Yoop, yoop, hooray?

When I was busy humming "Who knows? Could it be?…Somethings coming" the other day, these things were definitely not on my list of hopes and expectations:

-Bud needs emergency surgery.

-The biggest storm front of the year cuts across the Midwest.

-The temperature drops 48 degrees in 5 hours.

So, here I am, back in the U.P. of Michigan, a few doors down the hall from where my mother died in March. And that’s the good news. I was at O’Hare airport for 30 hours waiting to get a flight out. With only three small commuters a day it’s already sketchy trying to get out on short notice; with the bad weather moving east, things went into a downhill slide and then came to a screeching halt. The most annoying part is that they just keep pushing back departure times by an hour here and an hour there, as though they have any idea of when a plane might come or go. Pretty soon all 3 departing flights are scheduled to leave "in an hour, give or take an hour." People (like me) who are anxious to go start wait-listing themselves on all the flights in hopes of getting any flight.  For a while I was getting by teaching a couple of fellow travelers how to knit. Then I made the mistake of going to both the airport Chili’s and the Cinnabon place. Then, one by one, the flights got canceled. Lengthy lines formed for re-ticketing. At one point, with a new ticket in hand, I took a cab home, fed the cats and slept for a couple hours and then went back. All the same passengers were there and the cycle was starting all over again. Since commuters all go from the same general gate area confusion reigned as departure times overlapped and everyone raced back and forth to see where they were on each wait list. Tempers flare, carry-on bags gets heavier, cell phones go dead. In the end it’s just a crap shoot. I got out around 10:30 last night with a short layover in Madison- the earlier 6:10 pm flight I was ticketed on never did go. By the time I picked up a rental car near midnight it was too late to visit at the hospital, so Bud was surprised to tears when he saw me first thing this morning.  He said, "Well, I sure didn’t need you to come, but I’m sure glad you did come, darling."

He’s going to be fine as soon as he gets rid of a bum gall bladder. With him, less is more- he’s already down numerous parts, including his bladder to cancer 30 years ago. I forget that, because he goes full tilt maintaining his outermost Lake Superior house in the woods through rain, shine and 300 inches of snow each year. He’s a sturdy and independent man and proud of it. I think he was hoping his symptoms were related to the smoked turkey sent up for Thanksgiving but once he was doubled over in pain and started turning bright yellow, he had to concede that a trip to the doctor was in order. And, of course, they kept him and then shipped him 150 miles further from home to Marquette General. So here we are again, back at the hospital where we have a love-hate relationship with the very elevators.

They can’t just take it out through laproscopy so tomorrow he’ll have a more major surgery and then a few more days here to recover. The MRI showed that the initial obstruction has passed. Today is a quiet gray day. I can see the dark deep expanse of Lake Superior from the window here and it’s bleak. Nevertheless, it’s pleasant enough, just sitting here chatting with periodic interruptions for vital signs. Each time a new nurse comes in Bud introduces me and announces, "This is my daughter. She’s a psychologist. Isn’t she pretty?  Really, she’s my step-daughter but (turning to me) you don’t mind if I call you my daughter, do you?" "Certainly not, I’m honored" I say. And then Bud says, "But you got all your brains and looks from your mother!"  This is our script and we run through it repeatedly and then laugh. Bud is napping some and he’s pleased to have my computer with all the photos of family to look at. He’s also going back in Hoss’s archives and laughing until it hurts.

Back in the BIG weather department, Chicago is under a storm advisory with ice and snow and wind expected well into tomorrow. I did have a weekend planned with blogging friends- we were going to do up the town to a fare-thee-well.  At this point I’m clueless about a return flight but who knows? There’s always something coming…

18 responses to “Yoop, yoop, hooray?

  1. What movie was it where the guy kept losing parts…? Jeremiah Johnson, maybe? (My rememberer is shriveled too.) Hope Bud does fine and gets well soon.

    Meanwhile, a package is waiting for you in Chicago… 🙂

  2. Many prayers being said for Bud and for you also for energy and strength and all your needs. I am sure Bud is so happy you are there. So sorry to hear about your airport experience. I love to fly but hate airports. It’s all hurry up and wait. Take care dear Vicki and say hi to Bud for me from a concerned cyber-friend. High hopes for a better return experience for you…no pun intended!!

  3. Good luck, Bud. Good luck to you too, old friend.

  4. I’m sending all my positive energy Bud’s way–what a guy! And I am amazed at what you had to go through to get to him. I dread our older daughter flying into Chicago/ then Green Bay this December. She is not a seasoned traveler. In fact, I am quite worried sick.

  5. Oh dear…. prayers for Bud. My dad did this as well. He had an attack when he came to Oklahoma to help us move to Mississippi.

    Gallbladders… one of the questions I have for God when I get to heaven… what is is with the gallbladder… and appendix…. were there really any good reasons for these?

    We have been watching the storm news. It was even blizzard conditions in Oklahoma and into Mississippi. The Weather Channel talked about the January 1967 blizzard in Chicago… I was in that one in Gary, Indiana… That WAS something! Hopefully it will move on through and your travel back will be uneventful. Keep warm.

  6. And here we were with 77* today! Makes me feel guilty, Vicki. I will think about Bud and pray that he recovers soon and that the weather isn’t so bad as to prevent your return.

  7. Let me know if you need pictures of a baby for cheering-up-the-Bud purposes. I mean, it’s not like the baby would be related to him or anything, but any baby pictures always make ME feel better.

    If he doesn’t want pictures, insist on hugging him on behalf of some weird Canadian new-mom who feels like she knows him already. And then, get him to hug you, ’cause everyone needs hugs at times like this, right? 😉

  8. Sending prayers Bud’s direction. And yours, for that matter.

  9. God, I can just SEE you sitting in that airport, chatting it up with your fellow sufferers and teaching people how to knit.

    It’s horrible to be in the hospital. I’m glad you are there for him.

  10. I’m so glad you made it there to be with Bud. I hope he recovers well. Praying you’ll both have the strength you need for whatever.

  11. Hope Bud recovers well. He is lucky to have such love and affection. Those will go a long way in helping him get back to good health.

    I love the music from West Side Story. When the film first came out in 1961, I was nine years old. I went to see it with my siblings and some neighbor kids. The movie theater was within kid-walking distance, so we walked home afterwards. I remember that we danced all the way home, like the Jets and the Sharks, singing and dancing, full of musical ecstasy.

  12. I’ve been thinking about you and Bud and that damn weather. I’m glad you got there safe and sound. And I’m relieved to hear that Bud will be okay. “Emergency surgery” sounds so dreadful.

    We’d love some snow here in VA. Right now it’s a crazy 70 something degrees outside with winds blowing to high heaven. We are in for a mother of a thunder storm tonight. Glad I caught your update before my power goes out.

    Take care.

  13. Here’s to Bud.
    I hope he recovers quickly and your travels go more smoothly.

  14. Positive thoughts for Bud.

    That storm rolled past the rockies 2 days ago and now we’re stuck with the beastly cold of arctic air. And lots of snow. Good luck digging out.

  15. You’re a dynamite lady, going through all that to be with ol’ Bud. But of course he’s worth it, so, so it goes.

    Don’t let him bust a blood vessel. We need all our parts.

    Love to you both.


  16. I’m so bummed that this weekend didn’t work out for us but so glad you could be there for Bud. We’ll figure out another weekend to get together!

  17. My thoughts and prayers are with Bud. I hope everything went well and that you were able to reach home in one piece! My mom was freaking out that my brother might be snowbound, but of course the government jobs don’t stop for bad weather so he was apparently driving in the thick of it on Friday morning.

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