Looking for Wi-Fly?

Remember when I spent the first year in this house sitting on a park bench pirating a neighbor’s wifi signal just so I could stay in touch with my blogging friends? Well, now, because we are here for a long stretch and Rich is working back there in his guy space, we are officially paying Bright House for high speed and we have a powerful router that sends the signal all over the place. So I can sit outside and blog away if I’m so inclined. Today I was sitting out in my wicker chair, with Touc overhead, and I heard Sophie make a very odd sound. It was like that funny chirping noise cats make sometimes when they get all excited about a bird at the feeder except that this time it came out all strangled and weird sounding.  I followed her line of sight and there, looking for all the world as though he was searching for a signal, was this guy standing on my park bench. MY park bench. By the time I got back with the camera he was doing that slow motion, start and stop waltz that egrets do- right through the front yard and across the street. He didn’t even stop to look both waysEgret. (He and Touc are heading over to Friday’s Ark.)

10 responses to “Looking for Wi-Fly?

  1. That’s amazing. Your views are terribly interesting. 😀

    So, I expect you to be posting thrifting finds soon… especially if you’re going to mock my poor widowed earrings. And Frank Lloyd Wright tables given to you don’t count!

  2. He’s beautiful!
    How often do they waltz… they don’t walk…. it’s elegant, a waltz. Yes, a waltz.

  3. I remember my first visit to Clearwater Beach, I was so in awe of all the egrets and pelicans that seemed as plentiful as sparrows. I can never get enough of egrets or other large birds for that matter. I am the kind who oohs and ahhs over spied hawks as my husband drives obliviously down the highway. Also regarding your Touc, I would have purchased that in a heartbeat.
    By the way, how is the weather down there right now? We are due for a couple of inches of snow tonight…not bad.

  4. He’s beautiful. I watched cardinals flitting all around my deck this morning at breakfast, but I wouldn’t mind an egret or a heron…..LOL

  5. I adore egrets. I love seeing them in the neighborhoods.

  6. Egrets, I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention…only one Snowy, actually.

  7. MOAN! Bonnie! How do you come up with these? There must be a game about these puns out there, if not, you should invent one….

    Yes, Yes…. Vicki, I took the snow and holly and icicle spider web and the mockingbird with the new camera… Canon Rebel (they should pay me each time I mention the name) and the new lens…..EF 70 – 300mm, IS. It is just so cool, I still get the gigglies inside!

  8. Mmmmmm. I love Egret’s. I always know it will be a good day when I see one. So, thanks for my good day. I would totally have been making silly cat noises if I saw an Egret in my yard, I’ll tell ya!

  9. It’s fun to watch you discover Florida.

  10. I know what cat noise you are talking about. I would be blown away to see an Egret at my house. Those big birds…love’em but don’t see much of ’em.

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