Bud Update

I just got off the phone after talking to Bud. I wanted to make sure he got home okay. For the last number of years Bud has been an immovable force in the uppermost, outermost tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula but he finally budged- for his 60th high school reunion. Imagine that. He was going to drive with my sister, Laurel (the baby in the family, the best "accident"  to ever happen) but in the end, we flew them on frequent flyer miles. Naturally, they lost his suitcase, both going and coming. Remember when I used to complain about having to hoof it over a mile from the little commuter gate to my connecting flight at Minneapolis airport? Well, apparently, the baggage handlers don’t hoof it anywhere.

So, here’s Bud’s report:

"We had a good time. They had great food and most of the people are dead but I still remembered the ones that aren’t. And, I don’t know why, but they remembered me."

"Your sister went and found Barbara Bidet.(I may have that spelling wrong)  For years I had a crush on her but I never should have told your sister. She said, c’mon, c’mon, I found Barbara Bidet! So I said okay and went over and talked to her.

"She looked at my name tag and said, "You used to be Eugene or Buddy" and I said, Well, now it’s Bud. How are you, Barbara? and she said, "Why, I’m just fine. Are you a widower?"

"I said, yes I am and she said, "Well, that’s nice." "

"Then she said, "Bud you made my day." " I asked Bud what he did to make her day and he said he didn’t know, he guessed because he went over and talked to her. He told me that she "has always been a real looker" but in music class she used to complain, "Mrs. Major! Buddy is singing out of tune again." Bud_2

Then Bud said:

"And Milton Bagich was there. He was Southeastern’s best athlete. We used to call him Milton Bagoshit." Bud said he told Milton that he beat him out of the prize he thought would be his for sure and I asked what that was? Bud said it was the last one to have a child but Milton had nine, the last when he was 42. Apparently they were giving out prizes for various life events. Bud got the prize for being the oldest one to get married for the first  time (at 40, and for him the "last time"). Bud also got a prize- a jar of Sander’s Hot Fudge Sauce- for coming "from out-of-state." If you’re a Yooper that’s actually a real honor- the upper peninsula would rather secede from the rest of Michigan and be a separate state.

So, that was the report on the reunion. Then we talked Tigers for a little bit (how ABOUT those Tigers??) and Bud said the cats were very happy he was home. In the end he said, "I miss Momma. I miss my suitcase, too, godammit."

14 responses to “Bud Update

  1. That’s cool that he got to go to the reunion and see the ones who haven’t died yet. I guess that is quite an accomplishment. Even in my class of ’59, we’ve lost quite a few. It really lets us know that we are mortals.

    I so want the Tigers to win, again, not that I am a Tigers fan, but I’d like to see Jimmy Leyland win.

  2. It cracks me up that old-folks are so blunt. I guess they don’t have the time to beat around the bush. My grandmother told my now-husband at their first meeting “I think you’re just what this family needs”. A ringing endorsement for sure, but at their first meeting???

  3. I had an attending in residency who had been divorced for twenty-five years. Just before she retired she went to her high school reunion and met a fellow she had had a crush on. They never dated, but come to find out, he had had a crush on her as well. He was a widower, gentleman rancher, as they say in Oklahoma. They started dating. He wanted to get married. She thought she was set in her ways. She asked my opinion. I had dinner with them and he was such a lovely man, it was clear he adored her. I told her so and that it was always more fun to travel with someone than alone. They married and had another 18 years of happiness before he passed away. So, Bud, go for it! I can see that your sister is the “matchmaker” in the family.

  4. I hope I’m as healthy and coherent as Bud obviously is when I get to be his age. And, I hope that if I ever go to any of my highschool reunions that no one will remember me (besides Becca, of course).

    You’re tagged, btw, over at my place 😉

  5. Bud’s even sweeter than Sanders!

    My grandma used to treat me to lunch, after shopping at Hudson’s, at the downtown Detroit Sanders where we always split a tuna salad sandwich and a hot fudge sundae.

    I had Maddie at 45, but Milt and I are pikers compared to my father-in-law, who had his last child at 53.

    Yay Tigers! We’re die-hard Cardinal fans, after spending so much time in St. Louis, but my mom has great memories of attending games with her dad at Briggs Stadium and watching Hank Greenburg bat.

    Looking good, Bud!

  6. I’ve never gone to any of my high school reunions, and there’s been quite a few since 1970. The problem with moving so far away from “home” is that the thought of traveling 3000 miles just to see who shows up seems a bit much. Bud’s story does make me wish I lived closer to where I grew up. A couple of years ago an old high school friend found me via the internet, and we had a flurry of emails. She quite graciously photocopied our yearbook (I never got one, I was a renegade) and mailed it to me. Looking through those pages and pages of photographs was almost like going to a reunion.

  7. Bidet–hmm…That means something in French, you know. I am delighted that Bud got to travel, and socialize. The suitcase is troubling though. I carry so many important things in mine that I would be beside myself. Of course, when am I not in a snit about something?

  8. I think that Barbara Bidet needs to work on her conversational skills. But let’s face it, she’s probably just not as sharp as Bud is.

    I’m glad he’s doing all right, all things considered.

  9. This CRACKED me up.

  10. Bud is absolutely to be commended for getting out the door. let’s hope that barbara and the awol suitcase don’t keep him from getting out again. and how ’bout those tigers indeed?! we’re totally over the moon over here!

  11. I do so love me some Bud.

  12. Could someone tell me if Bud was ever a teacher at Ives Elementary in Detroit? I would so appreciate any info. Thanks!

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