A mighty fine gift

I told you how my building contractor here in Florida gave me a table that he thought "fit my style" but was in need of some restoration. I told how I found the signature of Frank Lloyd Wright on the bottom, lined up someone with expertise to restore it (rather than "refinish" it) and then, you remember we had those pictures of possible upholstery fabrics for you to choose from…

Here is the finished product. This is a table designed by Wright in 1953, in his Taliesin series, named for his personal residence in Wisconsin. The table has a copper molding with a Greek key detail; that has been removed, cleaned, replaced. The dentil molding on the chairs and table legs has been cleaned so that it stands out more distinctly and the chairs original Shepherd’s casters have been polished and reseated. Several broken chair rungs were repaired and all of them were reglued. The extension hardware underneath the table was removed, cleaned and replaced. The wood is Honduran Mahogany. There are two leafs, also with copper molding, that extend the table to 72 inches.

I’m very happy with how the table turned out and I feel as though the cost of restoration was well worth it. We’re going to use it as a library table for now. (I know, there are no books in the library. All my reading from the past month is stacked up on my bedside and the last thing we were going to move down here to a winter house was more books. But we do have books.) There is a piece of protective glass if we decide to use it as a dining table at some point.

I called David, who gave me the table, and although I feared he might have misgivings about parting with this great find, he’s genuinely pleased that the table has found a new home and been restored to it’s original condition.Lib1Lib4

13 responses to “A mighty fine gift

  1. If loving you is wrong, I don’t wanna be Wright.

    Perhaps you need a few of my people to come over and stir up some dust. Neither bare wood nor glass would be safe, if they decided to play chess at your stunning table, what with flaring tempers and chess clocks and all.

    Everything is just lovely!

  2. That table looks so perfect in that room. Nice choice of fabric too. It looks wonderful with the table and room color. I think I have that very same rug!!! Well actually not that rug but one just like it. Cheers!

  3. Oh, Vicki, that is fabulous, just fabulous! I am such a fan of Wright that if I were there, I might have to bow down in front of it. Wow. You are a lucky woman! Now, call your insurance agent, get it appraised and insure it for the BUNDLE it is sure to be worth!

  4. Wow… a lovely find and a beautiful job. Now I have to go IM IZ so he can take a peek. He’s such a big fan of Wright! 😀

  5. Vicki – this is wonderful. I love the simplicity and comfort your taste shows. Would you be able to fly to Charlotte and help me with some decorating ideas?????? I need help!!! I have visions that don’t always end the way I want. Great work.

  6. What a nice, warm room!
    And finding a Wright table! Rockin’!

    I don’t have much to compare to that…but my aunt gave me a figurine for a wedding present, I turned it over, and it was a Goebel HUMMEL.

    But I would have fainted dead away if I was presented with a table like that.

  7. Here I am fighting with a gopher mouse over dog biscuits and you are sitting there with a Wright table that will someday be even more priceless than it is now. Can something be more priceless? Do you know how many semesters of college that would pay for? Antique Road Show coming to Florida?

    It is lovely, and the geometric pattern on the fabric is great! This is a library? Where are the shelves?

    My fingers are about to fall off and I have to get up in exactly four hours, oops three hours and 30 minutes so I better go to bed. If the other stupid gopher mouse will get out of the bush by my window.

  8. Oh, I’m so glad to see the fabric on the chairs. The table is gorgeous and fits so perfectly in your room. A lovely library table, indeed.

  9. Lady – I LOVE your blog. I just started in the world of blogging ( a big place, I’m finding out) so naturally, I’m looking around seeing what I can find and stumble upon you last night. I found no one else because I spent the rest of the night reading your blog. (In a way that’s kind of odd and cool at the same time, don’t you agree?) Well, I’m a 23 year old chick from Ohio, just into the blog thing right now and your will be on my list of daily reads. You are very very funny. I’m wondering… do your children read your blog? Do they know how funny their mom is? Anyhow, thanks for the entertainment and for the laughs. (The Bud and Jan Show is hilarious and I might have to lift that title idea from you a little and apply it elsewhere.) Stop by if you want – thanks again : http://www.thelfactor.typepad.com – Liz

  10. Vicki, the table and chairs look grand! You know I like the fabric, and the scale of the pattern (one bit about which I was unsure) is perfect.

  11. Wow! I am speechless. Beautifully restored, great display.

  12. Your restorer did a fabulous job on the table and chairs. What a lovely, peaceful setting you have created for yourself and Rich.

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