How many angels on the head of a pin?

I have no idea, but my angel is home for the holidays and so is everybody else. Bud made the trip safely, despite weather delays and plane changes, brother Bruce is here also and the rest of the family shows up in a couple hours. With diagrams and flow charts and continuous trips to food stores I believe I’ve figured out how to house eleven people for the holidays. I’m on the run now to pick up a ham and a roast from the friendly German butcher around the corner but Sophie wanted to, every so coyly, say hello to Rhett as she boards Friday’s Ark.

I’ll update today and tomorrow Buckminster Fuller Comes to Dinner and I remember the Ford Rotunda as I revive my childhood Christmas Story.

How’s your weather? It just keeps raining here.Bag1

11 responses to “How many angels on the head of a pin?

  1. Eleven people! Wow, that’s a big, ongoing party. Abby looks delightful. I worked with university students for many years, her smile makes me miss some of my favorite students. We’re having sun here for a wonderful change. Expecting rain on Sunday.

  2. Raining here too. Of course, we in Ann Arbor mostly get the same weather as you, just a couple hours later. (Maybe not as windy or as rainy with the lake effect you get there).

  3. Weather is wacky here… sunny one moment and hailing the next.

    Blessings on your gatherings! 11 people puts you in the ambitious class—as a member of a different motivational group (as in, I have NONE) I’ll just sit back and admire you from afar. 😀

  4. Merry Christmas to all of you. Abby is as beautiful as ever, maybe even more beautiful than ever.
    See you soon.

  5. It is spitting rain here, just enough to keep Max in his house. Not that cold though. The girl just got in about an hour ago…. just in time for shopping on the 23rd… joy for her! Mr. Rhett wants Sophie to know that he sent his package out on Tuesday by UPS instead of the postal service. He wanted her to have it before next Christmas. He was so happy when he saw her picture he has run to the living room to stare dreamily at the tree. What a sap he is! The other cats have received their present…. a box from Costco. Clover already tried it out. It has her stamp of approval.

    Today…. Costco and grocery store…. we will now not have to buy food for two weeks. Tonight…. cutting the pumpkins for the pumpkin pie. MUST SAVE SEEDS. I am going to hollow out the smallest and perhaps put peanutbutter and birdseed in and see what the birds will do with it.

    Nyssa doesn’t do dressing up right now…. in fact I think she is wearing what she slept in last night. Have a great time with family and friends. Let the snow begin…well, maybe not.

  6. Wow, what a happy looking beauty! Have fun with your gathering!

  7. She looks as happy and healthy as could be. Have a lovely Christmas, Vicki darling.

    And hey, you won’t believe this: I was out walking with Josh the other day and he said, completely out of the blue: “Have you ever heard of Buckminster Fuller?”

    I was able to say with alacrity, “Why yes, I have!” Looking forward to the post so I can show it to Josh.

  8. Beautiful photos. Rain is GOOD. Ashley is flying through Chicago on Monday to get to her midwest destination, so I like the wet stuff. (NO WHITE!) Enjoy your gathering of special people.

  9. Good Lord in heaven is your daughter beautiful. Please tell her I said so. And that skirt is stunning.

  10. I missed this post before, but I am glad I came back and found it. Wonderful pics!

    Have a full and blessed christmas, Vicki.

  11. Your two girls – human and feline – are gorgeous, and at least one of them looks happy in that photo. I hope you and your family had a wonderful first Christmas in your new home, Vicki.

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