Guy space

Here in our neighborhood in the Old Northeast part of St. Petersburg, the lots are all backed by alleys that people use to access their garages. The Chicago house has the same arrangement except there isn’t bougainvillea and jacaranda blooming away back there. Some of the garages here have second floors that have rooms. Ours does and Rich uses that space for his office. His company set him up with a video situation so he spends large chunks of time having long distance video conferences, usually with Sophie sitting in.

Because Rich works in sports he has a lot of memorabilia related to events and conferences and bowl games and car races and what have you. The advantage of him having his own separate space here is that he can spread it out however he wants without grief from me. One woman’s clutter is a husband’s prize collection. I would be getting that space organized; he’s enjoying taking his time putting his stuff where he wants it. He likes having all those seat cushions from SuperBowl games lined up there, but like travel, now he passes whenever he can and he prefers to stay home and watch it on television.

He has a bathroom up there and a small bed for "thinking naps" and a lounge chair and a microwave. I know he’s planning to get a television sometime and stick it in that corner; for now, he runs three computers at a time, all gathering sports and leisure data. He’s got that weird and colorful table right out of the what-70s? Anybody seen anything like that before? I can’t figure out the geometric design part as it is perfectly smooth and seamless and feels as though it has many coats of acrylic on it. I don’t know if it’s a collage or a jumbo photograph of a collage or what. What do you think?

Rich is one of those people who can actually work and be productive in a home office. McCloud and Sophie both like to spend part of each day up there with him. Often they sit on the rail and take in the view.Table

10 responses to “Guy space

  1. Extreme guyspace envy here. I have no where to call my own here.
    Lucky dog.
    You’re telling me that fat cat makes it up the stairs?

  2. Oh, IZ would be so thrilled. His home office (he also works from home) is off our kitchen. A bit noisy for everyone at times.

  3. It really does look like an ultimate guy space. Sometimes I watch that HGTV show House Hunters and the couples on there are always looking for the “guy” space. Hmmmm. A small dorm refrigerator… that is what the space needs… must have one to go along with that little microwave. What! Rhett, get down, don’t grab that keyboard!!!

    fpdduv……Is Sophie there a lot for the view or perhaps she knows someone is on the other end of those video conferences and she wants to show off her beautiful face and fur. Perhaps there is a cat on the other end and she is showing off for him!!!llkjlfsjl; (wrestling the keyboard away from a distraught Rhett)

    There! Jealousy does NOT become you Rhett! I tried to tell him it was just Sophie trying to learn a business so she could help support herself.. I don’t know if it got through or not. He seems to be sulking in the corner now.

    Anyway, this is a great guy room and double joy for you, no sports clutter in the house… the best of both worlds!

  4. Whee, a guy who watches television for a living!

  5. Do you have tickets for the Super Bowl?

  6. I want a jacaranda tree!

  7. E-spouse works well from his home office as well. And Rocky likes to lie just outside his office door, so E trips over him everytime he gets up to go to the bathroom!

    Love the table!

  8. That guy space looks terrific. My guy’s guy space is a very cluttered, messy garage.

  9. I bet Sophie and McCloud really enjoy the fact they are getting to wander a bit. And tell Rich I do say hi and I’m jealous of his spacious guy space office 🙂

  10. I know. I know. Thou Shalt not covet thy neighbor’s guy space!

    But I do!

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