Fashion Statement

There were many requests to see Rich in his pajamas, although out of context, i.e., not at the airport, it loses something. Suffice it to say that they are basically high water (they come all the way down to mid-calf) navy blue sweat pants with little geriatric pills of fuzz on them from too much living and big maize letters that read you-know-what. Not SPARTANS. (Are the Spartans still playing or have they disbanded for the year?).

This single pair of sweatpants is Rich’s standard issue for anytime he’s not dressed in a double breasted suit to present a multi-million dollar project to a large beverage company in Switzerland. Whenever he is home I get to see him in these pants- sleeping, watching TV, working in his home office and yes, more than once, in the first class section of airplanes. I would throw them out but it would lead to a level of marital discord that would be intolerable, mainly because it would go on for years. He’s still ticked off, three years later, that I threw out his Ecco walking shoes with giant holes in the soles.

Poor Rich is having a fashion crisis anyway. He’s joined an agency where he is the oldest employee by about fifteen years. The CEO is forty. Everyone else is 17 or 18, as far as I can tell from the company picnic where we were the only two people wearing glasses. Rich is the chief strategy officer- he’s like a mentor to all these young people. They practically worship him and his reputation in the world of sports research and demographics. But he thinks they are wondering about his wardrobe.

Fashion-wise, Rich has moved into the world of the metrosexuals. These are hip, dynamic, ahead-of-the-game, well-paid youngsters who all look like they couldStory_1
moonlight as Calvin Klein models. They look like this guy. So, Rich keeps mumbling that he needs to go shopping. I think he should give it up. He’s plenty cute, he’s too old to make it as a metrosexual and he’ll be fine wandering around Columbus and Wacker, looking slightly professorial. He just needs to lose the sweat pants.

But what do I know? I am the most seriously fashion challenged woman I know and that was true in Ann Arbor; now that I’m in Chicago it’s worse. This is largely because, as previously reported, I’m shopping challenged. I hate to shop. I can’t abide trying on clothes at stores. So, not unlike my husband, I find something that fits and is comfortable and can subsequently be ordered repeatedly over the internet. Eileen Fisher is a good line for me when I need nice clothes. Somehow she manages to design for women in a way that you can have a little 55-year-old-with-a-history-of-c-sections-pooch thing going and still look reasonably chic.

Shoes are my worst nightmare when it comes to dressing. I have 4 pair of identical Tretorns tennis shoes, two pair of identical Taryn Rose low heel shows in different colors and 3 pair of really worn and solid flip flops in my closet. I have one pair of Merrill walking shows by the door. That is all the shoes I want in the rest of this lifetime.

The problem is, this week, I’ve been worrying about shoes. I’m going to my first big social thing in Chicago tonight. It’s a charity ball (for which I do some charity work; I’ve been busy assembling auction booklets and table labels and hence, not here). I worried briefly about a dress but since it’s black tie I defaulted to the Eileen Fisher black velvet number that I already own and hopefully, won’t go out of style for at least 35 years so I could get glammed up in it at my funeral just before I get toasted, alright, enough- back to shoes.

I have embarrassed myself before wearing things like flip flops under fancy dresses and I’ve hosted a formal party or two barefoot. My feet are happy bare. But I figure I actually need shoes with heels for this affair tonight. That these could also be dancing shoes is an oxymoron. I bought some but I’m still on the fence about whether I wear them or not. I may go with my burgundy patent leather flips flops that I save for special occasions.

Did I mention that the cute guy in pajamas is- altogether now- OUT OF TOWN- for tonight’s event. Yes, friends, this babe is going it alone. See how far I’ve come?

Speaking of how far people will go, tomorrow my neck of the woods is host to 40,000 runners for the Chicago Marathon. Dan is in Spain so he won’t be running but I’ll go watch part of it anyway. There’s a kletzmer band playing at the cheering station closest to me. A friend from Michigan came by last night and the closest parking spot she could find was 5 blocks away. I think the car stays in the garage this weekend. Pictures tomorrow, of runners and maybe a woman in black velvet and flip flops. Until then, GO TIGERS!


(Since I wrote this post this morning, things on the shoe front are going downhill. I had carelessly tossed my new shoes into the laundry basket in my
closet right after purchasing them- further evidence of my distaste for
Just a bit ago I was modeling my shoes and dress for a friend when she politely noted that I was dragging along a pair of Jockey for Her underpants that had stuck to the velcro closing ankle strap. Nice.)

13 responses to “Fashion Statement

  1. Oh, Vicki, I love your post about your clothes. I can identify well with you. Before I was 60, I never wore a pair of shorts out of the house. After 60, I decided what the h***. There are a lot of women out there who look a lot worse than I do. You know, in Florida, no one dresses up. My uniform has become t-shirts and shorts.nts

    When I go to church, I have a nice pair of pants. If I wear pants, I generally wear my New Balance sneakers. My feet are so broken down, I wear shoes with orthotics, so there goes dress shoes. My really nice pair of shoes are SAS. LOL.

    So, who is Michigan going to beat up on today? I must say they really are good this year. I don’t think Penn State is ever going to rise from the ashes of the last few years, last year being the exception.

  2. I would be such a happy person if I could wear sneakers every day for the rest of my life.

    Be careful if you decide to wear heels tonight. If you are out of practice you may find yourself off balance.

    Rich is very cute.

  3. We could start the fashion-challenged club. I live in jeans and pull-over shirts. Dress-up for me is black jeans and a silk blouse (which I promptly stain the moment we arrive at our fancy destination). I could start the hair-challenged club too.

  4. Yes, go Tigers! Go Wolverines too! I haven’t seen as many people wearing Wolverine jerseys as I did this Saturday morning at Meijer’s. But hea, you tell me to go easy on the Spartans, then you take your own shot at them here. ‘Sup with that?

    Can’t help you with current fashion. I believe I’ve already bought any clothes that I may be wearing the rest of my life. So I ignore the current trends.

  5. Flip-flops are so good for happy yoga toes!

    Spartans don’t disband and they aren’t metrosexuals!

    Good luck to the West Ypsi Skunk Bears!

    Looking fine, Rich!

    Can’t wait to see our altruistic Vicki in her all black velvet glory!

    Bend it like Beckham!

  6. Well, that was better than Jockey for Him. And what’s a “kletzmer” band? Like Spike Jones?

    This is a great piece, Vicki, for which I thankee kindly. Also, thanks for your fine comments on my b**g. Warm and friendly; I like ’em.

  7. Fashion is over-rated – I’ve never bought into it. Hey! Wait! Maybe that’s why I’m so unpopular!

    Well, crud, why didn’t someone say so!?

  8. This whole shopping for clothes/shoes thing is SO overrated. Which is why I have 4 pairs of Keen sandals all in different colors (hey, when I find something that comfortable, I buy multiples…) and a pair of enclosed Keen shoes. Flip flops don’t have enough support for my back. I’m also not a fashionista. You and I will be the underdressed during our December weekend, dear. We’ll let Jen and Zoofy take care of the fashion sense. We’ll just slunk along behind them. ROFL! I can’t wait to see you!!!

  9. I didn’t get much of anywhere today. Blogger has been down forever and I just felt lazy. I always feel lazy. I don’t shop. One of these days I will have to break down and do it though. My things are beginning to wear out. As for shoes… I have one style of Hush Puppies low heel pumps that do not make my feet hurt. So, I have them in four or five colors. I have one pair of black clunkers that also feel good. My tennis shoes have holes. But the pumpkins don’t care.

    Congratulations to Bonnie and her Spartans. The Sooners managed to squeak through one without Adrian Peterson. And sorry about the Tigers.

  10. As a teen and young woman, I was a clothes horse and serious shoe freak, but now that I am older, comfort is the order of the day. I used to love to shop and try on clothes, but now that my body has expanded, nothing looks good on it and the mirrors in the shops make it worse (everything is so “up close and personal” there…..LOL

    I hope you had a lovely time tonight, in heels or flip-flops.

  11. Well, you can be comfortable AND cute. Go to a decent shoe store and buy a dress shoe with a wide toe box and a wide heel for support (this is an “in” style). Then go get a pedicure. Even if your toes aren’t showing, it will make you feel glam.

  12. I’m in the anti-fashion club too. My tennis shoes are all unloved ones from my daughter. I bought 6 pair of identical loose, stretchy black pants for gardening & housewear. A mound of soft but worn, also loose t-shirts found in a basement when one of our renters moved out. I have two pair of blue jeans, one black and maybe three sweaters I still like for winter. Not too far back I went ahead and took everything I hated and didn’t wear to the Mission. Now there’s frightenly little there. One rip or tear and I’m close to nekkid. Gotta shop. Hate everything.

  13. go tigers indeed! it’s SSOOO much fun to be excited about playoff baseball again! i’ve been trying to explain to my kids that this is going to be HISTORY that they will mark certain periods of their lives with, but i don’t know if they get it or not. and i throw my vote with you about dressing up. the shoe part is especially heinous. hope chicago is starting to feel like home. blessings

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