Guess who came to dinner?

The car has been on autopilot to Union Station with a full weekend of friends and family coming and going and coming. One of the nicest parts of having guests is that I get out and show them around town and in the process, I’m getting to know some of the perks of living in this city. Over the weekend we took the architectural tour up and down the Chicago River and I got a whole new perspective on the downtown area. I took lots of pictures; now I just need to link them up to the names of buildings.  Tonight I’m enjoying my son before he heads out on his European tour- they’ll be in Sevilla, Spain and Paris and London and, oh, about 9 other cities. Reflect

17 responses to “Guess who came to dinner?

  1. European tour? If they go by Vienna or Dresden, tell them to wave to my brother at the opera house. He is doing Othello in Dresden through October. Then coming home, to NY, to Montreal and Tokyo.

  2. What a wonderful trip! I envy him all those places, many of which I’ve already been too.

  3. Oh man, good for him… I wish my band got to do a European tour!

    Hope you enjoyed the artwork!

  4. When will they be in Paris? I will be there on Oct. 16 and 17, I think. Where will they be playing? It would be too cool to see him there.

  5. How cool is it to have a son heading off for his European tour?

  6. obviously, a proud mother — and with good reason.
    I envy you the visit. I see one daughter maybe 2-3 times a year and the other once.
    Time passes much too quickly.

  7. European tour? And why aren’t you going, V?

    I only have two guitars, a tambourine, and various shakers in my living room at the moment. But as of next week, I’ll have a kid-sized violin to add to the mix!

  8. Big doings in the Windy City! Yay, Dan!! Is that Justin Case in the top photo?

  9. The architectual tour is great, isn’t it. I’ve done those a couple of times and have enjoyed each of them. The docents have so much information to offer.
    Cheers to your son on his tour. Sounds great.
    I spoke a little prematurely about MSU-Notre Dame, didn’t I. I didn’t watch it to the end and I assumed that MSU had won.

  10. Aww. I want to go on a European tour. I’m good at carrying bags and things. Do they need a roadie?

  11. Sounds like an exciting weekend.

  12. Wonderful reflective photograph, Vicki. I’m glad that exploring the city is a fine and enjoyable thing to do.

  13. Please ask your son to bring back a European for me. Preferably a snooty one, who drinks Italian espresso and quotes Hegel apropos of nothing.

  14. Glad you are finding some perks to city living! Chicago is my favorite big city. You will have to let me know if they still do up all the windows downtown at Christmas. And if you visit the people slices at the Field museum, tell ’em I said hi.

  15. Sounds like Dan is busy jetsetting the world 🙂 If I come through Union station does that mean you’ll pick me up too?

  16. I took that river tour when I was in Chicago five years ago – my one and only visit there. It was very lovely. I took lots of photos. 🙂 I may have to come back. And see a lovely friend.

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