Southern Migration

What can you fit inside a Chevy Equinox?

-4 8″ potted amaryllis
-3 rolled up area rugs
-1 Frederick Cooper floor lamp
-1 large table lamp
-3 large duffel bags filled with clothing
-2 Ping golf clubs
-3 laptop computers
-2 brief cases
-a large Pottery barn wall mount bathroom cabinet
-a large birds eye maple and black walnut framed mirror
-4 30# antique Italian tile wall planters
-3 smallish stained glass window panels
-a box containing five years of taxes, house closing documents and all the other paperwork necessary to running your life
-another box with computer hard drive, the Christmas cards you had printed at Kodak but never sent, journals, must read books you’ve been waiting to get to, binoculars, yarn and knitting needles
-all of your camera equipment, including tripod
-several pair of shoes and some diving equipment
-a jumbo cat box, cat food, dishes, bottled water
-2 cat beds and a favorite cat blanket
-a 23# very vocal tabby cat hunkered down into the expensive Frederick Cooper lamp shades
-a small silver streak British Blue who hasn’t been seen since crossing the Indiana state line
-an ancient guinea pig sitting in a dishpan lodged onto the front dash, contentedly working her way through 3 heads of romaine
-a sleeping bag laid out so that the driver’s head is on the incline of the folded down back seat and his legs go under the back hatch shelf
-a very patient and determined man, who gets a lot of mileage out of caffeine.

Unfortunately, there was no room for me. You have no idea how sad I felt that I couldn’t go along on this excursion from hell migration south. So as our personal ark heads south this Friday, I mailed 5 additional boxes, sent the aviary with finches to a Chicago friend for the winter, closed things up here in the windy city and now I’m waiting to board my plane.

Here is a picture of Sophie and McCloud checking out the big city view one last time. For the next four months they will reside in sunny Florida. I kept telling them how much fun it would be to sun on the porch and stalk little lizards but, in this picture, their ears are laid back because they hear the dreaded sounds of packing- and they know what that means.Sopandmac

20 responses to “Southern Migration

  1. That’s a lot of stuff! And sunny Florida will be very nice. See you in March!

  2. Happy travels, Vicki. All that sun in Fla. will make up for it.

  3. Arrive safely, Vicki, and let us know how you fared on the trip.

  4. Mr. Rhett respectfully asks if the UPS man arrived with Miss Sophie (and McCloud’s) package? Crossing fingers and all toes that the UPS didn’t go the way of the postal service. Theirs isn’t perishable, however, yours will be somewhat behind the times if left until April.

  5. Good God! He does that drive all by himself? And you get to fly? Well done, my friend.

  6. Well….it looks as though I found you just in time to say ‘Have a nice journey.’

  7. Here is hoping that you have landed safely and happily in Florida and the house remodeling is finished and gorgeous. I miss you and hope that I will see you this winter. Bon Voyage.

  8. That’s a lot of stuff to put into one car, even an Equinox. Your husband must be a saint to drive and let you fly.

  9. Hope you had a good flight, and are already warming your bones in the Florida sun. Happy New Year!

  10. You remind me of the trips from Ga. to Va. Gracie still talks about the tiny little space she had to sit in on the final journey to our new home. Have fun in Fla. I think I might be a tiny bit jealous.

  11. Who is this Frederick Cooper and are these the sort of lamp shades one ends up wearing on New Year’s Eve?

    Happy travels!

  12. You are bringing back memories of me traveling back to school when I was 18/19.

    You guys are like kids again. That’s great.

    Hope those kitties are settled in by now.

  13. See what happens when you only drop by every few months? Last I knew, you’d just arrived in Chicago…

  14. Do you think your husband could guest blog? There has got to be some great tales from the open road. Hope everyone made it in one piece!

  15. Ah hopefully the weather there will be much nicer than the fog and rain in the windy city. BLEAH!

  16. I miss you, Vicki. Have a happy New Year!

  17. Was that Freudian packing? Happy New Year, Vicki! You certainly captured a *feeling*, photographing the kitties so. I know just what they are thinking.

    Wave when you fly over Tennessee. Enjoy the sunny days.

  18. So how many lbs. of air did he have in the tires? 210?

  19. Happy New Year! Go Trojans!

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