The key word here is TALL…

And though in tinsel chain and popcorn rope
My tree, a captive in your window bay,
Has lost its footing on my mountain slope
And lost the stars of heaven, may, oh, may
The symbol star it lifts against your ceiling
Help me accept its fate with Christmas feeling. (Robert Frost)

I forgot we left the ladder to the new homeowners back in Ann Arbor. I knew they would have lots of leaves to clean out of the gutters.

The tree is tall, no ladder, what to do, what to do? I slept on this dilemma and woke up early with an idea. I pushed the tree  carefully across the room and then…(please just ignore those pajamas, if you can)Top2


16 responses to “The key word here is TALL…

  1. Ingenious! Love your jammies. 🙂

  2. You, my darling, are a GENIUS, pure and simple.

    Also, I totally approve of your taste in pjs 😉

  3. This is ingenious! And very practical. But please don’t ask me to ignore those jammies! Those have to be the most colorful pajamas I’ve ever seen, flannel right? After the ornaments are on the tree will you have to push it back? What did Sophie and McCloud think of this? Now, my cats…. well, they would be having a field day on that landing with the tree topper and those feathered birds and nests just in reach. They would be in kitty heaven. We will have to have a picture or two of the finished product.

    Well, I made 3 potica breads today. I will probably make two or three tomorrow, if only two, then one on Monday. Mom keeps thinking of more and more people to give them to. She made a comment about making one for all her doctors…. let’s see…. that would be 7 or 8 if you count all the specialists. I told her that she would have to start making them herself to do that many.

  4. OMG. Between those jammies (is there a thing such as pajama envy?) and that expression, I think you might be the cutest Chicagoan ever. Well, besides my family, of course. ;^) What a great way to solve your no-ladder problem! I think I’m seeing how your daughter comes by some of her personality characteristics. 🙂

  5. Heh… I’m glad someone captured this moment on film. 😀 And I love, love the pjs.

  6. I love it! And the jammies.

  7. Wish I had some cute jammies like that!

  8. Those are my kind of pjs. I have some that my child won’t let me bring when we go on a gymnastics trip. Ingenious indeed! We will need a mini ladder to do the top of our tree this year. My husband got a tree that was a BIT taller than I wanted.

  9. Ignore the pajamas? You mean there is something else in these photos besides an adorable elf in amazingly cute pajamas? I’ll have to look again. Great problem-solving, Vicki.

  10. Put some slippers on. You’ll catch a cold.

  11. A true genius resides within those pj’s! Lucky you, to have such stairs to use in such a good way!

  12. My goodness, you are SO clever. Plus which, everybody (including me) loves your pajamas. Too bad Rich doesn’t know what you sleep in, him being gone all the time….

  13. Yes, I like the jammies too. I have a tall ladder you can take back if you want when you come down.

  14. Decorating the tree from the second floor might become one of your family traditions.

  15. Love everything about these photos, especially the person filling those yummy looking pajamas. My Hannah is a fruit lover. She would totally approve, too.

  16. What a hoot! I thought of your (apparently solved) tree space dilemma yesterday, when CBS Sunday Morning did a short piece on Bonnigers (Do I have that right?) in Frankenmuth, which still claims the title of America’s largest year-round Christmas Shop. They have more than 200 different styles of faux trees, including tall, flush-mount half trees, upside down trees, and most appropriate for you: an upside down, ceiling corner flush-mount, which looks like a giant fir cornucoppia. We all prefer your beautiful real tree, of course. Love that Cowardly Lion ornament!

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