Ark, Ark- humor

Oh! I thought of something sort of funny.

When Rich was getting ready to make that ridiculous drive from Chicago to Florida with the cats, the guinea pig and all that other stuff, he had this strange idea that he could pause at rest stops along the way and "walk the cats." As though he would take them out on the median strip between 8 lanes of I-275 and they would obligingly pee and poop and stretch their limbs. Rich is not fundamentally a cat person, McCloud not withstanding.

So he figured all he had to do was teach them to, and I quote, "step into these nice harnesses I got at the pet store and then I snap on the leash like this and there!"  This inspiration came to him sort of late in the day so he began his training program right as a dozen relatives showed up for Christmas.  Rich may not have a clue on the psyche of a cat but he’s a "can do" sort of guy who rarely thinks the odds are stacked against him.

On day two of his training program (I was helping Sophie hide in the back of the closet so he had to start with McCloud) Abby took one look at this nonsense and said, "Rich, there’s a YouTube video you need to see."  It’s called Pinky the Cat and here it is for you to see as well. This will probably make you laugh.
Back in my kitchen, here are some before and after pictures. This was a modest makeover as kitchens go but it seemed as though we should go ahead and make it more functional as long as we were doing the rest of the addition. I had them move the sink wall back 18 inches and that has made a world of difference. Before there were no cupboards; now I have ample storage in this  efficient new kitchen space. New appliances were not in the budget so, other than the new microwave, I had to makedo with the older black and white ones. I tried to choose granite, cupboards, trim and details that would make that less obvious.Kitwall

The Motawi tiles (from Ann Arbor!) are really wonderful and even with just 8 of them they lend a nice Craftsman feel to the kitchen. The rippled glass, rich granite and great hardware all help to spiff it up, yes?

The house is located in a neighborhood design review/historic area. The outdoor plans for the addition had to be in keeping with the original style, right down to the millwork on the new porch pillars. That was great from my perspective (a little tough on our builder at certain points) and as I finish pulling the project together and begin work on the yard it will be in keeping with the arts and crafts period.

Today I found some lovely garden urns that would fit in here nicely. Instead, I’m going to the Northeast Neighborhood monthly garden meeting tomorrow, in hopes of getting to know people who have some extra plants to spread around. A number of them have native yards and xeriscape so I think I’ll get some ideas. Things grow like kudzu easily down here and I have all these left over cinder blocks so maybe if I arrange them artfully and plant stuff in them they’ll look like hell okay.

Speaking of nice finds, I’m going to tease you with the news that a dining room table and chairs fell my way, gratis, and as I was checking out how extensive the restoration would be, I found a signature on the bottom of the table…I guess that’s only a tease if you’re interested in furniture or famous architects , stuff like that. Otherwise, it’s just some chickafied  prattle.Kit5 Kit3_1

15 responses to “Ark, Ark- humor

  1. Training a cat–HO HO HO Our cats are like teenagers-unpredictable and slightly feral. (or a lot, depending on their mood or the moment) The kitchen is gorgeous!

  2. The kitchen is gorgeous, Vicki. I’m lurving it.

  3. Will you be my kitchen planner when I win the lottery and can afford to redo mine? First the lovely pulls and now this? Just gorgeous, Miss Vicki.

    P.S. Thanks for weighing in with your opinion about the big secret. Yours carries a LOT of weight with me.

  4. Cats train us. Everyone knows that.

    Love the kitchen.

    Don’t thank me too soon about the telemarketing/cell phone thing. The info is alarmist and somewhat out of date although not totallly a hoax. It stemmed from a misunderstanding of the FCC rules and tentative plans to publish a “voluntary” cell phone directory which may be still in the works.

    I just did a followup post. People are occasionally answering their cell phones and finding telemarketers but it’s not an epidemic – yet. I’m still leaving my phones registered though. (And there seems to be some question whether the phone number is valid) One reader said it wasn’t. I registered my phones on line a year ago so I’m not sure.

  5. Oh, can I come see it? Your kitchen looks absolutely gorgeous. I have a doctor’s appt. in St. Pete next Thursday, the 11th, hint, hint.

  6. You have to tell me who designed the furniture or I won’t be able to sleep. The kitchen looks really, really lovely. I can see that it will inspire you. BTW, how exactly did Rich do on the trip with the cats? Hope to see you soon. The fares are really good.

  7. St. Petersburg-ite wanna be...

    Hi Vicki, Your kitchen remodel looks fabulous. I love the whole look. I was noticing the white doors in the wall just next to the end of the stove counter and wondered what they are. Did you have a pantry cupboard of sorts designed there? I can see the white doors on the other side of the wall too? The dragonfly (knobs?) look darling too. I know envy is not a good thing to have but I still wish I had such a great place in St. Pete too. Maybe some day…
    The cat story and youtube video is hilarious. Remember my story I wrote about awhile back when we traveled cross country with three cats? Almost lost one when the kids took it for a walk on a leash, no go. The other two were fine, but this one would have no part of it. All three made it fine though. I was amazed at how many hotels and motels do take pets.
    Hope to visit St. Petersburg within the next two months so will let you know…

  8. Everything is artistic, tasteful and well-appointed here, as always. Perhaps I need to send a few of my kitchen helpers to put some marks on your wall and make things a bit sticky.

    Could it be
    A Stickley?

    Even more people than usual showed up around our dinner table last night. It was a virtual party. Fortunately, I made a huge batch of my Palouse Lentil Soup. I wonder who let that cat out of the bag?

  9. Nice kitchen. We had one in Santa Cruz that we tiled ourselves that looked a bit like that. Very pretty.

    When we drove from California to Washington with the kitty cat, we had visions of taking him for walks, on a leash, in rest areas. We tried it once. He walked on the earth as if it were a new and foreign thing, rather disgusting, and covered in dog poop. He was extremely miffed about it.

  10. I’ve been trying to train Rocky to a leash so I can drag his fat heinie around the block with me (his brother, Houdini, follows me around like a dog). So you’re saying it’s not gonna work?

    Love your new kitchen. I have the same maple craftsmany cabinets in mine!

  11. Regarding those stunning tiles: So, there is something good to come out of Ann Arbor these days. Cheers, Big Dave!

    It looks like I’m going to have to go over to meet Robin Andrea myself, you being so busy with birthday parties, discovering valuable antiques, redecorating and all.

  12. I love the new kitchen! It looks so warm and inviting.

  13. I did not die!

    The only architect I know beside Kimberly at “Music and Cats” and Patrick Thornton (who lives in Chicago), the only famous name I know would be Frank Lloyd Wright!

    The kitchen is fabulous! So jealous am I!

    Poor Rich, every cat I have tried to walk on a leash and halter have done the same thing….. lay down. Yep! Right where they are, won’t move! When I moved the six cats from Mississippi to Virginia, I did it in one long 15 hour drive. I did not stop at rest stops… the only thing harder to do than getting them to walk on a leash is to make them go potty on demand. I have heard that you can train a cat to walk on a leash but I think it is another urban myth!

  14. Oh sure, nice weather and a fabu kitchen. Although, I have to admit, that I was digging your retro funky kitchen in the “before” pictures. However, I’ve been informed by IZ that when it comes to kitchens I shouldn’t be allowed in them. I think that includes picking out cabinets and tile. 😀

  15. Isn’t it remarkable how moving a wall just a few inches can make so much difference in the functionality of a space? In our kitchen remodel, we actually made the kitchen a bit smaller (and closed off a door) to make it work (much) better.

    Nice work on your new kitchen; it’s lovely! I particularly like the upper cabinets: the black molding detail(I think almost every room needs a little black), and the articulation over the sink and stove. The Motawi tiles are a perfect accent.

    You scored some free famous-architect-designed furniture? I can’t wait to see…

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