I saved the leftovers for you.


Lunch_1This is a reprise, esp. for Susan, Laura, Karen and Mary.

Meet Hannibal, who lives in the tree in the front yard here in Florida. This will be the third year we watch him raise his family; Coopers ( Accipiter cooperii)
generally previousPageLink();mate for life. This is relatively easy for them because they take seven months of separate vacation each year. She’s still off on a lark somewhere and I don’t expect to see her for another month or so. On average, an adult pair of Coopers will kill and shred about 35 birds and small mammals a day when they are feeding a fledgling nest of 3-6.

I didn’t have a good camera yet when I took these two years ago- I’ll try for better this year.

I started a blog run this morning with good intentions and thus far I’ve written weighty comments and then deleted them accidentally, lost comments altogether, encountered violence, climate gloom and doom, gloating about football, and bad larvae.

Thank you for your input on the upholstery choices; I’ll get back to you on what I decide. You all are on your own, at least until tonight. I’m going down by the dock of the bay…


12 responses to “I saved the leftovers for you.

  1. OOOOooo! SO LUCKY! If I had that bird on that tree with my camera in hand I would have been peeing myself from excitment! Great shots!! I’m jealous – BTW, is that someone’s foot left behind? What’s the matter, they don’t taste good? I bet the rest of him tasted just like chicken!

  2. You really have a way with wildlife. How come all I get are snakes and mice and critters that eat all my flowers and dig monster holes??? I know snakes are supposed to eat my mice, creating a lovely little circle of life, but the crew hanging out in Manchester must have missed that lesson…… Great pictures!

  3. Mmmmm…tasty :o(

    I just can’t get past the idea of an innocent bird being eaten alive. Ok, it’s NATURE and there’s a pecking order, I know, I know. Is this the leg that tapped you on the head?

    Thanks for great photos of something downright RAW. LOL!

    Enjoy your visit to the bay!

  4. The Coopers hunt our yard everyday. Sometimes they are so bold about it, perched directly on the bird feeder while they preen. I’ve only seen them catch one or two birds in the 2 1/2 years I’ve been watching them. I watched one take off from a rock next to the pond, fly into the sky and catch a smaller bird that had just taken off from a tree. Caught it in mid-air. It was all over very quickly.

  5. I know it is “survival of the fittest” and all that, but ewwww, Vicki. LOL

  6. This bird is well-muscled and strong-toothed. Probably he, too, could beat Michigan.

  7. Thanks for the leftovers – there’s lots! Is that a whole wing next to the foot?

    I love seeing pics of adults like this – the barring on the breast is just beautiful. Mostly I see juvenilles that are way far up in one of the trees at the back of the yard with no worry of having their pic taken.

  8. Think LEAVES, Vicki. And I would like to come to Florida today.

  9. I like to point out to my non-birding hubby that if a property can support a large predator (like raptors) you are doing something right.
    Yay, Vicki…and thanks for this post.

  10. Thank goodness Florida won last night! Now everyone can STOP TALKING ABOUT THE OKLAHOMA GAME! Even the pastor on Sunday had to mention it…. I guess he thought there weren’t any OU fans there. He did get a few cheers when he mentioned that the Cowboys lost to… oh, yes… Seattle!

    I am behind… these are the birds that that material reminds me of.

  11. Wonder who was gloating about football? Certainly not I.

    I saw a hawk take down a bird this summer. I thought they just ate rodents and the like. Let’s hope you don’t get a picture of Mr. Cooper emasculating your sidebar Mr. Heron

  12. Nice bird, nice shots.

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