Me and the Bean

Here I am. No, here. Or, there. It’s like Where’s Waldo- can you find me?

When FG works at the office he is right in the heart of things. Today was another spectacularly beautiful day so I went down to meet him for lunch at the Park Plaza restaurant at Millennium Park. After lunch I wandered off to watch the Columbus Day parade and take pictures. I have about 70 I want to share but if I load them all on at once Florida Cracker will never be able to upload my page. So today I’ll just post a few of Cloud Gate, British artist Anish Kapoor’s first public outdoor work. Most people refer to it as "The Bean."

In that last picture, I’m thinking "Windex…"Coolbean6

11 responses to “Me and the Bean

  1. Wow. Super Windex. Who gets to polish that baby?

  2. I never did make it to Millenium Park when I was in Chicago this past summer. There for a conference, I didn’t see much. Boo-hoo! Such a neat city to visit.

  3. “The Company” (a recent movie about Chicago’s Joffrey Ballet) contains a scene filmed in Millennium Park. It has a wonderful soundtrack that includes Angelo Badalamenti’s “The World Spins” accompanying a bungee-jumping ballerina.

    Postmodern art and architecture leave me cold, but seeing your reflection has bean a lovely treat.

    Columbus Day convex cutie!

  4. Ann Arbor was never like this. But neither is Keokuk.

    (Great pix, Al.)

  5. I saw that right after Millenium park opened! It was way cool! Thanks for sharing the photos!

  6. That is spectacular!

  7. Windex…. yes and how do they get up on top?

    I have to say that first picture made me a little dizzy and a bit queasy. Perhaps this is why I have always avoided the House of Mirrors at a carnival.

    OK, it looks WAY COLD!!! What kind of temperatures should I expect on the weekend in Southern Illinois? Here we are only a little bit cooler but I’ve heard rumors of a real blast of cold for the midwest…do I even have a coat? Make mental note – look in closet.

    When did this open? We stayed down near the lake front in 2005 when my brother sang with the symphony and I don’t remember seeing it. It was cold, 10 degrees below zero, snowing and I was sort of busy trying to keep the strange motorists there from hitting us, so it is possible that I simply overlooked this. And, it really does look like a bean….

  8. Someday I have to see that in person! That is my idea of interesting public art. We just had a brouhaha down here about an artist who had been chosen to put up a public art feature on our newly opened main street (it had been a pedestrian mall for 25 years). It was a mess of an idea, and so finally the backer pulled his money and the artist went home. We are so backward, down here. I love the self portrait!

  9. WINDEX?? OMG, HAHHAHA! priceless. I am loving these photos, Vicky!!

  10. I know, I’m a dial up dinosaur … I got up and made a cup of coffee while your site loaded this evening. Thanks for thinking of me!

    It was worth the wait by the way! Great shots!

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