In Good Company

My son is not eager for me to write about him here and sometimes that’s frustrating for me because, well, you know, a mother is proud of her child’s accomplishments. Daniel is working in NYC as a musician and trying to figure out how that might fit with a life that also includes family and home. He is a saxophonist with the afro-jazz group NOMO and while I was talking with some friends about Dan this afternoon, I came across this: NPR Memorable Music: Great Performances of 2006.

My brother had left a message that he was hearing Dan on NPR but here I see that he is in good company. I mean Paul McCartney, Ani Difranco, Paul Simon? I called Dan and said something to that effect but he dismissed it with, "Well, mom, it’s filler music for NPR." (It’s actually not. Scroll down to see that their live performance at KEXP in Seattle was one of those "Great Performances.") I’m impressed. And proud.

13 responses to “In Good Company

  1. As well you should be! Have they made any CD’s that are sold nationally? I would love to hear them, Vicki. Jazz is my favorite and I love African rhythms.

  2. As well you should be. Talk about a mighty fine gift. Your son has creative talent that the rest of us yearn for.

  3. Oh! That’s great! We aren’t there yet, but it’s nice to see baby chicks fly off and become strong birds in their own right. It really does help to remember that right about NOW. 😀

  4. Mothers of sons have this condition….. it is normal, expected and should not be stifled! You will let us know about that awards outcome for his group?

  5. You have every right to blow his horn! Why do our kids play down their accomplishments when we pose like peacocks?

  6. That is great! My son had a moment of fleeting fame on NPR too, back before the last presidential election. Sons are the best, aren’t they.

  7. That is VERY cool! A mom should be able to brag! That’s one of the perks of Mom-hood!

  8. Just go on with that pride, girl. He will have to get over it.

  9. Of all the music that reached farthest into heaven, it is the beating of a loving heart.~Henry Ward Beecher


  10. That is a gorgeous gift; your place is turning out beautifully. And you have every right to be proud of your musician. One of my former student’s brother(and a fellow grad from my high school) is in the band Death Cab for Cutie. He is no relation, but I am still proud that I sort of know him.

  11. That’s awesome! You should be proud! Very cool!

  12. Sounds like a big deal to me. Toot his horn all you want. You should be proud of an achievement like that.

  13. woah! Now I can say I’ve seen a jazz musician in concert live that is featured on NPR. As a musician I understand how huge this is, so tell Dan congrats!!! that is way cool.

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