Wintertime, tra-la, and the livin’ is easy…

That’s the Irritation Guy on the phone.Irritationguy

The paving guys have now moved to the back of the house. On the left is Rich’s home office space above the garage. (While he’s away I’ll sneak up there and take some pictures of his sports memorabilia gathered over the course of his career. Super Bowl signed footballs, MLB caps, ESPN press badges, etc. He’s like a pig in mud up there now that he has carte blanche space to spread it all out.) On the right, where all the dust is blowing into the house, is the screen porch behind our bedroom. I’m hiding inside with the cats. Oh, la-de-da. This is so much fun. ggrrrrr.Dust1

4 responses to “Wintertime, tra-la, and the livin’ is easy…

  1. Well, I would share your irritation, but keep your eyes on the prize, woman. It is going to be lovely when they are finished and gone!

  2. Who knew there could be that much dust! Oooooohhhh! Masks, they need masks…. all that fine particulate matter going down into their poor alveoli and getting stuck there…. Sometimes being able to visualize the look of someones internal organs based on what they are doing to them isn’t much fun! Someone should tell these fellows that they will most likely look and cough as if they are 75 by the time they reach thirty.

    But then, when has anyone under the age of 25 believed what we tell them! Just two more days till the girl goes back to Williamsburg.

    The “QUEEN” is coming!

  3. Wow! What a beautiful spot. I’m extremely envious of a guy spot to spread out in. Hoping the dust clears soon.

  4. That’s why I hate projects because I have never known one that didn’t involve LOTS of dust. Blowing everywhere. Getting on everything.

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