It’s hot enough to boil a monkey’s bum!

Miz M is always looking for a spunky title for her posts but do you know the origins of this one?

It’s from that perennial favorite Monty Python skit presented HERE. That’s by way of saying Happy Birthday, Bruce! Bruce is my big brother. Growing up he was my idol and my nemesis. With just 19 months between us, I would do anything to win his attention and he wielded his power with great ingenuity. He talked me into eating a dried up post rainstorm worm by saying it was a whole wheat noodle, he got me to stick my tongue on the frozen school yard door and he sold his friends the opportunity to climb a stepladder and see his seven year old sister in the bathtub.

Divorce separated us as he went to live with my father and I stayed with mom so for years we saw each other infrequently. Once I had Dan and Abby he became the favorite relative to visit. I entrusted my young children to his care for a weekend when I was going through my own painful divorce and he taught them the fine art of counterfeiting money on his copier.

Bruce is an exceptional commercial artist and certainly the most creative among us, on all fronts. He is kind and funny and, at closer to sixty than fifty, he is the most young at heart man I know. In recent years he has settled down, gotten married and his passions include biking Rails to Trails and his regular racquetball league.

And never- as in never – is there a random piece of information or trivia that he doesn’t know. You doubt this? Go ahead- ask a question!

The kids sometimes call him Uncle Buck. I call him the best big brother a sister could have. Happy Birthday, Bruce.

I’m racing out the door to catch the train for Ann Arbor. BCMA is having a big party at Audrey’s and I’d go for the chocolate cloud cake, if nothing else. So I’m in a hurry but for Friday’s Ark I wanted to wish someone else Happy Birthday.

This is Millie, our guinea pig. I let Abby get her in middle school because I was certain she would die before Abby left home and I wouldn’t be stuck with anymore (in a history of dozens) rodents. Millie has beaten all odds. She is ancient, she is the pig who won’t die, she is our friend. Here you see her sitting on my desk in a cat bed with her morning carrot and green pepper. She has cataracts and can’t see but she knows the sound of produce cellophane and she knows when Dan drops by- both get her wheep! wheep! wheeping! with joy.
The wonderful thing about Millie is her totally Zen approach to life. We have her in a large cage with an open door so she could, in theory, wander around. Instead she is content to nap and nibble. She purrs and rumbles with delight when we hold her and she’s friendly with the cats- she let Sophie sleep in her little hutch when Sophie first came from the humane society and was lonely for her litter mates.

I keep thinking Millie won’t continue to accompany us on life’s next journey, but at this point she is slated to spend the winter in Florida after a long car ride. Happy Birthday (nine) to Millie, too!Millie

9 responses to “It’s hot enough to boil a monkey’s bum!

  1. I had no idea that guinea pigs lived that long. And the cats don’t want to eat her?

  2. WAiiiiit you’re home this weekend and I’m just catching news of this??!!

  3. Guinea pigs are the greatest, aren’t they. I had one in my classroom toward the end of my teaching. I would bring him home on the weekends, and when my husband would walk into the house, he would start whistling and jumping up and down (the guinea pig, that is.) One day Don stopped by my classroom to hang some stuff from my lights, and I said to my aide, “Just wait. When my husband comes in, the guinea pig is going to be so excited.” He didn’t disappoint.

  4. Happy Birthday to both Uncle Buck and the whistle-pig. Have a good time in Ann Arbor, but behave yourself!

  5. Happy Birthday to your brother Bruce, although I wonder how he feels about sharing it with the hamster.
    Happy Birthday Millie…. that is a very good name for a hamster…. pardon me if I snicker… as it is also my ex mother-in-laws name. You DO close the cage door when you are away don’t you… I don’t know if Sophie and McCloud could be that good for that long.

    Train trip? I love train trips!

  6. Happy Birthday Millie! What a sweet little face she has. I’ve got a soft spot for guinea pigs – Noel was the first one I met, in Kindergarten, and we got to take care of her for the summer. They make the best little happy noises ever.

  7. Happy Birthday to “Uncle Buck!” And I love that guinea pig, and would like to emulate her.(and her attitude)

  8. Happy birthdays all around. Oh I’d love to have a sweet little guinea pig! But our cats would love him a little too much, I’m afraid. It’s hard enough keeping them from eating the parakeet… when they’re in the same room the most heard phrase is, “Quit looking at that bird!”

  9. Hope Bruce and Millie had great birthday celebrations! It is quite a surprise that a guinea pig can live that long, but all that love and good food must be a life-extending elixir.

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