A little present for you

Here’s something I’ve noticed about well fed cats: once they no longer need to hunt for food their instincts flip over into caretaking and gift giving mayhem. Once, I had a little tabby cat and for seven years she never hunted- until the day I became pregnant with Daniel. And then, long before the rabbit kicked the bucket (this was in the old days, when you had to wait until you were about 8 weeks along to test positive) she started delivering a mouse a day. I swear that cat sniffed out the hormone change long before I did. She would place these high protein morsels right at the side of the bed where I would step on them as I swung into my day. I had terrible morning sickness with Daniel- that staggering nausea that just plain immobilizes you for 4 or 5 months- and waking up to a dead mouse every morning didn’t help. But she persisted and I would give her a pat and let her know I appreciated her contribution to my nutritional needs.

McCloud has never been much of a hunter. He gets a lot of vicarious pleasure out of Sophie’s prowess and back when they had the run of the great outdoors she would often bring him a gift of mouse or vole. He often tried to take credit for it but frankly, he’s so, um, hefty he can’t really catch more than his own tail right now. He does that stupid trick about once a week. We’re hoping that once the kitties get to Florida as snowbirds, they’ll run off some of that city sloth.

In the meantime, McCloud did find something to stalk. We heard him down in the living room scrambling about but I was too tired to get up and investigate…Bird1

Sophie was sleeping at the foot of the bed as he escalated to loud yowling. He really wanted her to come and see what he had caught…Bird_1

We all ignored him but in the morning the evidence was all over the carpet. When I exclaimed, "Oh, some big fat kitty has been soooo naughty!" he came dashing into the room to demonstrate exactly how a 23 pound cat can be a lethal weapon- to Christmas tree ornaments.Bird2

McCloud is going to try and get aboard Friday’s Ark today. I’m fairly certain he’ll be housed with the hippos and Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs.
Here’s another one for the Ark. Who is this guy? I don’t know, but with those striking markings he probably doesn’t need to rely on pheromones. Any bug enthusiasts want to take a guess? He was sunbathing on the tile of the new Florida porch. I thought maybe some kind of Braconid wasp?Bug2

16 responses to “A little present for you

  1. That picture had me worried for a minute. Poor Mr. McCloud, cover your ears! You are a handsome fellow, someone Miss Willow could love. She is a “hefty” girl herself. How DID you catch that bird…. from the landing on the stairs? And how are you and Miss Sophie going to get to Florida? By car? You have a brave mom! I did the 15 hour drive thing with six cats in a van. It was not pretty.

    Vicki, I sent you an e-mail but am not sure if it is the right address or not. Mr. Rhett has a little something for Miss Sophie, but he has her old address. PS: After you last post we will be using the UPS. You know it’s Christmas when the UPS and FEDEX guys get to your front door at exactly the same time.

  2. When I saw the pic of your tree the other day, it occured to me that one could do a Christmas bird count just in that room. Cat must have thought so too. 🙂

  3. Oh how I miss sweet McCloud! Maybe just put his food on a shelf that’s a wee bit higher. You know, make him work harder for it. Or maybe you need to move the ornaments further up that beautiful tree…..

  4. Oh, the poor birdie! I once had a cat that attacked a kitten someone gave me; a kitten made of ceramic covered over with rabbit fur, I think. Thet poor kitten was torn from stem to stern and left at the foot of my bed.

  5. You had me going there for a minute. I was trying to figure out how a bird had gotten into your house. That is really funny.

  6. Or one of the sawflies, perhaps? they get quite large

  7. That is a spotted-wing orange butt. We got a lot of those up here in Wilsonville.

  8. Thanks for the hiccups! I have this little condition that when I laugh too hard, it causes me to cough and the coughing then causes the hiccups. That I can’t get rid of. For hours.

    And… Old Hoss is too darn funny. 😀

  9. I was worried about the big bird in the house too–we have had that issue outside. Feathers everywhere and a nude carcass. I have no idea on the insect; it is pretty, but I would scream loudly if it were anywhere near my body.

  10. St. Petersburg-ite wanna be...

    About the insect, looks like the painters splattered paint on the critter to me!

  11. I don’t know what that bug is, but we have them down here, too. And my cat likes to climb halfway up our tree and nap on the SAME BRANCH EVERY DECEMBER. I have to anchor the tree with fishing line. Well, for both the cat AND the weight of all the thousands of ornaments I put on it. . . .

    Be thankful it was a fake bird. Our cat likes to leave little gifts on the deck. I’m not saying he’s picky about which parts to eat, but the beheaded corpses aren’t fun to step on in the dark.

  12. awwww poor McCloud. I do miss him so. And what flack he gets…hey you took him to the city, so now he does his “hunting” inside the house.

    So did you ever figure out what that bug was?

  13. Polka Dot Wasp Moth….It’s pretending to be a wasp, in the hopes that OH MY GOD IT’S A BIRD AIIIGGGGGGG-

  14. Your tree is beautiful! And I love the sexy pj’s 😉

    I am sooooo glad that bird is carbon copy. I was reading your post through squinted eyes. We had a cat growing up that would hunt birds, mice and sometimes snakes. She would always bring them and place them on our doorstep. Thanks, Cricket. The best was when she brought an only mildly dead snake into the house. My mother stepped on it walking down the dark morning hallway and was forced to beat it the rest of the way to to death with her slipper. I can still remember her screaming and flailing that slipper. Fun stuff…

  15. I think that is an oleander moth.
    Oleanders are deadly poisonous pretty plants that get planted all over FL. They are exotic and lethal. A single leaf can make a child seriously ill or worse.
    The moth is harmless.

  16. LOL at your cat killing the Christmas tree ornament. ;^)

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