A nose a mother might love

And the booger problem appears to be solved.

I go down to the Bay most mornings to see what’s up. Last week, early on the morning of that very full moon, it was NOT the tide. Even at low tide, Coffee Pot Bayou is a lovely place to sit and reflect, stretch, read or hum to oneself.

Assuming the Manatee Shrieker is not there. That’s what we call this woman who hangs over the edge of the seawall talking baby talk to the manatees. Non-stop, high pitched gibberish. She suffers under the illusion that they are coming to seeLowtide
her when in fact, they are coming to the fresh water drain off that empties into the bayou right at that spot. When they slurp against the wall she says nonsense like, “I wub you too! You my little pretty girl! A kiss for me! Oh, tank you, you widdle wovey thing.” One morning she was busy pointing out to some tourists (I’m not one of those, thank you very much) that the “mommy was hugging her babies” when I was pretty sure it was a bull trying to mess around with the ladies at the wall. But what do I know? The other day I came within a short swift kick of accidentally knocking her in; Rich restrained me in the nick of time. He said, “She’s benign.” He’s so much nicer than I am. She needs a Bichon Bleu de Gascogne or something.

So, provided she’s not there, I enjoy that time in the early morning. The small green heron is always there. I put him up as my sidebar picture while I’m here in Florida. So now you know- if you see the brick wall of my courtyard, I’m in Chicago, heron is here

(Finally, and I’m so sorry to do it, but I turned on comment verification.I’ve wanted to avoid that hassle for commenters but I can’t stand the spam trackbacks I have to delete everyday. I hope it doesn’t mean that you won’t still have something to say. I mean, I’m willing to type in that gibberish to leave jabberwocky at your place. Why, I even go to some people’s homes when I know full well they’re rarely there. So, sorry, but thanks for your patience.)


29 responses to “A nose a mother might love

  1. What she needs is a Welsh Terrier. I’m not saying I know anything about talking to your dog like that… but I can imagine. I have a very active imagination.

    Your world in Florida looks amazing. Even if some of the residents baby talk to water creatures.

  2. What dog? Was there a dog? Did I miss a dog in the post? And was that supposed to be a “booger” problem or a “Blogger” problem? There was the latter today for sure. It is Tuesday… no now it is Wednesday… what happened to Tuesday? It is happening…. I am getting older…. I live with parents who are getting older…. I am losing my mind… and my starter person still has a week and a half here.

    BTW… I thought the nose was a walrus… please don’t tell my Zoology professor.

  3. It is nice that Rich can act as a restrainer for you, Vicki – although I might help you push that one into the water. I talk to my cats, but I surely don’t do it in front of other people and I am under no illusion that they understand me (most of the time).

    The heron looks sweet up there; I wish I knew how to change things around here at Casa Kenju.

    What’s with the Bichon? My good friend has a newish one, but I haven’t met him yet. I understand they are quite rambunctious.

  4. I talk to the cats, and other household pets in silly voices and with terms of endearment. Sometimes I even talk to Rich that way. Leaning w-a-a-y-y over a public seawall, trying to kiss the hapless manatee in search of fresh water and squealing about it to the world at large is another thing altogether and I find it so annoying beca…oh, never mind. She’s just one of those odd people that rub me the wrong way,. Yes, SRP, booger. Snot. Althought blogger and typepad were both boogers yesterday. What day is it? I was counting on you to tell me. I’m not really keeping track anymore. What dog? I just made up that dog. There’s no such thing. I stole half of it from Miz Mary. Bichons are hyper little lap dogs that lick themselves too much, but they’re cute and friendly enough.

  5. At 5:45 a.m., I broke out into laughter! Thank you for the great start on my day. You are too much! I would at least throw something at the jibbering idiot. Please, more manatees photos!

  6. Love it. I think a Bichon Bleu de Gascogne would be a delightful mixed breed — seriously go Google the two breeds and let your imagination run rampant. Chortle.

    More manatee pictures, please, I like to look at them at talk to them in high-pitched baby talk — would you like me to record or video it and send it to you?

    I’m just picturing how I’d react if my quiet morning reverie were broken by someone who was making that much obnoxious noise . . . oh, wait, I have children nevermind — πŸ™‚

  7. Oh that face, that incredibly beautiful manatee’s face. It makes me want to talk in a high-pitched squeal and squeeze its adorable little cheeks. Neither of which would I ever do, under any circumstance. I understand the urge to accidentally knock people in the water, it’s a good thing that the people who love us know how to stop us.

  8. That woman sounds somewhat strange..
    We encounter all types when we walk each day too.
    The word verification has become almost a necessity. I tried taking mine off and got bombarded with spam..

  9. If you seek a pleasant bay, look about you.

    I wub you, too!

  10. Is that manatee smiling though? Or is that even its mouth? I will refrain from baby talking to any Floridian animals while I am there. I will mutter bad things under my breath about gymnastics, which is stressful this time of year.

  11. Oh dear, even though I used to enjoy watching the manatees when I visited my parents in Florida, I, too, thought that was a walrus snout! ( I can’t watch the manatees any longer because they gather at a warm water outlet near a power plant and since 09-11… visitors are not allowed there) At least the manatees are still allowed there! I just found your blog and am enjoying it. Along some other commentators, I talk to my kitty but only at home and at the vet- where THEY talk to him too! LOL. Sorry you got slammed with spam, but I must tell you that I do NOT see the word verification here. Hope you had a great day!

  12. Oooookkk… the word verification pops up RIGHT before you actually make the post!

  13. I’ve been sorely tempted to enact word verification myself (though I NEVER get it right the first time and am only 50-50 on the second try). There’s one spammer who is too persistent.

    Gee, I wish I would have read your last comment on my blog before I attended my nephew’s concert. Your words were all too true. My head is ringing today and I think it will be weeks before my hearing returns to normal. I swear an asteroid could have fallen forty feet from that microbrewery while my nephew’s band was playing and we would not have heard it.

  14. I lived in old NE for almost ten years before house prices drove me further west. The manatees at Coffee Pot were one of my favorite walk, destinations. Great! amazing! pics

  15. maybe you could hoist her over a little bit next time she’s there…what?! she thinks those manatees were there for her, so why not let her spend time with them πŸ˜‰ i know I’m evil.

  16. I wish I could hear what those Manatees are saying back to her. They must get a kick out of her nonsense, don’t you think?

    Thanks for this wonderful peek into your mornings.

  17. How big is this woman? Manatees are herbivores, as far as I know, but I bet a shark could make a meal out of her.
    Word verification isn’t a biggie. It’s the way of the blogging world. And sometimes the jumble makes for some good laughs.

  18. I’ve heard of swimming with the dolphins, good, swimming with the fishies, not so good. Swimming with the mantees, somewhere in the middle? At least a few seconds of quiet, right after the pitchforward shreik and a few blubbles.

  19. If you surreptitiously shot her in the ass with rubber bands there’s a chance one would fall in the water and a manatee would eat it.

    Can you shoot her in the ass with cranberries? If you look a different direction people generally don’t figure out it’s you for at least a couple of weeks. If you freeze them first they don’t leave any stains.

  20. Propel, propel, propel your craft
    Placidly down the liquid solution;
    Ecstatically, ecstatically, ecstatically, ecstatically,
    Existence is but an illusion.

    I wub you enough to comment twice.

  21. Who thinks you’re so nice
    That they must comment thrice?

    Regarding your fabrics below (I can’t keep up with your prolific posts):

    My pick is the green geometrical. One occupational hazard here is that I must always pick fabric based on how well it would hide cocoa stains and the like.

    Listen to Kimberly. I’ve met her and she’s the (music and) cat’s meow!

    P.S. You’re ready for Margaret’s and my visit, oui?

  22. How wonderful that you have such an inviting place to stroll to in the morning. Love the photos.

  23. WHAT? Bonnie and Margaret are visiting you in Florida? You better watch out or you’ll get me too.

  24. WHAT? Bonnie and Margaret are visiting you in Florida? You better watch out or you’ll get me too.

  25. I sure hope I don’t turn into a woman that thinks animals are talking to her. But I love that manatee nose! I think they are beautiful creatures.

  26. Now you’re getting the hang of it… revenge for my own comment verification πŸ˜€

  27. Nice manatee. Crazy lady.
    The manatee sex I’ve witnessed is a maelstrom of splashing, swirling, and rolling. Not very huggy.
    I’m glad you’re enjoying South America.

  28. A field trip to Florida? How big is your bugalow? Is the Manatee lady’s last name Dolittle by any chance?

  29. Manatees play the saxophone?

    Gail is a perfectly polite guest, so no worries, Vicki. Mum’s the word on the Florida Field Trip.

    God’s Peace to you and the Lacoochee Kid!

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