It’s all happening at the zoo…


16 responses to “It’s all happening at the zoo…

  1. New Mamas are SOOOOO jumpy!

  2. Well, bless momma panda’s heart. I know exactly how she feels……..

    Nyssa did that once, in the truck (yes I drove a truck for a while, though not by choice), going down a road in Oklahoma City. I looked over at her and then back but it was too late. Scared me so bad I ran into the back of an unmarked police car….

    It was the Chief of Police of Oklahoma City.


  3. Oh, how funny! I’ll bet everyone who watches this will startle when Momma Panda does. I certainly did… both times.

  4. Love the Simon and Garfunkel title.

  5. Wow! That’s is amazing!

  6. That was absolutely startling! I love the sound of her eating. Did you shoot that?

  7. Whoa–that even startled me!!

  8. ROFLMAO! That just cracked me right up!

  9. I jumped too. Goodness what a sneeze!

  10. Nervous Nelly? Nice shot, Vicki.

  11. Oh dear. That is priceless. Great title, too. How awesome this is. Smooches dear.

  12. every time I see this I giggle.

  13. Now you said you’d be gone for two days… it has been much longer than that. Where is Sophie? Inquiring cats here want to know.

  14. Yeah, Vicki, is everything okay? Let us know, please.

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