The view from here

I’ve only been at this blog thing for two years so I haven’t figured out how to get text and pictures properly syncronized. (I really don’t like typepad.) That means you sort of have to hunt through the pictures and figure out which is what and I apologize for that.Porch3_1

You can see that only part of the front yard is planted. Remember, I’ve sworn off grass forever; surprisingly, I’m not missing it, but then I never did have a high tolerance for the stuff. I’m still looking for some Coontie but I guess it’s early for the nurseries to carry them. I also plan to put in some cool succulent ground cover in keeping with my attempts to mostly xeriscape the place; I have dozens of little starts taking root in left over cinder blocks filled with jiffy mix in the back yard. The neighbor gave them to me and I broke them into pieces- they already have tiny roots on themHall2.

The room that has the Frank LLoyd Wright table was formerly a small back bedroom and the house stopped there. The new addition has made the hallway wider and longer. When I find something that suits our taste we’ll hang it in the big spot on the wall. Actually, I’m waiting for it to find me, so it could be bare for a while. So, off the right is the kitchen and then that nice little library room, on the left is a nice guest bedroom and there’s another bath back there at the end of the hall and also a laundry room, and then our room.Greenbird


This smaller piece of art, done by a British artist, found me last year and I knew I wanted it for the hallway.
You’ve already seen the new bedroom at the end of the hallway; that has a large bath with green sea glass in the shower, a walk-in closet and a screen porch, aka, the kitty litter room. The front of the house remains unchanged from it’s 1920s bungalow layout with a small sunny parlor on the far left, a living room with fireplace and a dining room, that now has doors out onto the porch.

The little paved area with the fountain is an area  where I have planted flowering shrubs that are fairly drought resistent and attract hummingbirds and butterflies. The orange milkweed is tucked in there at the base of the feeder post (I need to rig a better feeder; this is temporary) and it’s there for the Monarchs to eat and build cocoons. In the next few days I hope to get the little bubbling fountain working; I laid the conduit with cord in a trench before the pavers came and put in the walkway and I even got it under the front sidewalk but I’m not certain how to splice the plug back on the electrical cord so I need go to Home Depot. You know- I can do it and they can help. Then there’s another view of the porch; you can see my wicker work station tucked back into the corner there.Porch

In the back we recycled the decking material that was there prior to construction and extended the deck over to the stairway to Rich’s office. Now he has a nice enough view- I took the view from above pictures from his office landing- but in a couple years, with luck, the tree fern and palms will grow, the honeysuckle will find it’s way up some lattice against the back of the house and the flowering shrubs (also for birds and butterflies) will take hold and be fuller and taller. Along the side of the deck I’ve started a fern garden with 5 or 6 different kinds; that one area has inground irrigation that uses reclaimed water. In time, I’m hoping that everything will grow big and lush and we’ll be sort of tucked into our own little tropical forest with birds and butterflies. That’s probably too much to hope for; prayer might be in order. And now that I’ve spent these last six months focused on me and us, I need to get back to some kind of work with other folks. Today, I’m planning out my schedule for summer zoo camp where I’ll be teaching inner city children the differences between a rat and a meercat.


17 responses to “The view from here

  1. And you’re having us all over when? It’s really, really lovely! You’ve done such a nice job.

  2. You are just too cool. Your house is great, and yes, I can tell everyone that I’ve seen it in person. You’ve already done all the things that I’ve never done in 30 years of living in one place.

  3. I have to say, I’m a bit jealous of your yard. It’s absolutely beautiful. I wish our yard was that far along.

    Have you thought about a Peace Pole for your garden? (If you don’t know what it is, just google: the one place that makes them has a corner on the market so it’s easy to find.)

  4. Vicki! Your place makes me looooonnnnggg for a vacation, complete with sun and sea breezes.

    don’t you just love going to nurseries?! I like them better than bookstores.

  5. Nice yard and the house is beautiful.
    You know, volunteering at the Lowry Park Zoo might save you a few airplane rides 🙂

  6. A beautiful home, books, exotic plants and art and to top it off…. you are warm…. you are really warm. It is cold. They say snow is on its way. I will believe it when I see it.

    Now I must go blow some moth balls under the utility shed…. don’t ask.

  7. It’s great. I’ll be by later this spring with Interstellarlass.

  8. I’m super jealous of your house and yard. It’s lovely and more . . . it’s thoughtful, if that makes any sense at all. Thanks for the update and info!

  9. You make me ashamed of what I laughingly call a yard. We have lived here for 27 years and I haven’t done that much work over the whole time! It is beautiful, Vicki, and you should be very proud of yourself.

  10. IS there a difference?

    Great, simply stupendous, porch, Lambie Pie.

    And by the way, if you want to attract hawks, you should hang up a ham here and there.

  11. It’s so lush and pretty there. Very warm and full of light. I am knocked out by how you manifest your vision. I don’t mean that in the new-age cosmic sense (although that works), but in the nuts and bolts sense. You really bring to fruition what you imagine. Lovely.

  12. Vicki, I computer at work won’t let me post! Drats! Your bungalow is wonderful. I looked at your albums dated prior – did you add a roof over the front? I could live in a house like that. I especially admire the foliage around the house. What a paradise!

  13. What an amazing house.

    Rachel wants to do zoo camp. Can you come out here and do it?

  14. Your new HOME is gorgeous; I love the ambiance. All your plans for it make me hope to be so ambitious in retirement. Of course, I would like to be able to retire one day. (a pipe dream?)

  15. Like the proverbial bug,
    Who gets all snug,
    I’m awfully fond
    Of your Noah’s Ark rug.

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