I am sitting at the hotel, waiting for game time and I’m trying to visit Roxanne and Robin Andrea and Big Dave but I keep getting "internal error" notes. I think this is not a blog friendly place. It is, clearly, a Cardinal friendly place. This lobby is wild with red. Did they win? Did the Tiger’s win? Did the game get rained out? I don’t know yet. But this guy was absolutely insistent about making his presence known so I wanted to show him off for Friday’s Ark. I’ll post date this for tomorrow.

I have very mixed feelings about zoos- a sort of love/hate relationship with them. Some, including the Detroit Zoo of my childhood, make me crazy. They are not fit for beast nor beast. Thus far, I have a very favorable impression of the Lincoln Park Zoo. Because it is free and close I wander up several times a week to visit one or another of the enclosures. I haven’t observed any stereotypical behaviors, anxious pacing, obsessive grooming. Everyone seems relaxed and comfortable. The place is clean and educational.

Who knows? As it stands now, the vast majority of big cats, giraffes, elephants and lowland gorillas are all in captivity in the sense that they are under the protective umbrella of humans. Those that aren’t suffer unspeakable cruelty through poaching. So I guess it becomes a question of how we protect our fellow creatures on this planet and under what conditions. Starting Monday I will be at the zoo with the docents who work there, with good hearts and an eye towards being a part of the solution.

When I went to the zoo for my seal serenade on Tuesday, per Abby’s
instructions, the animals were happy and frisky with the cool temps and
bright sun. The seals were shooting around on their backs, the gibbons
were swinging with abandon and then there was the lion. He was standing
on his rock giving new meaning to ROAR. His roar filled the zoo and
bounced off tall apartment buildings that surround the park. It was
quite impressive. And after he roared and roared and drew a crowd of
about fifty people, he sat down and did that thing that cats do.
And then he looked quite pleased with himself.Lion

14 responses to “Not a TIGER

  1. He’s beautiful and he does look satisfied with himself.

  2. What a great catch! And the thing that all cats do – how perfect!

    And as FC notes, he does look quite smug there.

  3. First, Blogger has been having brain spasms and convulsions all week. I couldn’t get to my site and when I tried to get to the Blogger Dashboard page, it redirected me to somewhere in outer Mongolia. Seems to be back though.

    I remember going to the Zoo in Chicago during our five years in Indiana. Are there two? I remember the Brookfield Zoo but don’t know if we ever went to the Lincoln Park zoo. This is a fabulous lion and he, of course, knows it. I had to laugh at the second picture (doing what cats do?). I think I posted a picture of Miss Clover in that same position!!!! Lovely, lovely pictures…. now did the peacock spread his array for you?

  4. The lion is the king of beasts,
    And husband of the lionness.
    Gazelles and things on which he feasts
    Address him as your highoness.
    There are those that admire that roar of his,
    In the African jungles and veldts.
    But I think wherever the lion is,
    I’d rather be somewhere else.
    ~Ogden Nash from Carnival of the Animals

    Tigers, Cards, and possible rainouts are most interesting, but, more importantly, WAS THAT OUR VICKI ON TELEVISION??!!

  5. Did you notice the Cardinals keep on winning while we (Detroit) keep throwing the ball into the bleachers? Huh?

    I am getting really sick of errors. Can Rich do a survey to find out how many more errors the Detroit pitchers will make this Series? Then I can quit watching….

    That Lion looks a lot like Bert Lahr. I think.

  6. Tiger comeback tonight!!!! Please!

    Yes, always go to the zoo when it’s cool. Mornings are best for frisk factor. I’m mixed about zoos as well, but I do love taking my kids there. There’s a lovely Nature Center here in Asheville that houses only animals native to these mountains that have been injured and rehabbed but who wouldn’t necessarily survive back in the wild. We have mountain lions and bears and gray wolves and otters lots of cool predatory birds and reptiles. And every summer that have a butterfly house, which is magnificent.

  7. My Tigers, Oh My Tigers. Woe is me. They say we came back in ’68, but I’m not sure this team has the moxie to repeat the fete.

    That Lion sounds more formidable than any beast or human you might find playing inside Ford field on a Sunday afternoon.

    I wondered why I couldn’t comment on any blogs last night. Figured it had to be system hiccoughs.

  8. That’s a gorgeous big cat. I love that roar photo, with just a bit of his steamy breath in roaring exhalation. I have mixed feelings about zoos too, and have stopped going, but that also means I never see lions. Thanks for the beautiful James Dickey poem you left on our blog. The soft eyes open.

  9. I didn’t watch the whole game…. I looked for you in the crowd but since I no longer have the giant big screen TV, no luck. Were you really on TV??????

    About the cats… yes, I have one chirper…. Scarlett. She chirps at birds and bugs. Oh yes and when we lived in Mississippi and had a walkway across the end of the open den, she would chirp at people sitting down below. I really think she saw us as very, very big bugs.

  10. I came by this morning but couldn’t comment because I had the baby in my lap. Those lion photos are great…the third one especially. As was commented earlier, he looks so pleased with himself.

    Looks like Bonnie might get the best of the Detroit fans this time.

  11. That is the awesomest lion ever. I love the picture sequence. Do you know if he has a name?

  12. That cat almost has a smile. Alison and I love zoos, but ashley won’t go anymore. It is sad.

  13. Great series of pics – love his smile!

  14. Isn’t he the gorgeous one?! I visited Lincoln Park Zoo when I was 14, and on a school trip to Chicago. I was impressed with it then, but what did I know? The monkeys were nasty, though… Our zoo is too many miles away for me to be a docent, but my son’s MIL was, and she used to help raise baby animals who were abandoned by their mothers. I would love to do that!

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