Homemaking 201

FC noted in a comment that I spend a lot of time flying on airplanes. This is true. Until 10 years ago, I rarely flew anywhere, but since then I’ve accumulated many miles. The Snarl was the one who actually got us airborne on a regular basis. Once I told her she had reached the age where she no longer got depreciating goods as Christmas gifts she started padding her wish list with travel ideas. Our first bit of adventure travel had the two of us kayaking the Inside Passage of Alaska and that was so successful we did a trip each year. She (and I)  sacrificed throughout the year on clothing and ‘stuff’ in stores and then we would find some off the beaten path place to travel to each winter. We went to Nevis and Belize and Roatan and Isla Mujeres and Abaco. Now, of course, she doesn’t need me to dive blue holes or go watch elephants. She works long hours as a concierge and a second job as a barista while going to school so she can do these things on her own. Sigh. (She did ask me if I want to take an inexpensive camp weekend down in the Keys in the next month or so and I’ll jump on that opportunity.) My guess is a rendezvous during her Africa stay won’t work because she is going to be mostly out in camps doing field work with a dozen students, professors and guides.

My good luck, I hooked up with traveling man. He’s had to do it so much he detests travel, and oddly enough, I’m starting to grow weary of airports. My ankles haven’t the patience for really long flights and even with his business related upgrades that make traveling more palatable, it’s still annoying and claustrophobic and germy. For the near future I’m limiting my travel to the trips I need to make up to the zoo to complete my internship there, because I think the docent position is going to make a big difference in the quality of my life in Chicago. Far and away, the worst part of flying is the fuel issue. No way am I taking up a smaller footprint, flying as much as I do. That bothers me.

And yet. Winter sun is no longer a luxury. It’s the fix for seasonal affective stuff that has only gotten worse with age. While not particularly prone to depression, I’m an emotional sort and the long gray weeks of Midwest winters were taking their toll, relieved only by those island getaways. But I’ve also become more of a homebody of late; maybe it’s all the changes and transitions of the past year that have me clinging to my own spaces, here and in Chicago. I feel really fortunate that we now have this St. Petersburg bungalow that we also call home.

This past week I spent more time working on the garden here in Florida and today the restored Frank Lloyd Wright table and chairs will be delivered. l’ll post a picture as soon as they arrive. I’m also going to post some pictures of the porch, garden and my little plant start nursery (a feeble attempt to save on landscape-size plants. I’ll be ninety before these amount to much…yesterday, I saw a five foot diameter hanging staghorn fern I wanted so much my fingers itched, but I settled for a little broken off starter the nursery guy gave me when I bought some rooting hormone instead.)

So, these next couple of days- more pictures, fewer words. Here’s a start: my chair on the porch. It has a pretty nice view to the world. (you can see two slats of hurricane shutter on the French doors to the study that aren’t typically there. We’re still waiting final inspection from the building department.)Mychair


9 responses to “Homemaking 201

  1. I love to fly, but my body cannot take a lot of it anymore either. I need 3-4 days just to rest up from jet lag.

    Your chair on the porch: can I make a reservation to use that? It looks like a very restful place to read.

  2. With your green thumb and living in Fla all of your plants will be giant sized in 2 years!

  3. Oh, be daring. Go to Africa. Surely she will be able to spend some time with Mom after she’s settled into a routine.

    Love that porch. Our sunroom is where we sit and gaze – no TV, just enjoying the view and reading. More pictures, please.

  4. Such a warm and inviting porch, except for that stuffed toucan. Have you ever considered seeing a shrink for your taxidermic tendencies?

    Fuel and footprints remind me of french fries. Our old Mercedes Benzes run on biodiesel, thank the lard.

    What fun to think of Abby’s continued travels to exotic places!

  5. I get bloated and crampy flying on planes. The flight to Florida is so long that it scares me a lot! But I do enjoy the sun, and seeing new places. It’s just the travel itself that bothers me. I love your decorating style! Our older girl wants to travel to scary places too; she has offically declared as a geography major.

  6. My brother has gotten to the place he detests flying and since he has to sing, he has started wearing one of those surgical masks on the planes. He can’t afford to get sick. He says when he wakes up in the morning he first has to take a couple of minutes to remember where he is and then a few minutes more to remember who he is.

    Does that Toucan poop? I went to our Mt. Trashmore yesterday as the temperatures were plummeting and gave my new camera and lens a workout… some 230 pictures. And I saw a sight that reminded me of your post “Birds do it, bees do it”. Well, a black muscovy duck with red markings that looked like the Darth Maul Sith in the Star Wars flicks, was chasing down a white female duck and “doing it”. She was none to pleased and neither was another white duck who tried to stop it and got caught up in a threesome. I don’t think this will be an appropriate post for my G rated blog that my mother reads. She gives the address to all the little old people in the Sunday School class and they are feeble enough without having to see ducks doing the wild thing. I thought they only bred with their own specific species, but apparently this is not the case. Anyway when I saw them I thought of you…that in itself is strange because I kept thinking these would make very weird stuffed forms in that position.

    Something has been eating the dog biscuits in the garage and I think I saw it tonight. Everyone thought I was just overfeeding Max but they really are being eaten by a real thing… either a mouse with a pituitary problem or a mole or vole or something. I vote for mole. They are also climbing the bush and eating the bird food.

  7. Ah, I’m digging your porch. Our weather is supposed to be 55 tomorrow and Sunday and that seems to me a perfect excuse to sit outside and take in the view.

    Have a lovely weekend. And, any hints on moisturizer since you spend so much time on a plane? And how do you keep from getting sick? These are my two pet peeves with flying.

  8. A) You give me too much credit (my off-handed thanks for your comment on my blog); you write circles around me which brings me to

    B) NO!!! More writing, less pictures!!!

  9. Amen to the need for more light. I think that is why I am sleepy and hungry all the time.

    “Thank the lard.” Hee. Bonnie makes me laugh.

    I like thinking about you sitting on that chair, visiting the neighborhood.

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