Hanging pictures

DormouseI laughed that my brother thought this was a nutria- and I was happy that both my brother and sister visited here yesterday.
I don’t know why but nobody guessed Graphiurus murinus. That little guy is a Woodland Dormouse. The origins of the name dormouse come from "dormeus" or sleepy one. The dormouse hibernates for six months or more each year. If the weather is anything but warm he’s asleep, waking only briefly to eat. I can relate.

Today some more art went up on the walls, although now the extension ladder picture hanging has been put off until next week. For some reason I can’t generate a lot of enthusiasm in the hired help for hanging art on the walls three stories up. I realize this is hard to picture, no pun intended, but I’ll show you when we get there and you’ll understand.

Anyway, here are two favorites, both done by my friend and neighbor in Ann Arbor, Bill Burgard. Bill is a professional artist and is probably best known around Ann Arbor for his beautiful collage series done for the Summer Arts Festival; he is also a professor at the U-M School of Art.Do you remember my birch tree in the front garden? Bill had a great view of it, and the birds that I fed there, from his house way across the dirt road and that inspired this work of art.Birds_3

This beautiful collage/painting is done on clementine boxes. The six boxes come apart and I suppose I could rearrange them but they do have an order to them. I hung this piece in a place of honor above the mantel and I think, either fondly or with longing or nostalgically (maybe that means with fond longing?) about my home and garden back in Michigan whenever I glance in that direction.

The mantel, incidentally, is one of the better things about this peculiar house. This is a hunk of WOOD. I like wood- it’s right up there with shells and stones and what have you- and I can hardly keep my hands off this massive rounded piece of maple.

The last picture is also Bill’s work. It’s the original collage that he did for some University publication. I’m fairly certain Bonnie and Dave will notice the hallmark M and I like that, too, but mostly I like the title of this piece on the sides of canceled envelopes. Two things we all need, yes?Rw

12 responses to “Hanging pictures

  1. I LOVE that hunk of polished wood mantel. Yummy. And all your beautiful nature-inspired art.

    You’d feel right at home in the pnav!

  2. Well sure. Now you show us a close up of his face! Just teasing. The artwork is wonderful, so ingenious.

  3. We love birds around here; the paintings are wonderful. I am the world’s worst at hanging paintings. I would rather do almost anything.

  4. Really beautiful art, Vicki.

  5. I love that mantel!

    And I would like to let you know that I walked all over that MSU campus sporting a Michigan Hockey shirt last week. Did i get hell for it? Yes. Did I really care? NO.

    Do you think I’ll be sporting michigan stuff the weekend of the 6th-8th? YOU betcha!

    ….Will I be killed in the end? Probably. But hey, Hail to the victors valiant…HAIL TO THE CONQUERING HEROES!…you hear that bonnie? 😉

  6. Clementine boxes, yes! Love the collage. I am intrigued by the fact that you have wall space for three floors to put pictures. I had two stories of it in Mississippi with the loft and entryway. I put this huge, actually it was a very close closeup and a bit scary, portrait above the door. Of course I did it myself. And of course, I fell off the ladder. Falling off a ladder feels like slow motion. You know it’s going to happen before it does, you have time to think that there is nothing to grab on to and nothing you can do about it. This seems to take me a lot of time and then… you’re there, on the floor.

    Yes…. there is a point. Don’t you be going up that ladder by yourself, ya hear!

  7. I love the art. And…if I had seen the animal up close, I would have known it wasn’t all those things I thought it might be.

  8. He’s a cute little guy, that dormouse. I like the art, Vicki, especially the birds, and the mantel wood is to die for!

    Thanks for the visit. No, I never did get to run nekkid for world peace, and I’ll bet you and many others are thanking their lucky stars about that! Mr. Negative and I are going to Italy (Rome, Florence, Milan), Zurich and Paris. Our baby daughter is taking us where she has been before – and since she is a great tour guide – I am sure we will see nearly everything worth seeing.

  9. I love the nature artworks, as well. Do you have any Gwen Frostic?

    Metta: GREEN is your friend. Just wait until October 7! Hell to the valiant, conquering Wolverines i.e. skunk bears!

  10. p’shaw Bonnie…green is not my friend. So why are they making the spartans take safety measures for the game THIS weekend???

  11. Meeta: I’m sorry I called you Metta. Got SPARTAN spirit?!

  12. HECK NO! I am not one for burning sofas and other lawn furniture, although it shall rain tomorrow so perhaps there won’t be too many furniture bonfires in the EL. 😉 and it’s ok Bonnie. As long as you don’t call me Metta (one of my teachers in elementary school that was her name, brings back bad memories)

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