Hark! How the Greenfinch bears his part

The Carol of the Birds

Whence comes this rush of wings afar,
Following straight the Noel star?
Birds from the woods in wondrous flight,
Bethlehem seek this Holy Night.

"Tell us, ye birds, why come ye here,
Into this stable, poor and drear?"
"Hast’ning we seek the newborn King,
And all our sweetest music bring."

Hark how the Greenfinch bears his part,
Philomel, too, with tender heart,
Chants from her leafy dark retreat,

Re, mi, fa, sol, in accents sweet.

Angels and shepherds, birds o’ the sky,
Come where the Son of God doth lie;
Christ on earth with man doth dwell,
join in the shout "Noel, Noel." 

(traditional french)

Sophie is not going to pose this week, come hell or high water. She is hunkered down deep in her high walled fleece bed and planning to stay there until the temperatures rise or we go to bed- then she’ll be up, under cover of night, undecorating the tree.

But it is Friday and that’s ARK day so I worked a bit and got this picture of my photophobic Gouldian finch. He made the move from Ann Arbor and lives in the aviary with four others. You can’t see it very well but his primary color is of brilliant green feathers that run down his back and tail. They are cheerful and bright, have a lovely song and enjoy the company of each other while remaining relatively people-shy. Australian finches are different from the parakeets and small parrots that a lot of people keep. They make no raucous bid for attention, they’re tidy and fairly sturdy and they enjoy family groupings. Mine love to makes nests out of bits of yarn and grass, they enthusiastically lay eggs and then their instincts get spotty. They sit their eggs for a couple days and then it’s as though they just lose track of that plan and the whole process is null and void. So I remove the eggs after a week or so and the cycle starts over. I guess they have the song of angels but tiny bird brains. (you can visit the Ark, with a boatful of interesting creatures at Friday’s Ark) Finch

12 responses to “Hark! How the Greenfinch bears his part

  1. What a beautiful bird! Such lovely colors. Thanks for sharing the French carol.

  2. Oh! My, with those colors I wouldn’t think he would be camera shy. You do recognize the fact that your “Gould”ian finch somewhat resembles my brother Stephen “Gould”… would have even more so if he had gotten the prevailing red hair genes. This little fellow looks the part of a great singer about to break into an epic aria. Does this one have a special name?

    I just told Rhett that he would have to wait a while to see Sophie at the Ark. He is pouting, and probably planning what to do next. He already shredded the toilet paper. We had a sugar free pumpkin pie sitting on the table with a cloth gently covering it. I cut the 10 pound pumpkin and mom made two pies out of the meat. I went to take a picture of the pie for a post and when I looked under the cloth, there were four depressions in the pie. Someone has been on the table and walked on top of the cloth…four paw sized depressions in the pie. Scarlett or Chloe are the most likely culprits but Rhett has been acting out.

  3. Oh he is lovely! And what a gorgeous photo! The way his wings are splayed! I love it.

  4. What a beautiful bird. I had no idea that you had such lovely colored finches at home with you. They look very tropical, like flowers grown somewhere very, very warm.

  5. He sure looks like he’s waving at us.

  6. Oh, how lovely!! The photograph is stunning as well.

  7. He is gorgeous! Are you sure he wasn’t a parrot in a former life?

  8. That bird’s coloring is so beautiful that it looks fake. I thought it was at first.

  9. Oh I love his wings!

  10. I think you can buy little wooden eggs that keep them from laying more. Those are some pretty amazing colors. I wonder if I could paint my car in that pattern. Would anybody get the joke?

  11. I think it is awesome how you got the picture with his wings spread. What an awesome shot. He is so colorful!!

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