And now, a few words from the Wizard

Every happening, great and small, is a parable whereby God speaks to us; and the art of life is to get the message.- Malcolm Muggeridge

Well, I’m still struggling with the fruit fly message and many others for that matter, but as I stood the other day, taking pictures of Cowardly Lion where he is surrounded by the Yellow Brick Road of Oz Park benefactors, I found these two bricks staring me in the face. These messages I get.Momandbud_1

We are enjoying the company of family this Sunday morning. We have Bill back from Iraq (he brought YOU a present, which I will share tomorrow), and Rich’s brother, Jon and his wife. The weather turned from gorgeous to gloomy over night but, in the warmth and comfort of family it’s still a wonderful day.

The good news: It’s raining in that steady soaking way that is wonderful for the garden.

The bad news: I don’t have a garden. Actually, I did move my grandmother’s Bleeding Heart (for the 9th time, since my first student apartment where I planted it the year she died) and that seems to be hanging in there in the courtyard with a tiny show of late summer growth. I also moved two different Fall blooming anemones, two of the bold and beautiful Bressingham Blue hostas, a patch of magenta aster and a tiny snip of coreopsis that came along by accident. That’s it.We’ll have to wait and see what Spring brings.

Have a lovely Sunday!

13 responses to “And now, a few words from the Wizard

  1. That yellow brick road was talking to you! Were you wearing your ruby slippers?

    Imagining what Spring will bring to your garden fills me with hope!

    Off to remember the Sabbath…

  2. How neat to find a marker that says Mom and Bud. I love it that you have taken the bleeding heart with you wherever you’ve gone. My daddy died when I was 22, and someone gave my mother a bougainvillea bush. It thrived through the years. She remarried after 11 years, and her husband was hyper. He moved that bush from here to there, but it survived all the moves.

    Happy Sunday to you too.

  3. Enjoy your family. I am babysitting my baby nephew today so that his parents can get some sleep. He is getting his days and nights mixed up.

  4. Well, I am still chuckling over the fruit fly message and probably will until the girl here calls with her problem. Since Nyssa left that leftover pasta in her dorm fridge her junior year in high school (over the summer no less), I have religiously checked it each time it’s moved. At least it wasn’t a termite infestation…. my first roommate in college took a large stump into the dorm room in the dead of winter… a couple of days later in the warmth, they hatched. Fortunately, I had already seen the light and changed roommates.

    Ahhhh! Bugs and college kids. Can’t seem to have one without the other.

  5. I would just like to state, for the record, that I was a college kid and while attending college I NEVER had fruit flies because omigosh, eww, gross!

    They have recently attacked my kitchen, mind you, and they are making me insane because I can’t figure out what they are attracted to, since my nesting instincts have kicked in and I am taking VERY good care of my kitchen. I even threw out our garbage can and bought a new one, and they seem better (read: gone) today, but we’ll see… I’m still suspicious.

  6. You sound quite the horticulturist (sp?). Maybe I can send you some picture of things growing in my yard and you can tell me whether I should keep them or cut them down. I promise not to send pictures of fruit flies.

    Blue won again yesterday and I was there. Had to endure a one-hour rain just after the game began, but it was still fun.

  7. Vicki, have a great time with your family!

    The brick with Mom and Bud on it is astonishing.

  8. I celebrated the Sabbath here by going in to work for a few hours. Good times!

  9. For those of you who, like me, have been concerned for Vicki’s overall well-being these past few weeks, I have good news. She smiled. For a good five minutes anyway. I am not sure the worst is over, but the I am pretty sure the worst of the worst is.

    It started with grocery shopping and ended at Home Depot.

    We were approaching settled in behavior like buying food. I think I pretty much did this solo the first week or so while Vicki was home beating her head against cardboard boxes. (Did I mention that, in this process, a friend reminded me “If you are touching cardboard, it’s work – unless you are eating pizza.”) I think I had visited two or three different stores including Chicago’s Whole (Paycheck) Foods which is a trashed-out shadow of what we had a few blocks from us in Ann Arbor.

    We decided to check out the local options. The first looked promising from the outside. A local market that presented itself as top-shelf. What they failed to mention was everything ON that top shelf had been there for decades, including the meat! So much for the local market. Oh, that, and it was easily 50% more expensive than Ann Arbor.

    The second shot was like Kroger’s or Albertson’s. It was two stories, but they had the artistic insight to paint it all BLACK. Depressing. Dingy. Strike two. We went home. Vicki was most definitely NOT smiling.

    The next day we ventured out again and found not one, but two, good grocery stores and for the first time the fog started to lift – but no smile yet.

    Across the street from one of these two was a specialty garden and furniture store. It was really fun just walking through looking at everything. However… one arranged basket, about 12 inches across, of stuff you could replant cost $50. Fifty bucks! So, good eye candy. Still no smile.

    The next day we went to “the big” Home Depot. See, in Chicago, you have the fast-food Home Depot, or “Home Depot Light” where they have three floors of leftovers from other stores – 500 varieties of hammers, but no screwdrivers – and nobody there knows what a screwdriver is anyway “but can I help you with your rap music?”

    The Big Home Depot was the promised land, the home of the Vicki smile.

    We went there to get odds-n-ends and look at grills, but before we got inside we saw a huge display of flowers plants for prices like $1.99 and such.

    Vicki smiled.


    For a good five minutes plus.

    As I type, a half dozen or so potted plants are smiling on the courtyard as they are drenched by a good soaking rain.

    It’s grey outside, but I think Vicki’s fog is starting to lift.

    Thank you all so so much for your kind thoughts and caring in what has been an incredibly challenging transition.


  10. I can’t keep any plants alive. It’s awful really. I do good for awhile, then I forget, and they die from neglect.

  11. FG, thanks so much for filling us in. It is great to know her fog is lifting.

  12. Methinks FG also stands for Fog-lifting Guy.

  13. To FG Merci. Très bon. Je suis ainsi heureux Vicki fait tellement mieux. Amour à toi tous les deux.

    Having some plants to care for will help and just time, healing time. Hope your weekend was wonderful.

    Vicki, Heaven sent messages are a true sign of the work of divine providence. There is no such thing as chance in my book.

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