Bum deal

She’s not here. Do you think this is right? To move me here, sans cat door, and just up and leave me with that big McClod? She has the neighbor dropping by to visit us but he’s more interested in Millie, the ancient guinea pig, because she purrs when he gives her carrots.  Fortunately, she had to move all the large houseplants in before she left, including the ficus, the banana palm, the giant jade…And she did me the courtesy of potting them up with fresh DIRT. Pardon me while I mosey over to Friday’s Ark and see if Rhett’s there.Soph_2

7 responses to “Bum deal

  1. The nerve of her leaving you alone.

  2. I will have to get someone to explain this Ark thing to me… it sounds like fun.

  3. McClod: “That Sophie would bitch if she was hung with a new rope.”

  4. You keep one tidy desk and two gorgeous cats! I smell trouble for Sophie when McCloud reads Gene’s comment. Better not be gone for long.

    To quote one of my favorite world travelers (our Vicki): Everything is here. Wish you were beautiful.

  5. Poor pussycats. At least they have the fresh dirt to play in. Or poop in. Whatever.

  6. I’m sorry that you got stuck, but that cat is gorgeous.

  7. Ah! Sophie! So wonderfully purrrrrfect! I have pined over you and missed your lovely face! My mom was gone this weekend too and she left me with six crazy cats and that Max creature. But we had a lady stay with us and she loves the kitties on her lap. Unfortunately, she did not turn on the computer thing so I am only now seeing your beautiful face.
    Forever your champion…

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