is something about which Bonnie could probably write a very nice post. If she wanted to write a post, that is.) It is the Crucifixion from above and it is of Christ on the cross, except, in the sketch, there is no cross and there are no nails and there is no blood and there are no wounds and there is no crown of thorns. Just this most beautiful drawing of this most beautiful man as seen from Above. Amazing. Glorious. Simple.

9. My friend, Lee, came from Chicago and we went to beautiful deserted Fort DeSoto beach despite the chill and lack of sun and walked on the pure white sand and saw lots of little Piping Plovers running ridiculously fast and then we went to the pier and admired the pelicans and did many other tourist but fun type things. Then we got in our girl pajamas, grilled dinner and watched the Super Bowl. We cheered at the opening touchdown and then we decided it was just plain sad about da Bears. And we laughed really really hard at the Combos commercial that had the punch line, "What your mom would feed you if your mom were a man."

10. After I took Lee to the airport I went home to the Florida house with just me and the cats. Sophie started making her snorting/sneezing/horking noise again and I thought she might finally get up a monster hairball that I was certain she had from so much bathing from f-ing Florida flea allergies. Finally she sneezed really hard and then she had a piece of pine needle sticking half an inch out her nose.  When I pulled on it (cringe here), it was three inches long and it ends up she didn’t have a hairball problem, just a disgusting nose item problem. She was so relieved she purred for the first time in a week and started washing her face. Rich called and I was trying to tell him about this event except he was using his Crackberry and it was all static and raspy and we kept yelling, "What???"  Then I remembered I was cranky with him for being gone so long so I just said, "good bye, I’ll talk to you some day when you get home."

11. I again considered the possibility that, gee, it would be nice to live with my husband, maybe, except after eight days I start to forget what that’s like and it might be better or it might be worse than I imagine because now I can only imagine what that’s like. I have a short term memory issue.

12. I decided to tuck in and not worry about anyone else and I went on strike and  stopped answering the phone and blogging and instead I potted up my orchid plant starts from Bud Spence and went to yoga class at the Sunken Gardens in an attempt to regain energy, balance and serenity. That was going well, outside, under the bougainvillea and palms, until I was in Savasana, with my eyes closed and every single part of me relaxed and then a squirrel dropped three large nuts on me, all at once, so hard everyone heard them hit and I said, "OW! Shit!" and everyone giggled and it disrupted the end of class.

13. I drove all the way up 275 through Tampa, where there is so much traffic it reminds me a little bit of Chicago except it’s not -8 Fahrenheit and snowing, just so I could go to Lettuce Lake Preserve and get some real peace and quiet. And there I saw 37 different birds and 2 turtle species and 1 snake and 1 really large alligator in less than an hour. And I took 107 pictures, mostly blurry, but you can ask me for any one of the following (Thursday) thirteen birds and I will post a picture for you (for Friday’s Ark):

1. Double-crested cormorant
2. Anhinga
3. Wild Muscovy duck (I have 2 really splendid photos)
4. Snowy Egret (I also have a Great Egret picture but it’s one or the other, you     choose)
5. Yellow crowned night heron
6. White Ibis
7. Wood Stork (he’s ugly but cool)
8. Pileated Woodpecker
9. Osprey (tearing the guts out of a fish)
10.Yellow-rumped warbler (sort of blurry but very cute)
11.Palm warbler
13. A duck that has yet to be identified. I believe it stepped across the line and mated with something it shouldn’t. So I believe it is a mottled duck of some sort. Identification welcome.

Okay. That’s it for Thursday Thirteen. Aren’t you glad I never did this before and I’m never doing it again?

P.S. Yesterday Sophie and McCloud spent two hours stalking that tiny lizard and finally, after striking many warrior poses, they killed it dead and Sophie brought it up on the glass table top as a present. And it was there, belly up and it’s dead feet stiff in the air. And so I named him Eddie and left him there while I went about my gardening day. Several hours later, after I had walked past his rigor mortified body numerous times, I walked by and Eddie was right side up and walking calmly towards the edge of the table. I figured that kind of miracle deserved a hand so I helped him down. I think Sophie will stalk him again today and he will come back to life repeatedly, like in Ground Hog Day, the movie.

23 responses to “Thursday’s child has far to go

  1. If we can only vote for one, my vote’s for the Wood Stork. My second choice would be the Pileated Woodpecker.

    Tell Daniel that panic attacks on the NYC subway system are a sign that he’s still sane, and he should get out of the city while that’s still true.

  2. I’m always amazed by what you do with your time. You are so full of energy– accomplishing so much, even when you are trying to regain energy, balance, and serenity.

    I hope you put that lizard someplace way, way out of your yard as a reward for playing dead for so long. That’s a very good survival trick.

  3. I enjoyed reading this post so much. You really get into whatever community you happen to be in. That’s a great thing. You probably know more about St. Petersburg now than some of the people who have been there for many years. I’ve never been to Fort DeSoto or to the Dali museum. I, too, thought that I wouldn’t care for the art there.

    I love the pileated woodpeckers. They come around my house every now and then. There is a very tall Washington palm in the yard next door, and there often is one perched there. One day I came out, looked up, and there were four babies on the tree. My neighbor next door was outside, and so I called to her, and she went in and got her binoculars. It was quite a sight.

    You gotta love those lizards. My cat was chasing one once out by the pool, and the lizard bit her on her paw and wouldn’t let go. Color just sat there shaking her paw trying to get it to let go. A funny sight.

  4. I would like to see the yellow headed thing…. (I’m not in the mood to be more precise)

    As for the New York Panic….. don’t worry, tell him not to worry….. the subways are great… Nyssa navigated from Brooklyn to Grand Central and on to a train up to Poquipsee (not in the mood to spell either) by herself. The key to navigating NYC subways is found at:
    This is the MapQuest for NYC subways and buses. Plug in where you start, plug in where you are going, time of day and it gives you the best routes as well as alternates and includes the buses if you have to use them or not, you can choose. Print it off and voila. No mystery. Now that little schedule book you get from the subway? Unreadable. But this site is fantastic.

    Sophie: Mr. Rhett said “ewwwww” and hid under the bed after the nose thing…. but came back out to view her lush rounded body again… “Mr. Rhett is a pervert”, this according to Nyssa.

    Speaking of which… said child has killed another cell phone….tried to get it fixed which worked for about three hours…. now, dead… so I am off to Verizon to try and haggle a way to get three adult phones who use minimal minutes and one young adult phone on a family plan…. maybe one with those three phones if you buy one type thing. I have learned in four short days that it can be nice when her phone doesn’t work. Why? Because I don’t hear mine ring at midnight with her wanting me to proofread something. And she stays in her room more, so she won’t miss a call on her room phone. I actually get her to answer the phone more often in the room than on her cell… hmmmm…. no caller ID in the dorm?

  5. So much to take in here…

    1. Sisu!
    3. Prayers for young, vulnerable New Yorkers!
    8. That Dali is exquisite. Did you know that he claimed that the patron saint of surrealism was Hieronymus Bosch? (I would rather read your posts than create my own. Could this be blog envy, Dr. Vicki?)
    13. Stork, please. I enjoy fertility symbolism.

    Roxanne is not in the mood to be precise?! The world is coming to an end!!

    P.S. Even the cats are practicing yoga!

  6. Eddie? Hot patootie, bless my soul, Vicki. Maybe he’ll hop on his motorcycle and ride off into the sunset. Or maybe he’ll stay for dinner, heh.

    Counting down ’til July, dear Vicki.

  7. It was the part about the weather that made me jealous. Well, and Abby’s adventure, and that Dan lives in NYC and that you have the house to yourself for a bit. Hope to see you soon.

  8. Eddiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  9. Who the heck is Eddie – and what did I miss? I love your newsy posts, Vicki. Two Buds and a Lucy? It is just too coincidental for words! You post any photo you like and I am sure to like it too. I do love me some herons and egrets. When Rich comes home, it will be like a 2nd honeymoon, won’t it? So, look on the bright side…LOL
    The painting that had the most impact on me in my life is Dali’s Crucifixion, which I saw in NYC in 1960. It will take your breath away!
    EWWW – poor kitty with a pine needle up her nose. I guess lizards are good at playing possum….LOL

    The reason for all the “test” posts is that the only way I can get into my comments or dashboard is to sign in to my own blog first. Does that make any sense to you? Me neither.

  10. I have always loved that painting by Dali, one of his most beautiful ones I think. I have it as a prayer card given to me by a Carmelite of whom St. John of the Cross is their founding saint.

    I can hardly wait to meet you tomorrow. Florida here I come.

  11. Hi, Vicki,
    The fact is that I’m flying to Nashville on Sunday to be grammy for four days to Ella while her mother attends a conference. I get to play with Ella while she’s in meetings.

  12. Your worry about your children worries me–because you seem to be so ZEN. (I am just a worrywart, plain and simple) I don’t like this talk of chilly weather, and bad traffic around Tampa. Really I don’t.

  13. Really? It’s Thursday? I’m in trouble then.

    Holding good thoughts for Dan… and you.

  14. So much here. I love it all. You’ll have to play TT more often.

    We’ve got lots of lizards here. They are my friends now. I didn’t know they like to play dead. We could have some fun with that.

  15. What is balance? I want a greenhouse but I dare say I won’t be growing orchids up here.

  16. I think you did a fine 13! That’s funny about the squirrel and the yoga. Getting into nature can help you relax, but then these little nature things can get a burr under your saddle too. “Ahh, that was a great walk in the woods…Hey! What’s that little spot? Gaaah! It’s a tic! I’ve got lyme disease! AAAH!” See?

  17. Vicki, I was told as a young lady that life slows down later in life. NOT TRUE, as evidenced by your activity. It hasn’t slowed down here, either. Worrying about your children, I know all about that. But aren’t we lucky to have so much to inspire us and to write about?

  18. Clever lizard!

    What did you tell your eldest about coping with panic attacks? I never thought I’d have one, but then I had one two weeks ago. Very odd and unfun, but at least I have some idea of what it feels like before one happens. I can’t imagine ever not worrying about my son and hoping he doesn’t inherit our family’s neuroses (using the term incorrectly, I know), but of course he will come up with something, I’m sure of it. I hope your worries have subsided for now. 🙂

  19. A rigor mortified lizard. Thank gawd I wasn’t drinking anything when I read your P.S., otherwise liquid would have been squirting out my nose. Wonderful imagery in that final paragraph.

  20. I wondered how the cat lizard post turned out … for the lizard I mean.
    Thanks for the update.
    I enjoyed your 13!

  21. This post made me laugh and laugh and laugh. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  22. Vicki? Some day when you head to Florida, may I go too? And we will meet at Fort DeSoto at the Ranger’s Station and we will let them talk about my uncle and how wonderful he was and how he walked there every day and helped to fill their display cases with all of the incredible things he found on their wonderful beach? And we will stand at the flagpole and look at the bricks that are there for him?

    This was a wonderful post. Thank you. I am so glad you are writing. I love your writing. Smooches.


    I adore you.

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