Friday update

I’ve told you before about my friend, Audrey. She is a charter member of BCMA and our Fall meeting was held there last month at her farm in Chelsea, Michigan. I described her as calm, gentle, smart and funny. She’s not right-out-loud funny because she is, afterall, Japanese. So it can be subtle.

Audrey works for the big U in Ann Arbor and back when I was working and living there we would e-mail back and forth throughout the day, just a one or two line chat and we would often meet for lunch. One day I got an email from her that read, "My mother just released her second CD. Here is the link." This was surprising since I knew her mother lived in Escanaba and was into her 80s. I always assumed she was quiet and dignified and calm, like Audrey. So, you can imagine my reaction when I clicked and listened to a sample of her mother singing. (You should click and listen, too.) I didn’t know how to respond.

After a bit I sent her a note that read, "Wow. I had no idea. That’s impressive." I mean, what else could I say? Really, if you discovered that this was your friend’s mother, what would you say? Audrey thought this was so hysterically funny that she kept me hanging for a while before revealing that Wing is not really any relation of hers.

Yesterday I got a Christmas package from Audrey. She sent me some of her delicious cookies, a Slinky for the stairs and a Christmas album. Right now, my entire family is in the living room screaming with delight as they listen to "Audrey’s mother" on her latest album, Everyone Sings Carols With Wing. I’m listening to them all laugh and feeling very happy that we are together for Christmas. 

5 responses to “Friday update

  1. I tried to listen, but it wouldn’t work. (old computer and doesn’t behave with plug-ins) I hope that you enjoy your holiday all together!

  2. Margaret, be happy! I cannot believe that Wing actually sells CD’s! How funny that Audrey played that trick on you, Vicki. I hope that you and uour family have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Oh MY! I saw that she had an album of musical memories from Phantom of the Opera….. OH MY!!! And Wing sings the Carpenters? OH MY!!! OH MY!!!! OH MY!!!! It is probably a good thing that my sound board doesn’t work well right now…. what I could hear of “Breath” was…. well….. OH MY!!!

    Guess what!!!!! NYSSA COOKS!!!!! OH MY!!!

  4. Just stopping in to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!
    I enjoyed the “Fuller” story again, thanks for reposting it.
    All the best to your family this season.

  5. Hey, Vicki,
    So happy to hear everyone is enjoying “my Mom’s” cd of Christmas Carols! You were the MOST FUN to shop for this year! 🙂

    THANK YOU for the package of goodies! I opened them today and spent the afternoon knitting a cowl. I’ll have to send you a picture. Now I’m off to have some tea and Christmas cookies…

    Best wishes to everyone for a warm and bright Christmas. Miss you! HUGS! xoxo

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